Maid Marian and her Merry Men Shorts.

Based on the MMMM forums fanfiction challenge. Shall be a multi-chapter piece, even if the chapters are very short. Ah well. Enjoy.

A/N: Okay so this is my first MM fic ever, and it's only a short one. And kinda obvious who the speaker's in love with. Ah well, I wanted it that way.


Love. It was possibly the biggest challenge that any of the merry men would ever face. And possibly the only challenge that all of them would back down from, including the boldest merry man, their great leader, Marian.

It was odd that it came to him. He wasn't looking for it. He didn't even ask for it, but it came to him. And now he had to live with it. Love. Four little letters, such a simple little word. Ha! If only the actual thing was that simple

And why was he in love with her? She was so bossy… a proper Little Miss Bossy Boots. She was always telling them what to do, she didn't do anything herself!

Wait, that wasn't fair. She did a lot. And she was in charge. Commanding four guys wasn't easy. Especially when they all had their own beliefs on what the merry men should be about. But she did it. And she did it well. He suspected that it was her bravery that attracted him to her.

Whatever it was that had make him fall for her, it had made him stay fallen. He was in love. Even if it was likely she'd never love him back he loved her. Maybe he always would. He loved her.

"Robin! Will you stop day dreaming and come and help Rabies with the firewood." Marian called over to the green clad man

"Fine Miss Bossy Boots, but if I get muck all over my tunic you're washing it." Robin retorted, grinning slightly. Good thing Marian couldn't read minds.