My first Anime Fic! I love you all!

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Female

Ranma was laying on his bed, thinking of, surprisingly, Akane. He had been thinking of her a lot lately and a lot more than he'd care to admit. Ever since he kissed her at the school play...

Ranma shook his head angrily, That was not a kiss! It doesn't count if you use duct tape!

His self-berating was interrupted by a stream of freezing water being poured on him from above. He was pretty sure he knew who it was holding the kettle.

"Come on, Ranma!" chuckled a wizened old man, holding up a pink brassiere, "Put this on for a little photo shoot!"

"No way, you disgusting old lecher!" Ranma yelled, 'her' voice higher now that he was a 'she', "I'll never wear that thing! Forget it!"

"Well, we're going to have to change your mind, now won't we?" Hopposai cackled as he dropped into the star postion.

Their fight was postponed by a knock on the dojo's door and Kasumi's bright voice answering with a, "Coming!"

Both of their ears were straining as they heard a soft voice inquiring, "Is this the Tendo School Of Anything Goes Martial Arts?"

"Yes, of course," Kasumi replied helpfully, "How may we help you?"

"Is it true that Genma Saotome and his son train here to?"

Not another fiancée! Ranma thought angrily, recognizing the voice as female and reminded of the other time his pop sold him for some fish and pickles to some old coot that had caused him enough hell for a lifetime. Not a chance!

Pounding down the stairs with the old lecher at his heels, Ranma caught the last part of the new arrival's sentence; " train under Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo."

Ranma came to an abrupt stop, causing Hopposai to run into him.

She wants to train under Akane's pop and the old man? Ranma ignored Hopposai muttering about 'unfeeling young people' Why would anyone in their right mind wanna do that?

Kasumi had let the girl in, so Ranma could finally get to see her; but, before he could get a good look, Hopposai went sailing by with his usual cry of, "Pretty lady!"

The girl was ready; dropping her suitcase as Hopposai came near. Just as he was about to grab her, she landed a fist atop his head.

As Hopposai hit the floor, Ranma saw that the girl had the same kind of red hair he did now that he was female, wore the same kind of dress the girls at his school did, had Akane's build and a pleasant smile.

Over Hopposai's cries, the girl stated, "Hello, my name is Bikutoria, but you can call me Toria. Are you Kasumi or Akane?"

"I'm Kasumi," Kasumi smiled, used to people flying around, "I'll show you to your room."

"Thank you." Bikutoria bowed and followed Kasumi up the stairs.

Upon reaching Ranma, Bikutoria bowed again, "Hello, I'm not sure if you heard me earlier, but I'm Bikutoria. Are you Akane?"

"No, I'm Ranma."

"But I thought Ranma Saotome was supposed to be a boy?"

Shit...Ranma had forgotten that he was a girl for a moment, "Cursed spring."

"The one in China?"

"Yeah..." Ranma was surprised, "How do you know that?"

Bikutoria smiled, "My brother and I trained there once and I nearly turned into a dog!"

Ranma laughed, "That'd be better than turning into girl, that's for sure!"

The temperature in the room dropped a few degrees, "What's wrong with being a girl?"

"Nothing," Ranma was quick to point out, "If you aren't a guy to begin with."

They had reached the room Bikutoria would be staying in, "You have a point. Well, I'm going to rest now. Thanks, Saotome."

Ranma grinned, "Saotome's pop. Call me Ranma."

"Only if you call me Toria."


Toria smiled, and went into her room.

It wasn't until Ranma was halfway down the stair that he realized he had an entire conversation with a girl and felt completely at ease.