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The Outsiders

Whitney sat on a rock staring at the new outsiders her people had just brought to the camp. Everyone in the camp was going about their daily tasks but did not make a single sound around the outsiders as if they were out in the forest stalking them.

Best not let these people known our strengths, as Whitney's father, Goodwin, had always said.

The sudden memory of her father brought tears to Whitney's eyes. Just over two months ago, her father infiltrated the smaller of the outsider groups to bring them over to the "good side." He and some others of the "hunting party" managed to bring twelve outsiders. But all those accomplishments went sour when one of the outsiders, a Hispanic woman, figured everything out, attacked and killed her father.

Whitney studied the outsiders. All three still had bags over their heads. One was indeed a woman. Whitney prayed it wasn't the Hispanic woman who had murdered her father. She would hate to be on the same side as her. The other two were men. One was semi-muscular with tattoos on his arms. The other was about the same build but, unlike the other two, seemed to be fidgeting. Everyone at camp knew what he was doing. He was trying to break free of the ropes binding his hands. He would be hard to bring to their side. The other two seemed more docile and almost scared.

But no one could still determine how well an outsider would turn. It would have been easier if they were younger. When people from her father's party had returned with the twelve people there were two children among them: Zack and Emma. Both of them were now happily living with them.

Why couldn't outsiders see they were only trying to enlighten them and take them away from their barbaric lives? They can't understand that they were the good guys. Whitney's people had been lenient enough with them. Her people had after all allowed them to live on their island, eat the fruit from their trees, drink their water. But thankfully the outsiders still stayed on the coast and didn't go too far into their jungle. They still had it in their heads that they would be rescued soon.

Whitney scoffed at the idea. These outsiders truly did need saving. Whitney heard these three people held some importance to the outsiders. If these three would turn, all the others would turn. Judging by the one trying to free his hands, they had their work cut out for them.

Author's Note: Just a little trivia, Whitney means "white island." For my main character, I wanted a name that had some kind of meaning like that.