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Dracula's dance in Budapest

"Carl, are you serious?" Gabriel Van Helsing asked the monk who was standing next to him trying to figure out why the other man was complaining all the time.

"Totally, Van Helsing, no one will ever suspect that it's really you if you're wearing that costume", the friar responded.

"I don't doubt that…" Gabriel began but was soon interrupted.

"Then don't complain and let's go!" Carl insisted and pushed him out of the door of the costume rental.

"Why don't you have to disguise yourself?" the other man whined again when they were finally out on the street.

"Van Helsing, I am in fact disguised!" the friar sighed.

"Well, you're dressed like usually!" Gabriel stated looking at the other man again. He didn't notice any changes.

"I am dressed as a monk in fact!" Carl explained while still dragging Van Helsing towards the castle where they were meant to go.

"Carl, you are a monk!"

"Friar, I am a friar! No one knows the difference but there are two different words for it so there has to be a difference!"

"How very logical!" Gabriel snorted.

"That's why I'm the genius here!" Carl declared because he managed to ignore the sarcasm in Van Helsing's voice.

Only a little later they had finally reached the entrance of the building. Van Helsing was already waiting for someone to stop them and so he held the stake he hid behind his back a little tighter still.

Carl and Gabriel went into the room which was filled with people already. None of them was stupid enough to think that Dracula didn't have a cunning plan but then again they had one too.

Alright, it wasn't cunning and calling it a plan was like calling a stone intelligent but they had a vague idea of something they might be able to do if something went wrong.

So they went further into the room trying not to arouse any suspicion and at the same time get their fingers on some of the sandwiches that were placed on a big table in the middle of the hall.

So everything went just alright if one ignores the fact that they hadn't found Anna, Dracula or any clues concerning any of the other stuff they had to do.

But they were still happy because the sandwiches were yummy and the wine was good.

Their luck didn't last long however because only little later Dracula stepped towards the table.

"Fancy a dance milady?" he asked.

Gabriel nearly chocked but finally nodded because it seemed to be the best he could do in this situation. Before he went away he managed to hiss "It was a great idea to disguise me as an exotic dancer, Carl!"

"So what? He didn't recognize you!" Carl defended himself.

So Van Helsing had no other choice than to go and dance with Dracula and use a part of his brain for planning his revenge on Carl.

"Where do you come from?" Dracula asked him after a while.

Gabriel shrugged. He didn't think it was safe to say anything because his voice wasn't very girlish. Then again the vampire also seemed to think that he really was a woman, but still.

"Well, never mind" the other man stated finally "You don't talk a lot, do you?"

Van Helsing nodded again thinking of all the sharp and pointy objects he could use on Carl later on.

"You know I've got to find two new brides and you are the only other woman around here who isn't already a vampire is related to me…"

Dracula's seducing voice finally was too much to Van Helsing. So he slapped the vampire hard while announcing: "And I'm not a woman!"

The other man looked at him disbelieving. "Why should I believe this?" he asked looking at Gabriel's breasts.

"They are fake!" Van Helsing shouted.

"Really? Wow, the things plastic surgery can do nowadays…"

"I am not a woman!" Gabriel shouted again while hitting Dracula with his tiny handbag "That's it! I quit!"

Those were the last words Gabriel Van Helsing said before he stormed out of the room.

Rumor has it that he changed his name to Logan and joined a team called "the X-Men".