A/N: This is a re-done version of my first ever Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction. It was written before I ever saw Advent Children, so this would be considered a post-Meteor AU story. Hope you all like it!


The boy opened finally opened his eyes and sat up. How long had he managed to fall asleep for? He'd slept fitfully on a large strip of cardboard the whole night, plagued by nightmares of what had happened only a few days ago.

Eventually, he got to his feet and began to wander around, hoping that he might find someplace to get some breakfast.

I've seen this on TV all the time…he thought, when disaster strikes, all the charity workers come popping out and bringing food to the needy…and I really need food!

Meteor had come only a few days ago, destroying most of Midgar, and decimating the Shinra building. The boy had been lucky to escape with his life.

Guess my big brains finally came in handy…

After locating a Meals on Wheels truck that had stopped to hand out breakfast to the crowd that had gathered around it, the boy waited patiently until he was handed a bagel and a container of juice. Content, he ran off looking for a safe place to eat.

Sector Five had been the least affected by Meteor, and the boy had realized that when he decided to settle there after two days of walking.

Tents littered the area, filled with refugees from the less fortunate sectors. It was a dismal sight, watching everyone in so much pain. Though not many people had shown him kindness during his short five years, he couldn't help but feel for everyone around him.

Clutching his bagel and juice, he headed for the nearest alley where he could be alone to eat and think.

"Whatcha got there, boy?"

He turned to see a large man looming over him, a sinister grin plastered on his face.

"All by yourself, eh?" the man leered, "Why don't you let me take care of you…?"

For a split second, the boy stood there, frozen in fear. What might sound like a kind offer from someone else was obviously not the man's true motive. Not wanting to know what it was, however, he sprinted off as fast as he could.

He had been running as fast as he could for a few minutes when he stopped and saw what appeared to be a church completely surrounded in rubble. Despite the mess, he felt drawn to the old building, and decided to look around for a way in. After searching for a minute, he finally found a place to crawl through until he reached the broken doorway.

After making it inside, he stood up and took a good look at his surroundings. The place was completely empty, as he'd expected it to be. There was a large hole in the ceiling, but what really caught his eye was the small patch of flowers directly below it.

Someone told me that plants can't grow in Midgar's soil. Everything is either grown using hydroponics or imported from the outside.

Slowly, he walked up to the patch and inspected the flowers. They didn't look anything like in the books he'd seen. They were surrounded by weeds, as if they had been neglected for a few months.

The growling in his stomach reminded him that he hadn't eaten yet. Deciding to forget about the flowers for now, he sat on one of the pews and began to eat.

Maybe I can hide out here for now…