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Hinata stared out at the beautiful night sky there was a full moon and stars scattered all over the place. She leaned on the railing of her balcony admiring the sky.

She was secretly worrying about Sasuke. She hadn't talked to or seen Sasuke since the week before well she thinks that was the last time she saw him and Hinata was really hoping that it wasn't all a dream.

Her thoughts wandered to the Konoha Sweethearts Pageant it was in a week. Hinata had to prepare herself for it since she had no clue how it was going to be judged or what she was supposed to do she only got a list of things to bring. She thought the list was pretty strange. It had regular things like formal wear but it also had strange things like catnip and sake on the list. Never the less Hinata still got all the needed supplies and was more than ready for that pageant.

Hinata's ninja skill might not have been the greatest but she could sense when someone was behind her no matter how well they hid their chakra. She had years of experience with this from watching Naruto.

She turned around to see Sasuke standing there his hair all messed up his left eye bleeding and his clothes all messed up and torn.

Hinata looked horrified. " Sasuke." She said concern evident in her voice.

He walked closer to her she could tell from the way he was limping that his right leg was injured. Before he reached her he fell but Hinata immediately caught him. She carried him into her bedroom and laid him on her bed.

She could tell he had lost a lot of weight from how light he was when she carried him.

" Who did this to you?" She asked.

He didn't reply he just blinked various times staring at the ceiling trying to avoid her eyes.

Hinata left his side for a moment to lock her door. She didn't want anyone walking in. What would her father think if he saw a bloodied beaten up boy on her bed, and nonetheless the Uchiha disgrace as her father liked to call him. Her father would probably kill him and Hinata didn't want that to happen.

Sasuke watched Hinata as she slid half of her upper body under her bed for a second and came out with a large medical box. Sasuke was surprised to see Hinata remove the rest of his torn up shirt without even blushing.

He felt her rub some kind of lotion on his bruises and cuts. Her soft hands rubbing the lotion felt good.

Sasuke saw on her face the same look he saw on Sakura, or Tsunade when they were operating or healing a patient. It was a look of seriousness and determination. It looked good on Hinata.

Hinata tried to disinfect most of his wounds she didn't want any of them getting infected. She really wanted to know who did this to him and was really worried for his health and safety. She wished she had healing powers like Sakura but Hyuga heirs were forbidden of becoming anything aside from the leader and a shinobi. There was no exception not even for her.

" Hello?" Temari answered the phone of her inn.

" Hey, Temari? It's Neji." The Hyuga genius said.

" Oh Hi Neji-kun, what's up?" Temari asked.

" Nothing really, you?"

" Same here." Temari said.

" Oh, well I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the Konoha Sweethearts Pageant with me to watch it and all, since Hinata and Ino are gonna be in it and well your brothers will be judging and stuff." Neji said nervously.

" You mean like a date?" Temari helped him out a bit.

" Yea." Neji was so happy he was on a phone he didn't want her to see him blush.

" I'd l-love to." Temari said suddenly. She was happy he couldn't see her blush.

" Cool."

" Yea cool."

" So I guess I'll pick you up that day at 1." Neji said.

" Yea that sounds great."

" Okay, bye then."

" Bye." Temari waited for him to hang up but little did she know he did the same. They were waiting for awhile until Neji was called to do something and had to hang up.

When Temari heard his phone cut off she put away her phone and started dancing around the room.

" You got a date." Gaara said suddenly.

" Wha- Gaara what are you doing here?"

" I'm on vacation." He said in monotone.

" Well then go and do something vacationy(A/N Yes I know that's not a real word in the English Language)." Temari stated.

" Alright I'll go get a date." He said in Monotone again and left.

" That was weird." Temari said to herself.

Hinata was relieved to see Sasuke was gonna be okay she had finished wrapping up everything and disinfecting.

Sasuke fell asleep on her bed. Hinata just watched him. He looked so innocent and pure in his sleep. Well after she cleaned up the blood that was on his face.

Some of Sasuke's hair fell over his eyes and Hinata brushed it off his face. If she could she'd take a picture of him.

Hinata knew he couldn't spend all the time required for him to heal in her room. She couldn't keep her door locked forever. She should take him to the hospital he'd be safer there from anymore attacks. But Hinata didn't want him to go. She felt really selfish wanting to keep him here all for herself when he'd be better off in a hospital.

