Shortly after our marriage, Angel and I had moved to a small town called Sunnydale where he opened his own law firm called "O'Conner's law firm of Justice". A year after we were married I told Angel that he was going to be a daddy. Nine months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who we named Colleen Rose O'Conner. Three years after that, I gave birth to twins. A handsome little boy and a beautiful little girl. Angel named the boy Shawn Doyle O'Conner after his father and my twin. And I named the girl Cathy Joyce O'Conner after his sister and my mother.

Doyle met a charming young woman right after my marriage at the gallery and soon started to date. Two years later Doyle popped the question and they were married during the following summer. He now has two boys. Matthew and Xander. They still live at our house in LA.

Dawn, believe it or not, married the boy Jeff from her school dance all those years ago. She moved to New York City to become a Broadway dancer. She never had kids do to her career but she loved her nephews and nieces very much and came back to California every Christmas.

Willow married her boyfriend of five years and moved to Sunnydale with me so we could always be friends. She only had one child who she named Samantha (Sam).

We never heard from Hank Summers after he and Harmony ran away and headed to Mexico and never came back. Riley was sentences to life without parole. Darla moved to Chicago and is now a call girl.

My life was perfect. I had the husband who loved me and children that I adore. Every year since mom's death Doyle, Dawn and I visit her grave and place flowers on her tome stone. I never had a heart breaking time until a few years ago when Doyle died of cancer. About a year after that Dawn was killed in a hit and run shooting dealing with gangs in New York. After my siblings death Angel went with me to their graves each year. After the twins married Angel retired leaving the business to surprisingly Colleen. Now I walk into the cemetery holding a basket full of flowers. Knelling down I place one bundle on my mothers, Doyle, Dawn and then my husbands. Angel died a few months ago in a car accident when a drunk driver smashed into his car. I still remember the last moment that we were together.

//Flash Back//

"Angel can you hear me?"

Angel looks up and smiles at me. "Buffy" He took may hand and gave it light squeeze. 'My beautiful Buffy. I love you so much. Be strong and take care of our children and grandchildren." Giving me his half smile "Give me a kiss my love" I lean over and place a soft but passionate kiss on his lips. Pulling away he wipes the tears from my eyes. "Until we meet again my love. I will be waiting for you." With that he smiles one last time then slowly closes his eyes. I call his name but it was too late. My husband was gone. But I knew I would see him again soon. 'Until then my love'

//End Flash back//

I walk back to the beach and watch as the sun seats under the crashing waves. "Until we meet again my love."

So that's my story. There were good times and there were bad. But everybody's lives has there own ups and downs. What was important is that I had people that loved me and a life that I loved. That's all that matters. You just have to remember that every story has an ending but in life, every ending is a new beginning.

Buffy closed her journal and stared out at the crashing waves and smiled.

Colleen's POV

I close my mother's journal and place it into her coffin. I hold my brother and sister close as we say our final goodbye to our parents. I know I can't be sad. Know matter how much I try. Because my parents had a life that everybody wants. They had somebody that loved them by their side and for the most important part is that they lived. Now as I look at their grave stones I know that their together and can remain at each others sides for all eternity. I smile then sweep my hand over their names of marble. Then hold each of my sibling's hands we head home. Because that's what my mother wanted I now understand what she said during her last entry in her journal. "Every story has an ending but in life, every ending is a new beginning." Mom and dad was the end of one story and my siblings and I are the beginning of another. As their lives came to a close ours were just starting.

At Heavens Gates

"Hello my love"

Buffy smiled as she walked up to her husband. Taking his hand he kissed it. He looks just like he did the day that they first met. "Hello my Angel"

"I told you I'd wait for you"

"I knew you would. I love you my husband"

"And I you my wife"

The gates opened, and sanding just inside the gates Buffy's mother, Doyle and Dawn were waiting for them. Smiling at them then at Angel, she and Angel walked hand in hand inside and toward forever. This was life…and well…life happened.


(I hoped you liked it for the most part)