Summary: Longshot's POV after seeing his leader mortally wounded. If you haven't seen Lake Laogai do not read. Please Review after you've read this.

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I fired an arrow at one of the Dai-Li sticking him to the wall he was the last one left that me, Smellerbee, and the Avatar's friends had dealt with while Jet and the Avatar went to find Long Feng.

"That's all of them let's go!" Shouted Sokka the Boomerang boy catching his weapon and placing it in its holder.

I suddenly felt something hit my heart worse than any arrow could the feeling of dread, I looked over at Smellerbee and she nods, she must've felt it too.

The two of us quickly out of the chamber with the Avatar's friend's right behind us. The blind girl Toph with her Earthbending abilities quickly found the way. We came to a closed door.

"Move aside!" The girl pushed me out of the way and grasped the bottom of the door. She then lifted it up and we saw two people inside.

One of them was standing up and the other was on the floor. And Jet wasn't the one standing up.

A look of shock crossed my face and I could hear Smellerbee who along with Katara let out a cry of sadness. The other two looked shocked as well as we ran to the Avatar and my fallen friend. Even Sokka who I thought hated him because of his tactics looked sad when he saw him like this.

I could tell that he had been dealt with a powerful blow and that it could be fatal

We neared them and I saw Jet smile despite the pain when he saw us. Tears started to form in my eyes but I refused to let them fall. I've hadn't cried ever since my parents died like the way Jet did who I considered my brother.

Katara kneeled and placed her hands over his chest the water illuminating in the dark before turning black.

"This isn't good." She explained to us and I can tell just by looking at her that she knows he has little hope of surviving.

"You guys go on and find Appa; we'll take care of Jet." Smellerbee told them and I could tell that she's getting ready to break down and cry.

"No! We're not gonna leave you!" Katara argued with her and I did something that I hadn't done in nearly two years.

"There's no time, just go! We'll take care of him he's our leader." The others looked at me shocked even Jet twisted his head to look at me as my voice which I hadn't used for years comes back to me as I dropped my mute facade.

"Don't worry Katara; I'll be fine, go now." Jet spoke to her and smiled his charismatic smile at her. I saw her take his hand in hers and a small tear trek out of her eye. I think I was the only one who saw it.

The group walked away and I hear Toph mutter to Sokka.

"He's lying."

When they had left Smellerbee threw her arms over his chest and sobbed her tomboy image melting over our leader and family which the Freedom Fighters considered ourselves as seeing as how we're all orphans.

I pull an arrow out of my quiver and aimed it at the door my eyes narrowing in anger. The next Dai-Li that enters through the door will quickly regret it.

But will my next shot be the one to take my brother's life?