The End... for now

Chase lived, though he did receive some bruises and scrapes with his almost naked encounter with a gaggle of horny nurses. Luckily this happened next to the clinic where several well trained, eager-to-help doctors where waiting to help the poor waylaid and ravaged Australian.

Foreman is still attending weekly sessions with his psychiatrist.

Wilson and Cuddy decided to start dating. And despite the fact that the entire hospital knew about the conception of their relationship they attempted to hide it; completely unsuccessfully much to House's amusement.

House and Cameron however had managed to keep their relationship secret thanks to the day when the rumour mill went mad and the nurses had desisted in their gossip mongering for the time being, even so there where whispers through the hospital about House's extreme mood swings; one moment he was almost like a human being the next even more snarky and sarcastic than ever before.

Most, thankfully, put it down to his return to the hospital after 8 weeks of physio or that they'd forgotten what it was little to have House in the hospital instead of the true reason which was that he was actually happy and trying to throw the scent off with some overly sarcastic and cruel behaviour, but it was too like himself for anyone to really tell the difference.

House and Cameron where still trying to find their feet as far as their relationship went. Cameron had not moved in yet, something they were both thankful for.

Though she did spend a great many of her nights and mornings in House's bed.

With him, of course.

Doing... things.

And in this fragile and newly formed relationship neither knew that its first trial was immanent, and that it would forever change their relationship.

For better or for worse.