You've Crept Into My Heart

A Luke/Vader Star Wars Fan Fiction

A.N: The inspiration for this story came from watching Shrek2. It was that scene with Puss in the Boots, when he did that cute, little face with the big, helpless eyes, I wanted to see a child version of Luke Skywalker look so cute and helpless. So here's another story that I promise will be finished. It's going to be another one of my L/V stories.

Summery: When Owen and Beru Lars are killed, five year old Luke runs away and sneaks onto a ship heading to Kashyyyk. But Vader is bound to show up sometime, isn't he?

Chapter One: A Tragedy of an Unknown Cause

Five-year-old Luke Skywalker picked up his tools, and made his way back home. He had been checking the security fences, like he had to every morning.

"Hello, Luke!"

Luke turned around to see a speeder pull up beside him. In it were Fixer and his dad.

"Hello, Fixer. What are you doing here?"

Fixer got out of the speeder, and his father drove the rest of the way to the Lars Farm, leaving the boys to talk.

"My dad needed to come over and talk to your Uncle about something, and he said that I could come along. So… whatcha' doing?"

"I was just finishing up my chores."

Fixer snickered. "I was finished hours ago!"

"Good for you." Luke kicked the sand in front of him.

"Aw, you're thinking about you're father again, aren't you, Wormie?"

Uh-oh. Whenever Fixer said that, Luke knew he'd be in for it! "Fixer, I don't want to talk about that. He's dead, and that's all there is to it."

"Luke, did you ever wonder why he's dead? He's dead because he committed suicide when you were born because he didn't want a child!"

"Shut up!"

Luke dropped the tools, and ran towards the house, and on to his room, while Fixer went to find Luke's Aunt and Uncle.

"Mr. and Mrs. Lars?" Owen, Beru, and Fixer's dad looked up at Fixer. "Luke yelled at me, and told me to shut up."

Owen stood up from the table. "Luke!" No answer. "Luke, get in here right now!"

A few minutes later, Luke came in, not looking at anybody.

"Luke, did you yell at Fixer?" Owen asked.

"He said that…"

"I don't care what he said! Did you yell at him?"

"Yes," Luke mumbled.

"Luke, I'm very disappointed in you! Go to your room, and don't you dare come out of it again today!"

As Luke made his way out of the room, he stole one look at Fixer. Fixer snickered, and Luke stuck out his tongue, and then ran out of the room

Later that night, Luke lay on his bed, doing some serious thinking. Everyone always told him that he thought too much, but Luke didn't care.

Fixer had said that Luke's father probably committed suicide as soon as Luke was born, because he didn't want a child. Was that true? Of course not! How would Fixer know anyway? Fixer knew nothing about Luke's father.

But then the reality hit him that Luke didn't know anything about his father either.

Why did his parents have to die? Yes, it was nice to live with Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, but it was his parents that he wanted. It was his parents that he needed. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru didn't understand. The incident today proved that.

Luke buried his head in his pillow and wept quietly. He'd never be able to know his parents. He'd never be able to tell them that he loved them. He'd never be able to hear his parents say that they loved him too. If his parents were here, then they would understand! They would tell Fixer to leave Luke alone.

Luke had always been a quiet child. He'd never really had any real friends except for Biggs. But Biggs was away at a boarding school, and Luke was feeling even lonelier.

Suddenly, Luke heard the sound of a blaster being shot, followed by his Aunt Beru's screaming! Luke couldn't move. He was frozen in his spot, until he heard a voice in his head.

"Run, Luke, run!"

He didn't have time to stop and think about where the voice had come from. Luke got up and threw himself out of his bedroom window, and landed on the cold sand.

Brushing the sand off of him, Luke began running out into the night, not daring to look back.

He didn't know where he was going. He only knew that he wanted to get as far away from the screaming and the blaster shots as possible. Luke wanted to lie down and rest, but he couldn't. Not just yet. Not… just… yet….

The next morning, Luke woke up to the sun beating down against his face. How did he get here? Then Luke remembered last night, and shuddered. Maybe he should go back and make sure Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen were alright.

One hour later, Luke finally sighted his Aunt and Uncle's farm. Right when Luke was about to go inside, he felt a scary sensation enter his mind. Luke shook it off, and made his way down the stairs, and on to Owen and Beru's room.

"Uncle Owen?" Luke's small voice called into the dark room. "Aunt Beru? Are you in here?"

Luke turned on the light switch, and he saw a sight to terrible for his young eyes. Blood was all over the place. On the floor, on the walls, and more frighteningly, on the dead bodies of his Aunt and Uncle. Their eyes were still open, and their mouths open as well, with blood coming out of them. Luke backed out of the room, his face betraying shear horror.

Who had done this? Why had they done this? Where was Luke going to go now?

"Help me!" Luke cried out. He didn't know who he was calling out to, but he called out just the same. "Help! Where are you, father? I want my father!"

Luke collapsed on the floor and cried like he would never stop.

Darth Vader was in the middle of a conference when he heard it.

"Help me! Help! Where are you, father? I want my father!"

It was a child. A Force strong child! And he was calling out through the Force! Extraordinary. Who was this child? Maybe he should investigate this matter.

To Be Continued…

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