Sesshomaru sat quietly in the conference room. He was completely bored, and that was obviously not helping him. He was contemplating something that had been bothering him lately. It had been tugging on his thoughts and he wished his retainer would hurry up. To focused on his thoughts and obviously not listening, so when all of sudden.

"So what do you think Sesshomaru?" He looked up to see Valcrin, Lord of the Southern Lands looking at him along with all the other lords expecting an answer.

'Damn.' he thought. Then suddenly there was a knock at the door. 'Saved by a knock.' "Come in." he said coldly.

Jaken walked in slightly trembling. "My lord you told me to inform you when I had information on…"

"Yes Jaken." Sesshomaru said standing and cutting him off. "Excuse me, but I have very important business to intend to, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish." and with that he left hastily. He grabbed Jaken by the collar and dragged him quickly to his study. The toad was entirely too slow. Throwing Jaken in his study and shutting the door, Sesshomaru sharply turned to the toad like thing. "What did you hear?" he asked. Jaken stood quickly.

"Inuyasha and his shard hunters are heading straight to the border of the Western and Southern lands Milord." replied Jaken quickly.

Sesshomaru walked over to his desk and sat down 'Interesting.' was his only thought.

"Jaken," the toad flinched slightly. "Fetch me Au-Un, and meet me at the castle gates."

"Yes Milord." said Jaken he quickly ran out the door and down to the dojo, where Au-Un usually took refuge.

"Inuyasha can we please rest?" begged Kagome for like the fifteenth time that day.

"NO!" he said immediately.

"Inuyasha I'm tired, everyone else is tired too."

"So." was his primal answer. Kagome stopped, set down her backpack, planted her feet firmly took a breathe and…

"SIT!" With that said the tired hunters plopped down as a string of curses were heard from the small crater. When the spell wore off Inuyasha huffed and jumped in a tree obviously knowing they had won their rest.

Kagome smiled slightly and sighed. "Inuyasha can we rest for the night, please?"

Inuyasha looked down at her from his perch. He was obviously annoyed, he had that do we have to look on his face. Kagome still smiled.

"Yes." was Inuyasha's gruff reply.

"C'mon guys let's set up camp."

Kagome smiled as she looked at the group and sighed.

"Inuyasha is it safe for me to go for a walk?" she asked. He looked down at her and again had that Do you have to look on his face. She kept firmly looking at him.

"Yes but be back before dark." She smiled even wider. She stood grabbed her bow, and quiver and trudged off. After she was a little ways away. Kagome dropped the smile and frowned. She sighed.

They had defeated Naraku about a month ago, and when they realized that he did not hold the rest of the jewel shards they had been seriously surprised. There was only a few left. Including Koga's and a few others scattered among the land. Also including the ones Kikyo had. Right now they were on the way to meet her.

A few weeks after that, Inuyasha came to her and told her he chose Kikyo. She cried but had respected the fact he told her himself. He had also comforted her and told her he was sorry and that he wished they would still be friends. She smiled sadly and sat down. Suddenly she heard a rustle. She stood quickly and drew her arrow.

When he got to the gate Jaken was there already with Au-Un. He mounted Au-Un, and looked at Jaken. "Jaken you are to take care of Rin while I am gone." Jaken's mouth dropped and his master rode away smirking. When he got in a miles distance of the half-breed, he masked his scent and aura. When he was close enough to see the hanyou and the group he was surprised to see that the human miko wench that his moronic half brother traveled with was not there. 'Hmm must find her.' With that he rode off. When he found the human she was sitting in the clearing, he told au-un to go back to the castle. Suddenly a rustle in the bushes caught the human off guard and she stood and notched an arrow on her bow.

Kagome looked around wondering what in the world made that noise. Suddenly a snake youkai dived out of the bushes and charged at her, Kagome fired her arrow but it missed the demon. She quickly notched another arrow but it was too late the snake demon was practically on top of her. Than suddenly the demon was turned into ashes. Kagome looked up to see Sesshomaru standing there. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened to scream. "INU…" but she never finished for in a flash Sesshomaru was right next to her and covering her mouth with his hand.

