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Sven very nearly tackled the Cat as soon as he saw him, but Train neatly ducked beneath the man and grinned at him. "Nice to see you too, Sven. Gee, thanks for coming to find me."

Eve came up from behind the gentleman, her ruby eyes sparkling slightly with the happiness of seeing her friend again. "We tried, Train. Creed hid you too well."

Train smiled, bending slightly to hug the girl, who had grown in his absence. "It's so good to see you Eve; you've really grown a lot."

Eve seemed a little awkward at the embrace, but she returned it nonetheless. "Has Creed been treating you badly, Train?"

The Cat pulled away and shook his head. "On the contrary, things have changed…. Quite a bit. I've seen a side of Creed that I hadn't even known existed, and I've… well…"

At his hesitation Sven narrowed his eyes. "Train…"

Train grinned slightly. "I've fallen in love with him."

Sven's jaw dropped. "You… You WHAT?.!"

Train laughed, his golden eyes shining with mirth. "Don't be such a spoil, Sven, you'll get used to him. He's quite civil now; we've even settled his problems with Saya. He's really enjoyable to be around now!"

"Train, I think we need your help!"

The Cat turned as he heard the call, Creed coming into sight around the corner. Train sighed, rolling his eyes. "Can't handle them without me for even a few minutes?"
Creed pouted. "It's alright when only one is upset, but it's harder when both of them are!"

Train laughed and then gestured to his friends. "Come on, Sven, Eve. There are some… people I want you to meet."

Eve frowned, a little worried, but she followed her friend quietly. Sven didn't seem as convinced, but he trotted after the Cat, a hand on his hat to keep it in place as he had to quicken his pace to keep up.

Both were nearly bowled over when they came in range of hearing. The sound of a baby's cry made Eve's eyes widen in shock and curiosity, and she moved faster, going to Train's side as the Cat pushed open the door and went to the crib in the room's corner.

"Shhh, Papa's here now, don't cry, my sweet one…"

Sven had to hold his jaw up as he heard these gentle words from Train's mouth, and he watched as the Cat lifted a squirming bundle from the crib, rocking the form against his chest. Creed handed him a bottle, and the crying stopped almost instantly as the baby went to happily sucking away at the nipple.

Train turned, a smile on his face. "I want you both to meet our son, Zagine."

Creed picked up another blanket-wrapped form, giving this baby a bottle as well. "And our daughter, Saya."

Sven swallowed. "O-Our?"

Train took a step closer to Creed, pressing against the taller man's side. "Creed's and mine. Our children."

Sven's jaw fell open this time, and Train laughed softly, not wanting to disturb the baby cradled in his arms. He looked down as he felt a touch on his arm, meeting Eve's curious ruby eyes. The Cat smiled, leaning slightly so Eve could see Zagine. "Would you like to feed him, Princess?"

Eve's eyes widened, but she nodded excitedly. Train directed her to sit in the chair near the crib, and then he carefully placed the baby in her arms. Eve watched Zagine with wide eyes, fascinated. Zagine watched her as well, and then smiled around the bottle. A smile spread across Eve's face, and she looked up at Train. "He's beautiful."

Train swelled with pride, and then watched as Creed passed Saya to Sven, who stared at the baby in shock. "Wow…" Sven looked up to Train. "I'm an uncle."

Train nodded. "In a way. I'm glad you're alright with that."

Sven looked back down. "I'm an uncle." He repeated softly, staring into Saya's blue eyes. "Me. An uncle!"

Train leaned into Creed's touch as the man put an arm around his waist, smiling. Things were perfect, his small, if dysfunctional, family was together, and he was happy at last, right where he belonged in the world.

He was a stray cat no more. He had a home.