After a very awkward conversation, the whole story about spliting the twins came out... Obi-Wan claimed that it was Yoda's idea, therefore, they shouldn't start picking on him.

Shortly after the events on Kayoa, Bella discovered that she was pregnant with hers and Boba's first child. When he was born, they named him Jango, but they call him Jang for short.

Anakin and Padme went back to Riveria with Luke and Leia where they could raise them in peace. Han, Obi-Wan and Chewie lived with them too of course. They made a huge discovery there when they realized that the waters on Riveria had great healing powers. After a month, Anakin was able to shed his armor. Two months after that, his hair was finished growing back. He still has some scars, and he looks a few years older, but he still looks handsome.

During their happy lives on Riveria, Obi-Wan and Anakin taught Luke and Leia the ways of the Force. Luke caught on faster than Leia, and Leia said that was fine because she would rather stick to politics which her mother taught her very well.

Yoda was invited to come live with them, and he accepted. With Yoda there teaching Luke as well, he became a very strong Jedi learner. Don't worry, he still had time to hang out with Han and get into trouble... yeah they still get grounded a lot.

When Luke and Leia were nineteen, the whole group joined the Rebel Alliance. Mon Mothma was more than happy to accept the Skywalkers, and she was overjoyed to find that Padme was alive.

With Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin as fully trained Jedi, the Alliance began doing very well. Luke continued his Jedi training, but to the Rebellion, he just decided to be a regular pilot, and Han said he couldn't have made a better choice.

They all work for the Alliance now, fighting to restore peace and justice to the galaxy…

The End

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