-1 Chapter 1

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It was damp and cold out. The wind howled and toyed with her dark hair. Nothing could be seen but her pearl colored eyes. They stared deeply through the glass window. She watched tears forming in her eyes. She couldn't feel the cold wind beating on her anymore. She couldn't speak. All she could do was watch. The streets were empty no one wanted to be out on a night like tonight. It started to rain but she ignored the freezing waters. She wasn't dressed properly for the chilly November air. But her mind and heart was on other things. Her world was coming crashing down on her all she knew and loved was gone now. She felt herself falling.

" Hinata-chan!" Chirped the cheery blonde girl in front of her. It immediately snapped her out of her thoughts. She was at Ino's family's flowershop.

" What is it Ino-chan?" Hinata questioned her best friend. Ino grinned and tucked a hair behind her ear.

" Hinata you'll never guess who's going to take you out to dinner tomorrow night." Ino said in a sing-song manner. Hinata's eyes widened. " Ino h-how many times do I-I have t-to tell you not to set me up on any b-b-blind dates." Hinata said. She had sort of got over her stuttering problem. She only stuttered when she was nervous, or she was around someone scary or Naruto-kun.

" I know Hinata-chan but your going to love me when I tell you who it is." Ino said cheerfully. She watered the forget-me-not's.

" Who?" Hinata asked folding her arms over her chest. Ino's grin grew bigger and she whispered in Hinata's ear. " Naruto." Hinata screamed like a fan girl. " See I knew you'd be happy." Ino chirped then she went off to the back of the store. Hinata followed her ranting on about things.

" Ino, how'd you do it? What shall I wear? Do you mean it's an actual date and not just hanging out. What will we talk about? What if he doesn't' like me? Oh my gosh he's probably going t-t-to hate me. Ino I-I C-c-can't do I-it. You have to h-help me."

" Calm down, Hinata-chan everything will be fine breath in, now Breathe out." Hinata did as she was instructed. But it still didn't calm her nerves. " Now listen to me. We'll have a sleepover tonight at my house to get you ready for tomorrow. We'll invite TenTen and Temari if she's in town. It'll be fun." Ino smiled. That calmed Hinata. ' TenTen, Ino, and Temari will help me so I don't mess up this date. Everything will be fine.'

Luckily for them Temari was in town and they had their all girl sleepover. TenTen brought magazines and a book called "How To Date For Idiots" Temari brought with her DVD's, her huge fan, and lot's of CD's. Ino provided the snacks, make-up, and clothes and Hinata broughtthe cheesy board games. They started off their slumber party by

playing the most common slumber party game.

" Truth or Dare, Temari?" TenTen asked the spiky haired blonde. They sat in a circle on Ino's flower shaped rug.

" Dare." Temari said with a smirk on her lips. TenTen had her evil smile going as she thought up a dare worthy for the sand kunoichi.

" I dare you to go to streak in front of Shikamaru's house." TenTen now smirked. It was an entertaining site seeing Temari look of complete and utter disgust mixed in with shock of the strange dare concocted by the brunette. " TenTen no need to go blind my teammate I don't want have to do everything for him cause he can't see." Ino said jokingly.

They all laughed except for Temari. Temari stood up and started to strip off her clothes.

" I accept your challenge." She said. Ino and TenTen started laughing. Hinata tried to stifle her laugh she didn't want to be mean to Temari.

5 minutes later Temari, Ino, and TenTen were back from Shikamaru's house. Hinata didn't want to go with them so she stayed behind and watched part of " The sixth sense." Temari only brought horror movies with her.

" So did you do the dare?" Hinata asked eagerly as Temari climbed through the window with part of her sleeve hanging off her shoulder.

" Yea she did. Let's just say Shikamaru's dad will never be the same." Ino laughed. TenTen was hysterical in giggles she could hardly climb through the window. When she finally got through she fell on the ground and was rolling around laughing. Hinata couldn't help but giggle a bit at her friend's silliness.

" Come on TenTen we have other thing's to worry about stop laughing." Ino told her. That didn't work TenTen just laughed harder. Temari pushed Ino a side and kicked TenTen pretty hard in the side which shut her up for awhile.

" TenTen-chan are you alright?" Hinata asked kneeling above TenTen's still body. She sat up and rubbed her side sending a death glare at Temari who only replied with a smirk.

" Yea I'm fine. Thanks Hinata-chan." TenTen said.

" Okay ladies we have to get Hinata ready for her date tomorrow." Ino chirped. TenTen and Temari's eyes lit up.

" Hinata has a date tomorrow?" Temari asked. Ino nodded her head.

