Wing Warriors

Abby Ebon


Disclaimer: If I forgot to mention it before- I don't own either Gundam Wing or any Mercedes Lackey books. See beginning chapters, they apply to the entire story.


Five pilots, and five guilds, awoke to the time of Valdemar's founding one thousand and three hundred years before they arrived the first time around. The ancestors of Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkevron had arrived…


All those years ago, and Duo had been the first to awaken to see their new home. He still remembered it. A flat-landed valley, with trees on all sides, and beyond them mountains – the feeling of home, of protection went deep into this places bones.

It was their home.

At first, Amensa, Senta, and Sartra had tried to contact those who could help. The Sun-Lord of this time was weakened, his people split by another nation- and the Star-Eyed, well, she had other thing to worry about.

The Gods' and Goddesses' of the future-time were forbidden to help mortals who were not their subjects, for it trespassed upon their free will.

When they had learned they wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon- and when they understood how far back into time the black egg and the Mage-Storm had taken them, reactions varied.

A year passed in this manner, and people came, more and more each season. They were mountainous people, willing to lay down their lives for a place to call home. Quatre and Wufei led them, while Trowa and Heero hung back- considered leaders, yet unofficially.

Duo was worked hard to keep barriers from forming between the mountain people and his two friends. It was made all the harder that the mountain people were nomadic, the groups came small and had rivalry's with each other.

For the first time in his life, Duo worked with Quatre as peace-keeper. Wufei solved most of the problems with logic- and if necessary Heero and Trowa solved it with discreet assassinations.

The strange animals the pilots had were considered their ranks of-sorts, for the mountain people held reverence in them. They brought with them mountain ponies, with study feet and strong backs- well worth their lazy tempers when it came to plowing the fields.

Precautions for safety, escape, and defense were most important to them, and for good reason, this area was remote. There would be no help coming if they found themselves in danger.

The end result was that they stuck together, at first their shelter started out a temporary fort- of mud-rock mixed cement, the seasons passed and it grew into something resembling a stone mountain.

It was a clear battle-castle that would have fit within the middle ages, the narrow openings in the three towers and high walls allowing for arrows and light to flitter through.

Lost caravans came through, they traded gladly for their food- and in return they received clothing, proper plow horses, and other, less essential goods- such as jewelry, mirrors, window-paintings, and other pleasant things.

When the caravans came again, they weren't lost. They fit a library in, with a secret entrance- it was a regular maze, with many passages behind the walls for escape if the walls were breached.

In the fifth year, they brought word of a country forming the south, Valdemar, and it's Baron-King Valdemar.

They also spoke of the silver Companions that were among them. Duo and Quatre – along with a small envoy, set out to greet the new King and join their lands. For how else would they explain their Companions, Senta and Sartra?


They rode into the city at noon; Duo and Quatre were impressed by the walls, and the maze-like structure of the city. It seemed that it had lost none of its glory and had in fact been even more impressive in its founding.

There were other changes, but Duo and Quatre hadn't seen the street of the Valdemar of the future – but no one really paid any mind to the 'silver' horses. Duo was still uncomfortable riding, yet he had long ago gotten the hang of it.

They attracted a few glances, but as they were led by blue-uniformed Guards, they clearly weren't considered a threat. Duo thought this was rather sloppy, as the nomadic tribes that surrounded them were threatening.

When they reached the palace; the Companions Field was already being formed as a sort-of garden. There were the beginnings of a Bard complex- and a Healing building. Yes, it was clearly a place fit more for a King then a student's arena.

A herald accompanied by a Companion spotted them, and motioned for them to follow him to the King's Chamber- they did so, reluctant, for they had been on the road for a few days.

"Ah, welcome guests, I see you have traveled far. What news do you bring us?" Asked the Baron-King, Quatre stepped foreword, smiling, and began the introductions. Duo left Quatre and Baron-King Valdemar to discuses the joining of their lands.

It would be an alliance at first, because the lands were mostly empty save for the nomadic peoples, and far to travel between. It wasn't likely to happen in their lifetime, but eventually they would be as one kingdom.

When, many, many, decades later, Vanyel's cousin told him his ancestors were crazy for building halls within the walls, well, now we know they had good reason to be.

The End….