Locked Away
By: Hitokiri Musei
Rated: M
Summary: After Train sacrifices his right hand Doctor decides to take him to Creed's mansion, and that's where all the problems start; the nanomachines, the Tao, rape, and... children? rape, mpreg, Train torture
Warnings: Yes, this is a mpreg, which for those of you that don't know, is a male pregnancy. I will be taking artistic lisence. If you don't like it, please don't read it and complain to me!! There will be eventual TrainCreed action, just cause I think it's kinda cute. Other than that, basic yaoi, rape, mpreg, torture, good things like that. Flames will be used to make smores!!!
I don't own Black Cat.

Chapter 1

"This isn't good… It won't stop bleeding…"

Train gritted his teeth harder, trying to keep from passing out. The loss of blood was really starting to get to him, and he didn't know what to do about it. Carefully he slipped out of what was left of his black coat, wrapping it around the stump of his right arm and attempting to slow the flow of blood. It didn't really do much, it was still bleeding. Train blinked fuzzily through the sudden wave of lightheadedness that washed over him, trying not to pass out.

He knew. He knew that if he passed out, there was a very little chance that he'd ever wake up again.

However, as much as he tried, his vision kept slipping, and his limbs were growing weaker. He caught himself falling over a few times, and he kept staring off into space, losing his thoughts. Train grasped the hilt of Hades, which rested in the palm of his left hand, trying to use the familiar metal's comforting touch to keep himself aware.

'I have to get out of here… I have to find Sven… Do something…' Train thought fuzzily.

He looked to the side, towards where Rins lay silently beside him. He blinked, his vision swimming once more. He leaned to the side, and then his vision washed out completely. He reeled, trying to catch himself, but failing and hitting the ground on his right side. He looked to the stump of his arm, dimly noting the puddle of blood beneath it. 'Is this really it? Am I… really going to die here?'

His next thoughts were lost in the fog of unconsciousness.

Rinslet Walker groaned as she opened her eyes, rubbing her head slightly. 'Man, I don't think I've had this big of a migraine for a long time…'

She sat up, two fingers rubbing at her right temple in an attempt to lessen her roaring headache, but to no avail. With a sigh, the woman opened her eyes, deciding to figure out where she was.

Blood was pooled near her, spread beneath the limp figure of Train Heartnet. Rins gasped, her hands flying to her mouth as she looked at the Cat. Train's face was ghostly white, his bloodless lips parted slightly. Dark eyelashes were fixed firmly to his pale cheeks, and when Rins called his name there was no responsive flutter.

Rins reached out with a shaking hand, putting two fingers to his pulse and thankfully finding one, though it was weak and trembling, barely under her hand. The woman shuddered, looking to where a bundle of cloth was wrapped around the Cat's right arm. 'That's right… He sacrificed his hand…'

She touched the black cloth and pulled back her fingers to see them soaked in blood. The cloth was positively drenched. Rins tried to wake him again. "Train? Train, please, wake up!"

Once more there was no response, and Rins frowned, pushing herself to her feet. After kicking off her shoes, for they would only hamper her progress, she grabbed at Train's arms, pulling them up and over her shoulders. Her arm protested, but she ignored the pain. The Cat's legs dragged on the ground, but at this point she didn't care. She had to get him medical attention, or he wasn't going to last much longer.

She staggered under Train's weight, and then regained her balance, walking forward to where she knew Sven and Eve to be at the moment. Train's soft breathing puffed against her neck, letting her know that he was still alive. She could feel blood soaking through her dress, but she ignored it, continuing on through the night.

As she continued to walk Train seemed to get heavier and heavier, and after a while she was struggling for each step, Train's limp body falling lower on her back. She was in need of a rest, but she knew that she couldn't do that; Train couldn't afford to wait any longer. He had already lost way too much blood.

The house came into sight, and Rins thanked the gods that she had finally made it. She could barely feel Train's breathing against her skin, and she could no longer feel his heartbeat through the contact of his chest against her back. She went to the door, pounding on it with a free hand.

Sven opened it, worry sparkling in his single visible eye. He gasped in fear when he spotted Rins standing there, Train draped over her back. The man instantly reached out, taking Train's limp form from the woman. Rins stretched her back, rubbed at her injured arm, and then followed Sven inside, closing the door behind her.

"What happened?!" Sven asked worriedly, quickly stripping Train down to his pants and starting to bandage his wounds, paying special and quick attention to the bloody stump of his right arm.

"I don't know everything. I was tied to the wall for a lot of the battle, so I didn't see everything. What I do know is that this Creed guy had some sort of Imagine Blade, which he said he formed with his chi, like a Taoist of some sort. I was trying to get out of my own problem, so the next thing I knew, Train was rushing him, raising his right arm. He sacrificed his hand to see where the blade was, and such win the battle." Rins handed the man more bandages.

"Stupid, stupid. I've told him to think before he acts! He could have damn well killed himself there! Hell, he could still bleed to death here!" Sven growled, wrapping Train's chest tightly.

Eve was lingering nearby, worry in her ruby eyes. She wrung her hands silently, studying Train's limp form. 'I wonder what's going to happen to him…'

"The floor fell out from under him, and I had to jump from the roof. I caught him, but I think I pulled something in my arm. He woke up a little while later, and threw us away from the wall. That's really the last thing I remember, us falling towards the pond. Then I woke up, and he was just lying next to me, looking like Death itself." Rins finished, wrapping a few spare bandages around her arm to brace it a little better.

As the blond girl watched from the doorway she turned her eyes to Sven's face. The green-haired man was worried, that was evident in his tight lips and tense. Eve bit her lower lip, worrying it. She was snapped out of her thoughts as some instinct in her flared, and her eyes flew back to Train. The girl's eyes widened. "Sven!"

Her cry startled the man, and he looked to the Cat as soon as he saw Eve's expression. The man soon copied the girl's face as he saw that Train wasn't breathing. He dived for the Cat hurried attempting CPR. It took a minute for Train to respond, but with a weak cough he started breathing again.

Sven sighed as he stepped back, wiping sweat away from his forehead. Rins let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. "Is… he going to be okay?" she asked shakily.

Sven hesitated, and Rins's heart leapt into her throat. Running a hand through his hair after removing his hat, Sven sighed again. "Rins… I really don't know if he'll survive the night." The man shook his head slightly. "He's really done a number on himself this time, and he's lost too much blood. I don't know what's going to happen."

Rins looked back to Train's chalk-white face, and she felt terrified.

Outside, Doctor watched the proceedings silently. He knew the green-haired man was right, there was no way the Black Cat would live through the night. He looked down, his eyes falling to rest on the bundle that contained the Cat's severed arm. 'This is my chance to test my nano-machines…' he thought. 'Besides, Creed doesn't want him to die; if I leave him here, he will. I'll just say I lost the arm. I'm not willing to give up this chance to further my research…'

And so Doctor watched, and waited. Tonight he would steal the Black Cat, and right out from under those sweepers too.

Sven was awakened by a thud. His golden eye snapped open and he sat up straight where he was leaning against the wall. 'Oh shit, I fell asleep! Train…' The man stood as his gaze fell to Train's bed. He gasped.

A man was in the window frame, Train draped limply over his shoulder. The man smirked, and was gone before Sven could even begin to react. The man ran to the window, letting out a cry as he did. His voice called Rins and Eve into the room.

Rins blinked in shock. "What happened?"

Sven turned to the girls. "Train. He was taken by a man in glasses."

Rins's eyes narrowed. "Creed…"

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