Please tell me what you think. Should I keep going?


The sun's reflection blazed the ocean surface. The waves crashed onto the sand and rocks. The smell of salt water is strong in the air. You can hear children laughing and playing on the shore line and in the water. It's just another day in beautiful Sunnydale, California.

My life can only be explained as a life changing adventure. This life has only been around for the past twenty years. My life begins in LA where I lived with my parents, twin brother, and little sister. Growing up I was known as the terror child through grade school up to a year after my high school graduation. Amazing enough I graduated from high school on time and at the right age of eighteen years. After high school, my brother and I took a year off of school and explored Europe and lived the life that I always wanted, carefree and unsupervised since the last eighteen years.

After that year was coming to a close and funds running low, my brother and I followed our parent's advice and started college the following fall. College was the beginning of my adventure. Who knew that following your parents advice would lead to a positive impact on my life? I'm sure you would like to know what kind of change happened to me. Well, it was love. Get ready to laugh. Get ready to cry, because my name is Buffy Summers and this is my story.