Dante walked all the way back to Brothers In Arms in a foul mood, he had brushed off Spike and kicked open the doors of the shop, he took Rebellion off his back and embedded it into the nearest wall, before throwing himself into one of the sofas and he began to glare a hole in the floor, he'd never felt so angry in his life.

Older Dante had decided it would have been better to follow Dante in one of these moods but was annoyed that the younger wouldn't listen to him anyway...he just had to try and keep the younger from doing something stupid.

Dante was pacing the room now, he didn't know what to do, he needed to kill something. He punched the wall, and took a ragged breath, before heading for the door.

Older Dante growled, this is where the doing something stupid was likely to come in, he firmly kept the door closed and brought the phone to Dante's ear. "Don't be such an asshole...you need to calm down, you go out for a fight you are likely to get killed."

Dante knocked the phone away. "I'd rather not sit here and do nothing" He turned and retrieved Rebellion and swung for the door, he did get very destructive when he was angry.

Older Dante growled and used all of his force to choke enough air to send Dante to the floor, "You are NOT getting yourself killed. I won't let you." he sighed watching the figure on the floor who was still seething, "Just calm down...we both know you won't come back alive if you leave this place...you're not thinking clearly enough to take anything on."

Dante sat on the floor, that was a low move even for him, he sighed. He just needed to get out! "Fine!" He shouted, "I'll just go fight Spike."

Older Dante just sighed and looked at his younger self determined face, "Fine...just don't kill him."

Dante pulled himself to his feet stood, he was still angry but he felt more annoyed, at Vergil at himself. He moved and sat behind the desk. "Can you..." He spoke hesitantly, "Check he's alright?"

Older Dante nodded, "He's fine...he just wants some quiet time...you know how he is. The best thing you can do is wait until he comes around."

Dante peered at the desk sadly. "What if he doesn't?" He whispered. Could he handle if Vergil didn't come back?

Older Dante sighed, he didn't know Vergil as well as he wanted which made him hesitant to answer, "I don't know...his stuff is here so he has to." he hoped he was not just trying to convince himself as it seemed at the moment.

"I guess," He looked to the doors and then back at the table. Where did it all go wrong? No he could answer that, it all went down hill from the day their mother died, he so missed her...

Vergil found himself walking back to the shop, he was unsure why, perhaps he still felt like he needed to check Dante was unhurt. He sighed opening the door; he stood in the open doorway and stared at Dante who was sitting behind the desk.

Dante looked at his brother when he walked in and just stood in the door, his mind went blank, he felt nothing, he just sat there and they looked at each other.

Older Dante sighed pushing Vergil through the door and shut it behind him.

Vergil watched Dante a few more moments before he headed up the stairs into his room.

Dante watched his brother's every move until he disappeared from view, and let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. He stood up. What now?