Wing Warriors

Author: Abby Ebon

Beta: Alara Moonrunner

Summery: For the five pilots, the war was over. For Valdemar- the war is just beginning.

AN: Firehedgehog- if you are reading this, I blame it all on you! If dear reader you think I own anything you are very much mistaken!

For Duo Maxwell, the braided brown-haired, cobalt eyed, pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe, there had always been dreams.

Happy ones, sad ones- and everything in-between, from killing his enemies, to being caught by Wufei after one of Duo's infamous pranks, you name it, Duo had probably dreamed it.

All those dreams amounted to nothing in comparison to the place he found himself.

The blackness of the abyss, yet it was not simply nothing as one would think of as an abyss. There were stars above, around, and under him. There was no moon yet he was standing on something that vaguely looked like moon light- with the very same silver mystical glow.

He didn't know why but he felt a sense of utter dread if he dared to leave the path he was standing on. Despite the sense of being alone- he knew he wasn't. His skin prickled with the knowledge that someone unseen was watching him.

Then Duo's fellow pilots started to appear, and it got that more real.

Quatre Raberba Winner appeared first. Quatre was the nicest of the five Gundam pilots- his was Sandrock. Quatre himself was blond haired, blue eyed- and looking very bewildered.

"Duo? Why are you in my dream? Where are we?" Quatre questioned him while looking around in fascination.

"You tell me Q-man, up till recently this was my dream." Duo joked; though truly this wasn't a joking matter- Duo couldn't help it. It was either laugh about this or start to panic- as it was he was bordering on hysteria. Not that he showed it.

"Still where are we? It sort of looks like space…" Quatre murmured softly. Duo could only nod, as the pilots of Gundams they knew space. They had to; their Gundams were specially built to fight in all terrain- even space.

Gundams looked like huge robots- so they were pretty hard to miss, but among the five Gundams, only his Deathscythe had a clocking device.

"I don't know Q-man. It's not space though…" Duo whispered, the abyss seemed to swallow sound, or maybe he was starting to feel that hysteria getting closer to the surface.

Whatever the case Duo prayed it wasn't space. You couldn't breathe in space, and he saw no sign of Deathscythe. He didn't feel cold either…

Trowa Barton was next to suddenly just appear out of no where. Trowa was taller then the other two, he had brown hair and his uni-bang fell over one eye- the other was green. Trowa was pilot of Heavyarms.

"Where are we?" Trowa didn't speck much unless it was important, this was apparently important…

Duo shrugged leaving Quatre to handle the Heavyarms pilot. Duo was busy calming himself down.

"We don't know…this feels…" Quatre started, frowning and biting his bottom lip for the right words.

"Real?" Duo whispered his voice hoarse, he hated being…well trapped. He was trapped too; trapped on his path of moonlight- the rest of this place was pressing down on him. Duo couldn't help but wish for his hat to hide his troubled eyes.

Beside him Quarte shivered hugging himself. Duo cursed himself- Quatre was an empathic and could probably feel just how badly Duo was taking this. Duo had to calm down, for Quatre's sake.

Duo breathed in deeply, and as if this place were laughing at him, Heero Yuy appeared beside him. Heero was the pilot of Wing, and the leader of the five.

He was Japanese, had messy brown hair and blue eyes. He had also been trained by Prof. J (one of the five teachers each who had taught 'their' pilot) to be the 'perfect soldier' –as such he wasn't prone to showing his emotions, he spoke in monotone and was Duo's best friend.

But even Heero couldn't hide his surprise at this place.

The only one who hadn't made an appearance was- .

Duo drew in a sharp breath as Wufei Chang appeared on Duo's other side.

Wufei was Chinese, his black hair was pulled into the tightest ponytail ever. Black eyed, and pilot of Shenlong, his Nataku. Wufei was the last of his Clan and very traditional in his beliefs.

"Where?" Heero demanded to know. Duo shrugged and again Quatre was left to explain to the other two pilots that they didn't know where they were.

"Are we all dreaming the same thing?" Wufei questioned, he and Heero were still looking out over the abyss.

"Apparently…" Quatre sighed softly, and Trowa nodded.

"Who got here first?" Wufei asked, Quatre glanced over at Duo, the other four following his gaze. The normally talkative pilot had been mostly silent since the others had started to appear, and Quatre was growing worried.

"Maxwell? Are you alright?" Wufei asked, Duo only nodded, but none of them were convinced.

"I'm fine Wu-man…" Duo added when he looked over and saw none of his fellow pilots were convinced by the nod. All of a sudden two glowing giant hawks flew above them coming from no where when dived and landed- and grew human sized on the moon-light path ahead of the five.

Something told Duo that they weren't done fighting yet after all.

Friday, April 13, '07- Reposted with corrections made by Alara Moonrunner