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Chapter Two: Sad Stories

He sat down opposite Beatrice. Before he could open his mouth to even utter an introduction, she blurted out the two that he least expected to hear.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was low and soft to stop anyone over hearing their conversation, but she rushed the words like someone who was panicking to say something before she could be falsely accused.

Lemony was surprised, "Whatever for? I'm glad to have met you."

"You believed I was someone else. You thought I was the mother of Violet, Klaus and Sunny when I'm not even related to them by blood."

Lemony sighed; finally ready to ask the question which he already knew the answer to. "Your mother was Kit Snicket, wasn't she?"

Beatrice looked up, intently peering under his hat to see the face beneath. Lemony had to remind himself that he was among friends, not enemies. It would do no harm to let his niece see his face.

"Yes, she was." Beatrice paused, as if pondering on what to say next. "And you're her brother," she finally concluded. As he nodded solemnly, she took a deep breath. "I need your help- well," she paused momentarily, "I would appreciate your help, if you'd be so kind to give it to me."

He could barely look at her. That tiny glint of desperation in her eyes haunted him. He had seen it before, in his sister's eyes as she told him of Jacques death, pleading with him to hide once again so she wouldn't loose another brother.

"What can I do?" The words were out of his mouth before he had time to keep his tongue in check. She had mentioned that Beatrice Baudelaire's children- the other Beatrice Baudelaire, that is- were missing. No, he corrected himself, she was searching for them. There was a difference.

It was his duty to his niece and to his lost love to find them, if that was truly what the child in front of him needed.

"My siblings- adopted siblings I should say," she began quietly, "have always looked after me for as long as I can remember. I can't imagine life without them-"

She broke off, controlling the emotions in her voice. Something, Lemony thought, that no ten year old should ever have to do. He tried to give her a comforting smile, but it had been so long since he had expressed emotion himself, that the effort, he felt, was entirely wasted.

But she smiled back. She recognised his struggle. "But they once had a life without me," she concluded.

Lemony furrowed his brow in thought- surely she couldn't be blaming herself for imposing on them, could she?

Once again she spoke without giving him a chance to reply. "That life is now gone- I mean vanished! From when the other Beatrice Baudelaire died to when I was born has just gone!" Her voice had risen sharply as she tried to understand what she was saying herself.

"I must admit, Beatrice," Lemony started softly, his voice hoarse from staying silent so long, "I honestly have no inkling as to what you mean. The better half of a year can't just vanish into thin air, if that's what you mean."

"But it has!" she moaned miserably. "They never mention it. Anything, any place, anyone. It's like it never happened, never existed. I can understand if they don't want to talk about it," she hesitated and then grinned up at him ruefully, "but I'm very curious. I'm searching for what happened to make them so independent, to exhibit so many talents, to make them who they are!"

She sighed, but left the final question unspoken. Nevertheless, Lemony could hear it echoing around his head- 'What happened to the people who are influencing your life and making you who you are,' he thought.

Maybe, just maybe, it wasn't too late for him to become one of those people.

"I know a little of what happened," he began as he sifted though his own thoughts on what he had heard. "I know that it began with their mother's death, like you said, and it just got worse from there."

"A series of unfortunate events?" the younger occupant of the table butted in, and Lemony nodded rapidly, this time, an easy, natural smile forming on his lips.

"I have some notes written down and hidden in a safe place-"

"Oh, please don't go out of your way to help me!"

Lemony almost laughed. It was something other than hiding in constant fear of being found- he'd probably end up at the bottom of some ocean or another searching for clues as to the events of eleven years ago.

He completed his sentence, "and I was wondering if you'd care to accompany me, Miss Baudelaire?" He offered her his arm in a gentlemanly fashion.

"I'd be delighted," she answered courteously, before adding, "Uncle Lemony."

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