Hinata was now battling in her body. Her brain was telling her to take him to the hospital while her heart was saying keep him here.

Her heart won. She just plopped herself on the chair by the bed and watched him sleep. She was addicted to watching his chest rise and fall with his breathing.

It seemed like hours had passed and Hinata's eye lids felt heavier she blinked once. Then again after awhile. A third time but by the fourth time she didn't open her eyes again. Hinata had fallen asleep.

( Sasuke's dream)

Sasuke was sitting on the sand at the beach. He had sand everywhere. In his swim trunks which by the way was causing him to chafe, in his hair, in between his toes and fingers, and in his nose. How it got up there is still a mystery. Sasuke saw Ino and Shikamaru tanning. Well it looked more like Ino was tanning and Shikamaru was just watching the clouds. Naruto was playing volleyball with Rock Lee, Tenten, Chouji and Kiba. Tenten and Lee were beating Naruto, Chouji, and Kiba by a lot of points.

Gaara was having a stare down with Neji. Temari was keeping Kankuro away from the female species on the beach. Kurenai was lecturing Kakashi-sensei. Gai was scaring half the people there when he took off his clothes to reveal his orange and green speedo, and Iruka-sensei was grading tests.

All of a sudden Konohamaru came running shouting at the top of his lungs, " The Angel has arrived, The Angel has arrived!" Everyone stopped what they were doing and all gathered around.

Sasuke didn't want to be left out so he got up and pushed past many shinobi and kunoichi to see what the big ruckus was about.

As if some strange phenomenon happened the wind started blowing in one direction though and a beautiful ivory eyed girl with dark blue hair that was blowing in the wind in a perfect sexy way, wearing a lavender silk dress that was free flowing and blew in the wind in a perfect way. She had ribbons and flowers in her flowing hair.

Sasuke really thought he saw an Angel but he knew it was only Hyuga Hinata the late bloomer, the shy girl, the one that was in love with Naruto only to have her heart broken.

But as Sasuke took another look at her he realized Hinata truly was an angel fallen from the sky.

She walked toward him everyone backed away from him to give them room. " Sasuke." She said.

" Yes?" He gulped.

" Sasuke, why? Why won't you let me help you?" She asked.

" Help me with what?" He asked completely lost in her pupil-less eyes.

" With mending your broken heart. Why won't you let me fix it and put the pieces back together. Why won't you let me in your life for good. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." Angel Hinata said in a whisper.

" I don't know." He said truthfully.

" Sasuke let me tell you a secret."

" What is it."

" Hinata loves you."

" She does. But wait aren't you Hinata?"

" Partially. I'm Hinata's inner person, and I know you love her as well."

" How would you know?" Sasuke asked suspiciously.

" Because I met your hot inner self and he told me, by the way he's much nicer and hotter than you."

" Hn." Sasuke replied looking away.

( End of Sasuke's dream)

Sasuke woke up to the sun hitting his face. He saw Hinata stir a bit in an arm chair.

Before Hinata could even get out of the chair she was met with Sasuke's lips crushing against hers.

" I want a girl with lips like Morphine. Knock me out every time they touch me."

Hinata slowly eased into the addicting kiss and subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck. Sasuke put his arms under her armpits and held the frame of her back pushing her more against him.

"I wanna feel a kiss just crush me and break me down."

Sasuke didn't want to ever let go. This was his first kiss with a girl( A/N seeing as Naruto accidentally kissed him in the academy)

It was Hinata's first kiss ever and it was quite enticing. She felt electricity run through her body and she liked the feeling. She was never letting go.

Sasuke broke the kiss for a moment to breathe and say something.

" You -pant pant- know that I love you right." Sasuke said.

Hinata took a deep breathe in and let it out. " Hai. Did you know that I love you too."

" Hai." Then he took her lips with his own and they continued their addicting kiss.

" Knock me out, Knock Me out, Cause I've waited for all my life, to be here with you tonight. I want a girl with lips like Morphine with a kiss that leaves me gasping and I wanna feel that lightning strike me and burn me down.

Knock me out, knock me out, cause I've waited for all my life, to be here with you tonight. Just put me on my back, knock me out again, I want a girl with lips like Morphine knock me out every time they touch me.

I wanna a girl with lips like morphine to knock me out. See I've waited for all my life to be here with you tonight just put me on my back knock me out again."

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