Hello Peoples! I haven't update my multi chap fic 'Cuts and Bruises in a while do to the fact that I have been working on many projects as of late, and have been far too swamped to continue. My goal is to have an update posted somewhat this week again and I do hope I continue to interest you.

This idea came to me somewhat randomly and I was like 'Oh my GOSH! I have to post this!' So here it is a short Halloween fic to spark the creepiness that lingers in us all…

So enjoy and please leave a review!!!

God he hated Halloween. More than any heist, or torture, or torment. Not more than every villain however. He hated Halloween but not more than Slade. Nothing in hell, (and he had been there), could make him hate anything more than he hated Slade. Still, Halloween came damn close.

Halloween seemed great to the naked eye. To the small children, witches, ghosts and goblins alike. Why wouldn't you like Halloween? Free candy. The black and orange hanging in every form of miserable decoration imaginable. You could dress up, be anyone, or thing you wanted to be. There was no wrongs or rights on Halloween. No certain way you were expected to look. Everything was cool. Everything was 'in'.

But Robin didn't see through naked eyes. Robin's eyes were hidden, by a mask.

And he saw through that mask. He saw what Halloween truly was. A warning. He saw what was written so clearly in front of people's faces, but yet so hard to decipher it was simply thrown away and forgotten. Like a child's lost balloon. It had risen too far above their heads, and now was out of reach. Impossible to grab on hold to.

And although he hated Halloween and what it could do to people he still went out. Not trick or treating like many do, but on patrol instead. He would secure himself a spot out of view in the most dangerous areas on Halloween. Looking down and secretly allowing protection for those who could not protect themselves. So many things could go wrong on Halloween, they always did. People were cornered and killed over bags or candy. Stores and Banks, open access to any ones' needs.

But of all the things he hated about Halloween. The most hated was by far the fact that any one could dress up as a maniac. Anyone could dress up as Slade. Black and Orange were Slade's colors. Those colors meant Slade. Those colors were Slade. Robin would never forget his time as Slade's apprentice. Those two months of his life would forever haunt his conscience. Wearing that suit of armor in those colors had never made him feel so disgusting. Betraying his friends, family, each and every moral he stood for.

Slade would never win. And as much as Robin would hate to admit it, that goal was proving far harder to achieve than originally thought…

He hated Halloween. Because on Halloween, anyone could be Slade...

And Slade could be anyone...

Okay...um how was it? Posting a bit early so that you may read before Halloween! Happy Halloween y'all and be safe!

-Creative Spark