" With who?" TenTen asked a devilish grin forming on her lips. Hinata could feel a blush coming on. She still had problems with blushing.

" Naruto-san." Ino replied. Hinata turned pink at the mention of his name. TenTen and Temari pounced on her.

" The dense idiot finally realized you like him." Temari inquired.

" Not exactly." Hinata mumbled pushing her fingers together. Another habit she had gotten rid of completely.

" I set them up." Ino pointed her thumb at her self proudly. TenTen and Temari now pounced on Ino.

" How'd you get him to ask her out?" TenTen asked. Hinata got closer to the action she wanted to know to how it was possible for her to go to dinner with Naruto tomorrow night.

" Simple, I told him how him and Hinata would make such a cute couple." Ino said. Temari and TenTen eyed her suspiciously but didn't say anything because Hinata was there.

The four girls spent the rest of the night doing each other's hair, makeup and clothes, teaching Hinata how to act on her date, and watching scary movies courtesy of Temari. Hinata went off to use the bathroom and Temari and TenTen questioned Ino.

" So really how did you get Naruto to go on a date with Hinata?" They questioned.

" Well…hehe, I told the baka how jealous Sakura-san would be if he went on a date with someone prettier than her and he agreed. But guys here's my plan they will go out to dinner and have a great time Hinata will look beautiful and Naruto will fall madly in love with her and they'll live happily ever after." Ino explained her carefully thought out plan.

" Ino." TenTen whined. " Do you really think it's that easy that it will work."

" Yea Ino, what if Sakura-san actually gets jealous or tries to hurt Hinata by pretending to like him." Temari said.

" Sakura doesn't hate Hinata. She wouldn't do that but if it was me she would." Ino muttered the last part.

" Besides if Sakura even thinks of hurting our Hinata-chan than she's got another thing going for her I'll use her as my practice dummy for target class!" TenTen shouted flames burning in her eyes.

" YEA!" Temari and Ino chimed in.

" What are you guys so pumped up about?" Hinata asked innocently. They all surprised Hinata by running up to her and hugging her. " Um…you guys…I c-can't breath." Hinata squeaked. They loosened up a little but hugged her all apologizing. " Guys what's going on?" Hinata asked.

" We're sorry for if you ever get hurt by Sakura. If you ever do we'll personally take care of her." Ino cried.

" Yea no one messes with our Hinata-chan." TenTen shouted.

" I'll blow her away and get Gaara to kill her if she even tries to mess with your emotions." Temari squeezes Hinata.

' Oh boy. They're at it again. I wonder what Sakura did to them this time.' It wasn't unusual for her friends to go on about protecting everybody from Sakura. It usually happens after Sakura and Ino compete for Sasuke's heart but now she thought they would have gotten over it after Ino stopped crushing on Sasuke. But they haven't.

The Great Sasuke Uchiha. The last of the Uchiha's except for his brother Itachi. Was now tied to his bed by 2 pairs of metal chains. They weren't even the easy kind to break they were really hard to break. Take his word for it he's tried. After he went after Orochimaru, right before he reached their just by a day's journey away from Orochimaru's place

Naruto comes and drags him literally drags him back to Konoha. He of course put up a fight but Naruto tied him

up and gagged him. How do you beat a guy who's so good at tying him up and has strong chains and hard to break

metal locks.

Oh and you'll never guess who his guardian is to make sure he doesn't run away. The PERVERTED SAGE!!!

They had Jiraiya babysit him. It was so not fun hearing his perverted romance novel before he goes to sleep each

night. Which is forced upon him. He'd spend all night awake and try to escape if Jiraiya's books weren't so damn

perverted that he tries to sleep before they get to the disgusting scenes with PICTURES! The worst part of all is

when Jiraiya isn't babysitting him NARUTO IS!!! Spending time with the person who is preventing him from leaving

isn't the peachiest thing in the world. But lucky for him tomorrow night Naruto had a date and Jiraiya couldn't come

so he may not have a babysitter. Which would be lucky for him. He could finally try to escape again and have time to

think of a good plan. Hm. He could bite the chains. Naw that won't work. He needed a good plan. Hmmm. I GOT IT!

Naruto was a little worried about leaving Sasuke in the care of Gaara. He was afraid that on of them would kill the other. Gaara was in town with his brother and sister and wasn't happy that the Hokage was putting him to work on his so called " vacation" so of course Naruto should be worrying.

He wasn't exactly excited for the date he was just hoping Sakura would be there and just to make sure she was he sent her a letter that told her to go to the restaurant and he signed it anonymous. Ino told him to pick Hinata up from her house so that's where he went. He rung the doorbell a couple of times before Temari answered it.

" Is Hinata here?" He asked her. Temari smirked.