"I will not harm you, I did not come here to fight with my brother." She looked at him suspiciously. "If you promise not to scream I will let you go." Kagome nodded slowly and Sesshomaru took his hand off and stepped back. She looked at him with questioning narrowed eyes.

"Why are you here and do you realize you saved me?" He just looked at her. She rolled her eyes and turned around to walk away. (A.N. Kinda stupid to turn you're back on a predator, huh) In a flash he was in front of her. She jumped and glared at him. She turned around again and there he was again blocking her way. "Will you quit it please?" He smirked at her. She huffed and dropped down to the ground. Sesshomaru kneeled down in front of her and leaned in to her. She leaned back a little bit and glared even more. "You are invading my bubble."

"Woman you are delusional, there is no bubble around you."

"It's a figure of speech it means you are invading my personal space." He leaned closer to her and in turn she leaned farther back. This kept going until finally she fell backwards. In a flash he had placed himself on top of her and held her down. Her eyes were wide. "You said you weren't gonna hurt me" The fear was evident in her voice.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked looking down at her with his intense golden eyes. She gulped and shook her head it was kind of innerving the way he was looking at her and pinning her down.

"Umm, Are you going to let me up?"

"No." His answer was quick and was immediately said with no argues. Though Kagome being Kagome just had to ask.


"I don't want to."

She looked at him with that suspicious questioning look again. "Why?" she asked again, she knew she shouldn't push his patience but hell she had to know he was holding her down for no apparent reason.

"Do you humans always ask so many questions? I assure you I am not going to harm you in anyway."

"Then why aren't you going to let me up?" he just glared at her. She closed her eyes, as his glare was way intense. When she opened them he found his face a lot closer to hers than what it had been. She tried to push her head back farther but was met with the hard ground. "What are you doing?" He moved his head to his left and pushed his nose against her neck, he nuzzled it gently and she shivered. "Sesshomaru are you okay?" he nuzzled her neck again and placed his mouth closer to the junction where her neck met her shoulder, the place was pulsing. He nuzzled her neck again and nipped it gently, and she jumped. 'What is he doing?' Sesshomaru gently started sucking on the area. She gasped.

They stayed that way for a while until the distant sounds of Inuyasha and the gang was heard. "Kagome!" yelled Inuyasha "Where are you?"

With the voices coming closer, Sesshomaru jumped away from Kagome and in a white flash he was gone. She sat up bewildered by his behavior. She placed a hand on her right junction. It was still slightly damp from him sucking on it. 'Why did he do that?'

"Kagome there you are!" She turned her head around to see a very exasperated Hanyou and tired out friends. "Kagome what are you doing on the ground?" asked a suspicious Inuyasha.

"Look I found a better resting place!" she covered quickly letting her hand drop from her junction. Inuyasha nodded and the others dropped down, apparently the other camp had been cleaned up because within minutes a fire was roaring and her sleeping bag was out and everyone was getting ready for bed. Apparently she had been gone much longer than she thought. In her sleeping bag Kagome placed her hand on the right junction again, she closed her eyes strangely she could still feel his tongue there. Soon she drifted off to sleep the only thing still in her mind as she slept 'Why did he do that?'

Little did the group know that somewhere near them, the object of Kagome's confusion sat inwardly beating himself up for what he did and asking himself a similar question 'Why did I do that?'


Okay clearing things up time. Let's see first agenda is: KIKYO AND KAGOME.

In this fic Kikyo and Kagome have different eye colors. Kikyo-Dull Brown, Kagome-Sapphire. After all Kikyo is dead, meaning she has no LIFE in her eyes. And YES in the both the manga and the anime Kagome has brown eyes as well as Kikyo, but I don't care. I like the idea of Kagome and Kikyo have different eye color because the more different they are the better. No offense to Kikyo lovers out there, but I'm kind of a Kikyo Basher. If I intend to do a Kikyo Bashing in this story I'll warn ya K. Sorry to point out the obvious before too. Second you're probably thinking, Sesshomaru is OOC. Well that is kind of true but that's explained in the second chapter okay. Well see ya, POASO or Person Of A Strange Origin.