Dear Readers,

It's been a while, hasn't it? Yeah, I have no acceptable excuse save one: SCHOOL. God. I just want it to die. Stupid geometry. It SUCKS. School work takes up all my time, and creativity. I can barely keep up with homework and maintain my stories at the same time. So, in an attempt to get you readers involved...A CONTEST!! If you'd like, send me a chapter YOU wrote that you think should happen next in the story. If I like it, I will announce the winner and use the idea of the winning chapter, if not the actual chapter (if it's that absofuckinglutely PERFECT), as the next chapter. The deadline for this contest will be April 4th, 2007. MEANING YOU HAVE ONE WHOLE MONTH!! Please send your entry to and title the subject as 'CHAPTER CONTEST ENTRY'. May the best entry win!! Thank you so much!!

Reminiscent, the Half-Breed of Rejection

P.S. If you cannot reach the e-mail from the link here, there will be another one on my account, so check it out there. Thanks again!!