" Yea just wait a minute she'll be down in a little while." Temari stated then left Naruto guessed to go a fetch Hinata. Then Ino and TenTen came down.

" Naruto come over here for a second." Ino said inviting him in with a sly grin on her face. TenTen had a scowl on hers.

" What is it?" He asked. Ino and TenTen backed him up to a wall.

" Naruto, you know that Hinata's are best friend, right?" TenTen asked him. " Right." He replied. " Then you know that we would kill for her right." TenTen said flames burning in her eyes. Scaring Naruto a bit.

" So what's your point?" He asked. Ino rolled her eyes.

" Are point is you better not hurt her!" Ino said jabbing him with her finger on his chest to get the point across. The 16 year old boy just stared at her with a look that says ' You know me better.'

Hinata came down. She looked gorgeous. She had a flowing pink skirt on that reached her knees. A white tank top and on top of it was a pink flowery blouse that was unbuttoned showing off the tank top and a pink crystal flower pendant she wore around her neck. Her hair was shoulder length and part of her bangs were held up with a flower courtesy of the Yamanaka flower shop. Naruto just gasped she was gorgeous. He never knew Hinata to be so pretty.

" Well let's go Hinata." He said pulling her out before they interrogated him. Hinata turned pink.

They had just started the main course and Hinata was filled with glee. Except for the fact that her friends were spying on her. She spotted Ino at the table beside them wearing a silly purple hat with a feather sticking out at the top and a pair of giant black sunglasses shaped like a square. She also had a matching purple boa to go with the hat.

The table behind them had Temari sitting at it wearing a elegant light green kimono with a white purple obi. She had a mini paper fan with flowers on it hiding most of her face but her pigtails stuck out.

TenTen had a plastic baby doll and was dressed up in a messy hair do and clothes that appeared to be covered in baby spittle and puke.

Hinata laughed silently to herself as she looked at their strange costumes just to spy on her date. Naruto of course couldn't figure out who they were.

After the main course came dessert. Naruto kept staring at the door and Hinata noticed a pink-head pop in. She sighed in sadness. From the corner of her eye she saw Ino glaring at Sakura who now entered. Of course Sakura noticed them all and came by Hinata and Naruto' s table.

" HI Naruto-san, Hinata-chan." Sakura greeted in her oh-so high pitched voice. Temari and TenTen joined Ino in the glaring. They unlike their naïve friend knew what was going on.

Sakura pulled up a chair and sat by them. She sat closer to Naruto than Hinata. Temari was ready to throw her paper fan at Sakura.

" So what are you two doing?" Sakura asked innocently sending Ino a death glare, that went unnoticed by Hinata and Naruto.

" We're on a DATE." Naruto said saying date in a loud clear voice so Sakura could hear him.

" Oh really." Sakura crossed her legs and sent Ino a sly grin, meaning she was planning something.

Ino stared at TenTen and Temari as in warning them to get ready and fight.

" Naruto, I never knew you liked Hinata." Sakura said trying to make it sound like it hurt her as much as possible.

Hinata noticed Ino get up out of her seat. ' Oh no. She's going to do something. She might ruin my date. Why's she getting up anyway it's not like Sakura's doing anything really horrible or is she?' Hinata wondered.

When Ino got up so did Temari and TenTen and they walked over to Hinata's table. Hinata just hid her face in her arms unable to watch what will happen next. Hinata heard them as they started yelling at Sakura but she tried to block out all the noise and she succeed she was a little tired from staying up the previous night so soon she found herself drifting off to sleep.

" SAKURA YOU BITCH! How DARE YOU COME HERE AND RUIN THEIR DATE!" Ino screamed at Sakura pulling her up by her hair.

" Oh whatever do you mean?" Sakura asked innocently putting on her innocent act for Hinata and Naruto although she didn't know Hinata had fallen asleep.

" YOU KNOW WHAT SHE MEANS SAKURA-TEME!" TenTen shouted at Sakura.

" HEY, TENTEN, INO STOP BLAMING SAKURA-CHAN! SHE DIDN'T KNOW!!" Naruto yelled at them. Temari glared at him.

" Naruto, I have a confession to make. I'm jealous." Sakura said batting her eyelashes and staring at him in a cute manner with her teal colored eyes. She heard Ino gasp.

Naruto's eyes widened. Sakura the girl of his dreams. The girl he'd been chasing around for 4 years finally likes him back. Ino was right.

" Sakura-chan, you want to go get some ramen?"

' NOOOOOOO!' Ino wanted to shout. ' Naruto was supposed to like Hinata. Oh I feel bad for Hinata-chan. IT'S ALL THAT EVIL WITCHE'S FAULT! SAKURA YOUR SO GONNA PAY' Ino thought raging with anger.

" But Naruto-san, your on a date with Hinata." TenTen whined.

" Yeah, but the date was only to get Sakura jealous and it worked." Naruto stated. Sakura eyed Ino suspiciously.

" Oh really. Does Hinata-chan know this Naruto-kun?" Sakura asked slyly her eyes shifting their gaze on Ino, TenTen, and Temari who was rather silent.

" Well, yeah I think so. Ino set the date up." Naruto said. Which caused a smirk to set it self on Sakura's mouth.

" Oh really." Sakura said. She stared at Hinata who didn't do or say anything. ' Why isn't she screaming at the top of her lungs or killing Ino. Maybe she's crying, or blushing madly and crying and doesn't want anyone to see her. Yeah that's it.' Sakura thought.

" Sakura-yarou, Naruto-teme. Just go now." Temari said sternly.

" Okay we're going, C'mon Sakura-chan." Sakura yelped as Naruto tugged her away from the scene.

" Oh my gosh, Hinata are you okay?" Ino bent over on the table and stared at Hinata who didn't respond.

" She's asleep." Temari said.

" Really?" TenTen asked shocked.

" Yep."

" So she didn't hear any of it. So she's okay?" Ino asked Temari with hope in her eyes. Temari just nodded.

" We better wake her up and figure out away to explain this all of it." TenTen stated.

Hinata woke up to find herself in familiar surroundings. As she blinked a couple of times everything became clearer. She was in her bedroom. She sat up on her bed and saw TenTen, Ino, Temari, and Hanabi. TenTen had fallen asleep on Hinata's keyboard for her computer. Ino lay on the ground sleeping on the shag carpet, Temari was opposite of Ino also sleeping and Hanabi had her head lay on Temari's lap. Hinata smiled to herself to see them all sleeping peacefully. Hinata got up and went to the kitchen and asked the maid to fix them up some tea. Hinata then thought of what happened before. Her friends ruined her date and she fell asleep. They must have brought her home. The maid had finished with the tea so Hinata took it up to her room and placed it on her nightstand. Then she went off to the training grounds.

Ino picked herself off the ground and rubbed her sleepy eyes with the back of her hands. When everything became clear she saw that Hinata was missing from her bed. So she got up and woke up Temari. When Temari sat up, Hanabi woke up.

" Where's Hinata-nee chan?" Hanabi asked sleepily.

" I don't know, she probably is just somewhere in the Hyuuga estate." Ino said.

" Yea probably." Temari agreed with her.

Hinata walked to the training grounds. She felt someone's chakra level and it was pretty powerful. She snuck around behind the trees to find a person training. She activated her byakugan and looked through the trees. There beating up a training post was Uchiha Sasuke. She had heard from Naruto that he was under house arrest he was not allowed to leave his room. ' Did he escape? No they probably just let him out to train. But Tsundae-sama wouldn't let him out to become stronger. I have to do something.' Hinata thought. She walked up to him.

" Uchiha-san." She called out quietly her voice so soft and inaudible. But Sasuke could still here her. ' Isn't that the Hyuuga heiress. What was her name again? Himara, no that's not right I think it's Hinata?' Sasuke thought staring at the petite Hyuuga girl.

" What do you want?" He spat out at her more harshly than he intended to.

Hinata gulped. Sasuke always intimidated her and sometimes even scared her. " Um…A-aren't y-you supposed to….um be u-un-under h-h-ho-house arrest."

He smirked. Then remembered how Gaara had just let him go. Without saying a word. " Not anymore."

" Oh…um…but I-I think y-your su-supposed to um….b-be there." She squeaked.

Sasuke had heard that she had pretty much gotten over her stuttering problem but he didn't it believe it after hearing her. ' Why is she trembling. She's afraid of me isn't she. I could have some fun with her.' Sasuke thought.

Hinata noticed Sasuke walking closer to her. She started to walk backwards until she hit a tree and he was really really close to her. ' AHHH! Why is Sasuke so close to me.' Hinata's brain went into panic mode. " Sasuke-san, um… y-your

Too close." Hinata muttered. Sasuke just smirked.

" But Hinata, I want to be closer to you than this." He whispered into her ear.

Hinata practically fainted. He was too close and wanted to get closer. ' I have to do something.'

Her byakugan was still activated. She hit him with her gentle fist technique. Sasuke fell to the ground muttering curses under his breath. Hinata however ran away as far away from him as she could.

Sasuke smirked. ' Hmm. I could have some more fun with her. Hyuuga Hinata what makes you tick.?' He asked himself.

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