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"Oh my head." Beast Boy said as he woke up.

"Someone turn of the fucking alarm." Raven said as she also woke up.

"What happened last night?" Robin asked.

"I dont know." Starfire said.

"Why are we all in the same room?" Cyborg asked.

"And why are our clothes scattered accross the floor?" Robin asked.

"I'll make us some coffe." Beast Boy said as he stood up.

"Uh beast Boy, your not wearing any clothes." Raven told him.

"Ah!" he yelled as he wrapped a sheet around his waist.

"Someone has to remember what happened last night." Cyborg said.

"If I remember correctly, I suggested we have a slumber party."Starfire said.


The Titans were all sitting in the living room when Starfire said,

"I suggest we have sluber party."

"Starfire we arent seven." Robin told her.

"I know we arn't seven Robin. This is the TEEN Titans. Not the seven year old Titans."

"I'm sure what Starfire means when she says slumber party is a party with sex, drugs, and beer." Beast Boy said with a smile.

"Actully I meant we could do each others hair and makeup like it says in this magazine." Starfire said as she held up Seventeen magazine.

"I like best boys idea better."Cyborg told her.

"You just dont like my idea because you dont have any hair." Starfire said as she folded her arms.

"But where are we going to get beer? We're teenagers as Starfire pointed out." Robin said.

"No problem."Beast boy said as he ran out of the room, and when he came back he was holding a case of beer in one hand, and wine coolers in the other. "I have been waiting for this day for a long time"

End F-

"Wait! Before you end the flashback, I have a question." Cyborg said. "Beast Boy, how long have you been waiting for this day because I dont want to drink old beer."

"I have been waiting for this day for a long time but I got the beer a couple days ago." He answered.



"Alrighty then."

"Ok then. You can end the flashback now."

End Flashback

"Oh thats right there was beer." Robin said.

"We probebly all got drunk and know we have hangovers." Cyborg said.

"I know I didnt get drunk. Because I do crazy things when I get drunk. And Im not stupid enough to have gotten drunk." Raven said.

"About that, funny story." Beast boy said.

"How funny?" Raven said unamused.

"I may have spiked you drink."

"You what?!"

"Well you werent having any fun so I made you a fun making drink."

"I cant belive you would do that."

"How did you do it though? I didnt see her put down her drink." Starfire asked.

"Thats not the point!" Raven said.

"Well Starfire I will tell you how I did it." Beast boy answered ignoring raven.


As Robin and Starfire danced to the music, Cyborg was eating and drinking. Raven was in her chair reading a book and sipping on some herbal tea.

"Hey Raven." Beast Boy said.

"Uh." Raven said to focused on her book to care what Beast Boy said.

"Can I get you a refil?"


"O.k then."Beast Boy said as he grabbed her cup and went to the kitchen. "And now for you to have some fun." He said to himself as he put two beer tablets in the cup and stirred in the herbal tea. "Here you go Raven. Enjoy." He told her as he gave her her drink. As she took a sip he said to himself, "In about thirty minutes your going to have the time of your life."

End Flashback

"You sneaky little bastard." Raven said.

"I was just trying to help you out."

"I am going to kill you."


"But first we need to figure out what else happened last night."

"Ravens right. We need to find out why are clothes are scattered accross the floor, and why is there a "Go Fish" scoreboard ingraved on the table."Robin added.