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The outsiders were once again knocked out and loaded on to a boat that would take them to the Hydra Station Island. She gripped the hilt of her gun a little tighter. Whitney had lost her father to these savages. It had been just over two months since she had last seen him . . .

"You're letting me win!"

"No I'm not," Whitney's father, Goodwin, said. As if to prove his point Goodwin moved his bishop to take out his daughter's remaining knight and claimed victory, "Checkmate."

Whitney stared at the chessboard in disbelief. He was right. Sure, Whitney had more pieces on the board, but all along her father had been boxing her king into a corner.

Goodwin leaned back in his chair giving his daughter a smug grin. Whitney slightly scowled at the loss.

I should have stuck to checkers. I always win at that. But it had been her father's turn to pick the game.

"Best two out of –" Before Whitney could finish her sentence the house began to shake violently. The chess pieces on the board began to fall over and roll to the floor. Pictures and painting fell from their places on the walls. In the kitchen, Whitney could hear plates and glasses fall out of their cupboards, shattering on the floor.

Goodwin pulled his daughter from her chair into a small hallway leading to the bedrooms where there was little around to shatter. Goodwin used his arms to cover her face in case of stray shards. Whitney fearfully hugged her father until the tremors died away. Goodwin, though, continued to cling to his daughter.


"Are you okay?" Goodwin pulled away from his daughter to examine her.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Satisfied with his daughter's answer he said, "Stay here."

"Dad!" Whitney called after her father as he left the house. "Dad!"

Whitney side-stepped the now cluttered floor. She nearly tripped on one of the chess pieces while trying to keep her bare feet away from the shattered glass of a picture frame.

She was able to make it out the front door. Everyone else at the Barracks was out of their houses wondering what had just happened. Startled gasped sounded through the crowd.

She turned her attention skyward. Whitney stopped dead in her tracks. In the sky was a plane! Whitney was amazed. She had seen planes in pictures but never in real life! Whitney had been told that no one could find this island and yet there was a real plane right over the island. But even Whitney knew that there was something wrong with it. A thick trail of smoke followed the plane like the train on a wedding gown.

Whitney gave a cry of fright as the plane broke into three large pieces in the atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be stunned, watching in confusion at the giant metal firework that had broken in their clear blue sky. Whitney stared until the pieces had disappeared behind the tree line of the forest.

Whitney snapped out of her shock and frantically searched for her father or anyone who could explain what was going on.

Whitney finally spotted Goodwin. Ben was talking to him with a stern look in his eyes. Goodwin quickly turned and began to run. Whitney noticed his path was going to intersect the large smoke trail from one of the pieces of wreckage.

What is going on?! Where's Dad going?

"Dad!" Whitney called out as her father was running past their house. Goodwin stopped to acknowledge his daughter.

"Dad, what's going on?" Whitney ran to meet her father.

Goodwin quickly embraced his daughter, "Whitney, I have to go. Ben has told me to go find the tail of the plane."

He was leaving her. He barely let her out of his sites as a small child, and now he was leaving her so suddenly. The whole situation scared her.

"Dad . . ."

"It's going to be okay, Whitney."

Goodwin let go of his only daughter. "I'll be back!" Goodwin called to her over his shoulder running once again towards the smoky skies.

Had either of them known otherwise, no doubt they would have said much more. In twenty-eight days, Ana Lucia had killed Goodwin and Whitney would be an orphan. Whitney stared after the boat as it left the dock to go to the other island. She hoped those outsiders would pay over there.