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Cleo and Orphan were at it again fighting over the toxic stew Cleo makes. " I'm sick of your complaining and self centered audited ." Screamed Cleo. "Well if you don't like it than why don't you just leave!" Orphan yelled back. " Fine I will but this time I'm never coming back!.!" Cleo screamed. " Good because now Majic and I can have some peace and quite around hear.!" Orphan hollored. Cleo went into the tent and packed everything and even a bit of food . "Leki common lets blow this dump." The young wolf cub ran after her into the forest. After about a hour of walking she came to a hot springs. "Well this should be a good place to settle for a few days." Cleo had brought everything she would need this time so she wouldn't half to back for anything not food, shelter or money. "maybe this will be better than staying with that no good Orphan." Cleo sighed as she sat down on a near by rock to think of all that had happened.


"Well if you don't like it then why don't you just leave!" yelled Orphan

"Fine but this time I'm never coming back!.!" Screamed Cleo

"Good because now Majic and I can have some peace and quite around hear.!" Orphan yelled back

End of Flashback

Orphan stared into the dark forest as he thought of what Cleo had said.


"Fine but this time I'm never coming back.!"

"Good" He yelled back.

End of Flashback.

"Master, you do know Cleo took the spare tent, food, and everything of hers" Majic said. "What That good for nothing BRAT!" Orphan Hollered. He headed for the forest at a walk as soon as he was out of sight he broke into a run.

Cleo sighed as she relaxed into the hot water and let her sore muscles rest. There was a rustle in the bushes Cleo shot around and put the towel over her naked body. " Orphan you jerk, how dare you invade my privacy" There was no answer That's odd I swear I heard something but, maybe it's just Leki playing.
"Hello is that you Leki?" Cleo sputtered. Out of the bushes came a a gray female wolf with yellowish green eyes.

Leki sniffed the air for his mistress scent after a few minutes he found her but he also smelled wolf just a normal wolf that seamed very Hungry. Leki sprinted off in the direction his mistress was. When he got there the gray female wolf was snarling at Cleo and baring it's fangs. When the gray wolf realized the black Dragon pup was there her yellowish green eyes met his pale green ones. He crept closer and closer until he was in front of Cleo. Then Leki's eyes began to glow bright green.

As Orphan ran through the dark forest he heard a blast and saw smoke coming from the far distance. " There's where Cleo is." "But Waite Leki only uses his attack if Cleo is in danger"
Orphan went even faster than he was before he reached the place where the smoke was coming from. A shadow figure came out of the dust. "Cleo is that you?" Orphan said. When the dust cleared he saw Cleo with her skin glowing and nothing but a towel wrapped around her body. She coughed out some dust that got caught in her throat. "What are you doing hear I thought you wanted me gone?" Cleo spat out.
" I did and still do I just don't want to be killed by your family when they find out I didn't come to save you and you took our spare tent." Orphan spat. "Well for starters you can go back because I'm not coming with you and the tent is mine I bought it for this specific reason." Cleo spat back. " I'm not going back without you Cleo I care about you to much to let you go." Orphan yelled back Cleo sat down. "What!" she Screamed " Not this time orphan this time your not tricking me into going back I'm staying hear if you want to stay with me that's fine but You half to move this time not me." She said in a calm smooth manner. "Fine I'll stay with you then just let me go get the stuff" Orphan muttered

By the time Orphan had gotten back to camp he found Majic gone and all his stuff gone with him. There was a note scribbled on a piece of paper.

Dear Master,

I've gone looking for Cleo also, Shrimp man and crab woman are sleeping the tent waiting for you to return, they have urgent news from the tower of fang . Eris is awake now and says she coming with me and says tell Hartia that She with me.


Cleo woke wondering if what Orphan told her was all a dream. But the Dragon pendant around her neck told her that it was real and he did love her.

A dark sorcerer looked at Cleo and thought She will make a good replacement for my experiment. His dark red eyes glowed and he disappeared in a flash of red light.

Orphan went into the yellow tent to find Hartia/ Shrimp man laying on a blanket. " Hey Hartia Majic says you have urgent news from the Tower of Fang." said Orphan. " Hartia WAKE UP! Don't you professors always wake up early at the Tower (tower of fang)." Orphan Yelled in Hartias Ear.