Ickiakki- Ugh, I made Akari a total brat in this one. D: But, I like how I wrote it, I guess.

Title: A Little Of Your Time (inspired by the song by Maroon 5)
Theme: Time
Rating: PG
Summary: Whatever time they had together, no matter how little, they enjoyed it.


Rik ran a hand through his hair. It was silkier than usual, he noticed. He had been paying more attention to it lately, but refused to admit it. He was paying closer attention to everything he did at work, for one reason early- He did kinda like the receptionist. And, he liked her a lot more than other girls.

Akari sat next to a stack of papers, furiously scribbling away. She didn't look up, and seemed to take no notice of her taller friend. The general decided to lean against the doorway, and just watch her.

Her hair lacked its usual daisies. Instead, it had been tied into a tight bun, though a few wavy strands had escaped, and the idol absent mindedly brushed them behind her ear every 3 minutes. She was clad in a crisp, white collared shirt, a topped with a black vest around her bust, cutting off several inches above her waistline. Her left hand, when it wasn't messing with her hair, was fidgeting with her black and white pinstripe tie.

Chuckling a bit, he could not help but notice that a bit of her own, more girlish style had rubbed off anyway- Her black, pleated skirt only reached mid-thigh. However, her legs looked long, despite her height, and well shaped, and her feet looked pleasantly petite in the black high heels.

Blinking as he realized what he was doing, the veterinarian blushed slightly as he decided to go up and talk to her when she was finished. Though, from the looks of it, that would take a while. So instead, he decided to casually walk past her, and if she asked where he was going, he would say, "Just to get a breath of fresh air."

On he walked. Still, she took no notice of him, and he let out a disappointed sigh. As he reached the door, he thought to himself, "Were those the sterling silver earrings I gave her on her birthday?"

As soon as he exited through the door, Akari blushed. "Sheesh! I didn't think I could keep my eyes off him for that long. It's a wonder I could concentrate so hard on everything… Not him."

She was quiet for a moment, putting a hand over her mouth to ensure that nobody could hear her. "Eep! I sound like an idiot. A total idiot. A ditzy, clumsy, idiot. Well, I guess I am all of those things… I wish I was smart. Maybe then, he would like me better!"

The bunny girl wallowed in self pity for a moment, but suddenly, her eyes lit up.

"Oh no!" she looked at the ink stain on her finger. "I forgot about my paperwork!"

As she picked up her pen, the singer sighed yet again. "Oh! I hope he doesn't catch a cold out there! I hope the wind doesn't blow him over, and I hope he doesn't get hit by a car."

She couldn't help but panic, and now glanced every five seconds outside, hoping that he would be okay.

Rik found himself fiddling with his tie as well. His fingers brushed along it delicately, as he remembered that Akari had tried to fix it earlier that morning. Funny, he didn't really see anything wrong with it. But, she had shown some concern towards him, and that's all he needed.

The young man couldn't help but let a dreamy smile spread across his face. She was so childish, it made him laugh- And that was something he definitely needed. She would get the wildest of ideas, and make the oddest proposals. One example of this was when she told him that she would try to get him to ride an ice cream truck someday. Silly girl. Things were way too problematic at home, and he needed some relief from the stress of work. Well, the office wasn't really stressful thanks to her. It actually had a nice atmosphere, despite the sick animals, but they would all be nursed back to health, and that was a good thing.

And, over the course of time that he had worked at Bobby Shoe's veterinary clinic, Rik had returned to his cheerful, airheaded state, after being brought out of a terrible depression. His conclusion: He was falling in love.

No, he had already fallen. Jumped off a cliff, spiraling to his doom… Hopefully, he would land on a nice, soft mattress. Regardless of the laws of physics- This was a metaphor. Metaphors didn't need to abide by scientific laws.

Neither did love.


Around nine at night, Akari found herself packing a few of her supplies into her matching bag. She actually left most of her work related things at the office, but things like her lip gloss, make-up mirror, and other girly things all went back home with her.

Ugh. Since when had she started caring? Sure, she had to keep up with the latest styles and trends as a popstar, but her manager hired other people to help with that. Plus, Akari didn't even know how to do eyeliner in highschool…

Actually, it wasn't until recently that she had wanted to learn, and Usada had taught her how. Oh, that girl really was a good friend!

Fidgeting with her mirror, she took a look at herself- She did look good, but of course, that wasn't the real her. Maybe, tomorrow she would come in something she liked, for a change.

But she wanted to impress him.


At night, Rik couldn't rid his thoughts of his co-worker. Sure, he had tried thinking of other things. Paperwork, animals, Piyoko, apples… But that all did no good. There was something plaguing him about her- He felt like she was shy. But that was impossible for an outgoing person like Akari. Right? Well, he needed to get to know her better, after all.


The next morning, Mr. Tomato sat at a desk in a hotel room, his rather pudgy hands clasped around a hot cop of coffee. A flash of light reflected off of his dark, circular glasses, and he raised the drink to his lips. It was calm and quiet, for once.

At least until he heard a high pitched scream, not one of distress but of frustration. His temple throbbed slightly, but seeing as he was already dress, the Manager went to go check on his employer in the next room.

"Akari-san? What's wrong?" he asked after knocking the door, trying to disguise the irritability in his voice.

"Ugh!" came a rather annoyed feminine voice, before the owner of it came to the door. "Ah! Did I make too much noise, Manager-san? I'm sorry! It's just…"


"It's just a girl problem," she said, as she shut the door.

"Women. Why did I have to have a female client? Sheesh. I never even understood my mother. Another beautiful cup of coffee gone to waste," the rather bulky man waddled back to his temporary abode.

Akari sunk to the floor behind the door. "Oh no! I don't have anymore nice clothes to wear!"

Luckily, she had enough sense to hid this fact from her manager. He'd call her what he always called her- A drama queen. And sure, she was overreacting a little bit, but that wasn't the point. She always overreacted! It's what girls do, she reminded herself.

Well, what would Heisenberg-san think of her…? He probably wouldn't notice, but there was a chance that he would, and it was just all too confusing. So, today she was going to test his "shallow-ness." She was going to wear a simple pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt, with a heart on it. If he cared too much, that meant he only liked her for her looks! Aha! And, if he didn't react, he was either hiding that fact, or he didn't like her at all. Really, that was what she was expecting. For once, she was actually being realistic.


Rik blinked as Akari walked into the office, albeit surprised at her casual attire. No matter, for some reason, she looked even cuter in it. Especially with her hair down- It was long, and wavy, and its color was just plain pretty.

"Eh? Oh, uh, good morning, Heisenberg-san!" the bunny girl said nervously, waving a little too hard. It was awkward when he stared at her like that. Rik's glasses hid the color of his eyes, the color that she liked so much, but only for a moment.

Curse him and his hard to read emotions- Glasses only made people cheat!

He laughed a bit, and suddenly looked over his spectacles, while playful smile lit his face. His gentle, pale hands ruffled her hair a bit.

"Oh?" as his hand brushed over her ear, Akari could not help but blush. This was even more frustrating- Just that could make her as red as a tomato. No pun intended. "You know what, Akari-san? You look even cuter when you be yourself."

And with that, he swiftly picked up the boxes he had been carrying. The stack rose so high, it hid half of his face, though his glasses fogged up. After he left, Akari could not help but touch her ear, and let out a dreamy sigh…

Wait a minute, was he blushing? She could've sworn that she had caught a tinge of pink on his nose. Oh, he was clever- She'd have to get to him someday.

Someday, when she had laser vision. Or maybe someday when there wouldn't be cardboard boxes, just her and him.