Little girl woke up. She looked around, completely awake in a moment, watching the sun-rays beaming through the shutters of her bedroom window, illuminating the room. It was very early morning, but she wasn't sleepy any more. She was excited. Today, it was her fourth birthday.

She stepped down from her bed, smiling, and went to the little chair where her clothes were laid. Every morning, her Mum came to her room and help her get dressed and wash up, but this morning, she hadn't come yet. The girl wasn't worried about that, on the contrary, she was pleased. Slowly she started to get dressed. She put on her blue dress; a little unhandy, but successfully she buttoned the dress, and in the end she put on her little socks and shoes. Then she looked in the mirror. A cheerful smile lingered on her face. Today I'm four years old. I am a big girl now. She knew she'd get many presents and clapped her hands happily. Aunt Eowyn and aunt Arwen will come, and uncles Faramir and Aragorn, and all my cousins, and I'll get many presents, and we'll have a big party!

What will I get? I want a pony, so that I can ride like Mum and Dad and Bergil. Who knows, maybe even her seven-years-old brother will surprise her with some gift.

She jumped up of joy. Then she remembered her mother would soon come to her room, and she wanted to prepare all alone and show them how grown up she really was. Long curls, black like her mother's, encircled her small face. The girl tried to tie up her hair with a ribbon, just like she saw her mother did. She loved her mother's long hair and she knew hers would be just like that one day. Beautiful like my Mum's. She tied the ribbon but her stuborn curls kept on falling out of the pony tail, so she tried again, and again. In the end she sighed and dropped her arms, her small fair face was angry and frowning. But then, watching her reflection, she smiled nevertheless. The small curly tail was on one side of her head, while several loose curls rolled around other side of her face. Not even Mum has such a crazy hairstyle!

She cast one last quick glance at the mirror and then went to the door, trying to look serious and grown up. Slowly she came out to the hall. It was empty. From the ground floor, from the kitchen, she could hear different voices. Perhaps they are making a cake for me. She stepped down the stairs, slowly and silently, sneaking behind the kitchen door.

"Everything is ready, Boromir", she heard her mother's cheerful voice. "We can wake them both up."

"I'm surprised Ailinel hasn't come down yet", answered her father. He was laughing. "Yesterday evening, before going to bed, she was so excited."

"Now I'll go to her", said her mother, also laughing.

"I'm going with you, Ellin", he added cheerfully.

Oh no you don't, I'm big enough to do it all by myself. She slowly took another step and entered the kitchen, with a serious expression on her face, her head held high. Having heard her steps, her parents turned to her.

"Ailinel!", they exclaimed in one voice. They smiled at her and she wasn't able to remain serious. She blushed, giggled, and then ran to them. Her father waited her with his hands spread and then lifted her high in the air. She adored that. Then he held her tight. His beard tickled her face. He put a kiss on her forehead. Mum stood next to them, smiling. It was so wonderful to have them both caressing and petting her.

The table behind them was laid with her favourite tidbids and cakes, and with several nicely wrapped parcels.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart."


P.s. Thanx to Lidia and Fili for their help. :hug: