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„A silver stake? A crucifix? What, did you think we haven't tried everything before? We've shot him, stabbed him, clubbed him, sprayed him with holy water, staked him through the heart, and STILL he lives! Do you understand? No-one knows how to kill Dracula!" Anna exclaimed rather upset after she and Van Helsing had finally managed to get out of the castle physically unharmed and still alive this far.

"Well, I could have used that information a little earlier." he snapped back.

"You never asked!" she replied in a mocking tone fighting the urge to stick her tongue out at him.

"I did! In fact I asked "What are we dealing with and how can I kill it?"! You just didn't answer!" Gabriel shot back immediately feeling really intelligent and being in the right.

"You didn't ask. In fact you said "I usually just ask two questions…" but you didn't actually ask them!" Anna argued stubbornly. Besides he had knocked her out nearly instantaneously after making his question.

"But you want to get rid of Dracula and therefore should have told me anyway!" Van Helsing insisted totally not feeling like a little kid arguing with another in the sandbox.

"Uh… maybe I should have…" the female gave in finally but her all too cheerful tone gave away that she wasn't quite done with her comment.

"But?" Gabriel wanted to know falling for the trap she had prepared for him.

"It was kind of funny watching you trying it anyway!" Anna managed to say before she started giggling hysterically.

Van Helsing wasn't capable of doing anything but growling at her after that.

"Okay… okay… sorry!" she apologized a few moments later while still trying to catch her breath from laughing. She then studied his features for some seconds noticing that he was quite handsome indeed. Besides thinking that she was the female-lead in this story she had to make advances towards the male main character, hadn't she?

"Smooching is out of question then?" she asked while he was still staring daggers at her.

"You bet!" he snapped without spending the time to actually think about what she had just said. If he had taken the time… he'd still have said the same. Knowing him he possibly wouldn't have but then again ignorance is bliss and that very moment he liked to ignore the fact that he didn't leave many opportunities of kissing someone out.

Without a warning Anna started sobbing, which would have been more effective if it hadn't been raining so much that one could barely see her tears, by the way.

It still had an effect of Van Helsing though because even though he was a really fearless monster-hunter, who had probably seen many dead or dying people and who liked to act as if human emotions were something totally unknown to him, he still couldn't stand to see a woman… or Carl for that matter… cry.

He couldn't stand it… this didn't mean that he was doing something about it however.

"Oh my God! Well, at least I have an idea how we can vanquish Dracula now!" Gabriel grumbled after twenty minutes in which she hadn't stopped crying and in which it seemed she hadn't even stopped moaning to catch breath.

"Really?" Anna wanted to know all of a sudden in the mood and state of mind for talking about their enemy again.

"First step: We go back to his castle!" Van Helsing explained slowly. At least he had her attention now.

"Sounds easy and logical so far…" she agreed. She liked easy plans! She liked logical plans! And if a plan was both she loved it!

"Second step: I stay outside and you enter!" he went on talking.

"Uh?" Anna was about to make a question when he interrupted her with the rest of his plan.

"Third step: I get away as fast as I can!" he finished.

"May I ask a question now?" Anna asked finally after she was sure that he would let her talk this time.

He nodded his permission.

"How will that help to get rid of Dracula?" she nearly shouted into his face because she hadn't missed the fact that the one who was getting away worst in this plan was her.

"Five minutes spent with you and he'll be suicidal!"