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Chapter One: In The Arms of an Angel

Camryn sat on the couch, staring blankly ahead of her. Beads of hot perspiration squeezed through the pores of her forehead and upper lip. The heavy sweater she wore did nothing to hide her deteriorating condition, yet Lauren and Bobby didn't notice. They were gathered in the living room, immersed in a meeting with Mr. Wolfe, Camryn's principal. It was an emergency session; Mr. Wolfe had become increasingly concerned about Camryn and her school career. But she brushed the meeting aside; instead sitting on the couch with her uncle thinking of all the things she would do once she could escape the room. Everything that was said fell upon her deaf ears and no one notice her blatant lack of attention. Finally, Lauren placed a hand on her daughter's gaunt shoulder.

"Cammy, is there something going on that you aren't telling us?" she inquired, her eyes sparkling with concern.

She rolled her eyes and folded her arms over her chest. "No, mom. And stop calling me Cammy. I'm not six anymore."

"There's obviously SOMETHING. Is it a boy at school?"

"Mom, stop pretending you care so much about what goes on in my life. We both know you only care about Bobby," she snapped.

"Don't talk to your mother like that Camryn. We just want to know why the hell you're being this way," Bobby demanded.

"Now, Mr. Mercer, I don't think this is how you should address the situation-"

"Mr. Wolfe, I appreciate you coming here and shedding light on the situation, but Camryn is a Mercer and she will be extremely difficult, just like her father," Bobby explained.

"Someone who you are not," Camryn muttered.

The room fell silent then, the air around Camryn and Bobby tensing. Camryn had never resented Bobby acting as the male influence in her life. There was an unspoken understanding that he would never try and replace Jack's short time in her life. She stared at her knees, clenching her jaw tightly and avoiding everyone's individual gaze. She knew Bobby would be masking a world of hurt, visible only through his eyes. Her mom would be watching her with open shock while her principal would merely observe the trio with concerned confusion and subtle discomfort. Camryn ran her bony, shaking fingers through her long chestnut hair and forced out a careless sigh. Bobby cleared his throat of built up tears and turned away from his troubled niece.

"Well. There you have it Mr. Wolfe," he stated quietly.

Camryn stood up, unable to stand the tension any longer. "I'm going over to Wendy's. I'll be back later."

"Call me if you change your plans honey," Lauren called out to her daughter's retreating form.

"Whatever. Bye," was her acknowledging response.

Lauren winced at the slamming of the door. "I think she's-"

"On drugs," Bobby stated bluntly.

Mr. Wolfe nodded. "I believe that to be the reason behind her recent behaviour. She's become irritable and intolerable. She talks back. Uh, more than she used to that is. When she does actually find time in her schedule to make it to class."

Bobby sighed, pinching he bridge of his nose. "Sounds like cocaine."

"Cammy is NOT on drugs Bobby. She's just-she can't be," Lauren protested.

"Laur honey, she's seventeen. She could be on anything. Have you seen some of the people she hangs out with?" Bobby inquired.

She squeezed her eyes closed and shook her head. "No. No I can't lose her too. We have to help her Bobby. We have to help her because I cannot lose her."

He wrapped his arms around her, letting her sob into his chest. "We can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. We have to let her make her mistakes and come to us."

"What if her mistakes lead her to Jack? What then?" she demanded.

Bobby had no answer for her, instead letting his silence speak for him.


Her hands were shaking as she took the tightly bundled ball of brown powder from Wendy's outstretched hand. Wide blue orbs twinkled with hunger and desperation as they gazed upon the glory of her brand new purchase. Wendy chuckled, pocketing the money and clapping her friend on the back. Camryn looked up at Wendy, eyebrow raised high on her forehead.

"Take off that sweater Ryn. You're glistening with sweat and you look ridiculous," she instructed, marching into her kitchen.

Camryn watched the confident sway of her friend's hips, shrinking back with envy and self-doubt. "Well, Mr. Wolfe was at my place. I couldn't really parade around with fresh marks."

"What was he doing at your house?" Wendy demanded, whirling on her with paranoia painted on her face.

"Chill out Dee. It was some pathetic intervention attempt. But my mom is totally oblivious to everything that doesn't involve her sad new life with Bobby," she sneered, rubbing her arms.

The comment visible relaxed the high-strung girl. "Speaking of your uncle, do you think he knows?"

She slowly nodded. "He's the only one who hasn't spent the last seventeen years trying to replace my dad."

"So…he knows then?"

"I can't see how he wouldn't. But it's not like him to know and keep quiet. So maybe he doesn't know," she replied. "Maybe he's given up on me too."

"You know what will never give up on you? The heroin," Wendy beamed. "I, however, have to head to work. Are you cool to chill here alone?"

Camryn nodded, rolling her eyes. "I'm not a baby."

"Never said you were Ryn. I have some bow upstairs in my nightstand, if you're feeling really strung out and dangerous," she informed, blowing Camryn a kiss. "Love ya lots. I'll see you later."

"I'll be here Dee," she said, clutching the heroin tightly in her fist.


The explosion of ecstasy coursed through her veins and flew straight to her heart. Her pupils drowned in the seas of blue that were her eyes. She fell back on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, but not seeing it. The needle stuck out of her swollen vein, pumping its filth into her blood. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, dripping down her temples into her hair. Laughter echoed through the closed bathroom and she soon realized it was her own. She laughed because she couldn't feel her gums. She laughed because the room had suddenly become too hot. She laughed because her nose was bleeding into her mouth. Camryn laughed because she was killing herself with every line and every injection. And in a flash, she was crying. She yanked the syringe out of her arm and began to pull her shirt over her head. Her body was on fire as she stripped off her pants and lay on the cold tile of the bathroom floor. She was sobbing out of fear, hugging her frail body knowing she was overdosing.

"Cammy baby, you are not going to die."

The voice was warm and familiar, wrapping around her shivering body like the security blanket she secretly couldn't sleep without. She opened her eyes, searching for the source of the comforting, dulcet tone. Her vision clouded by the tears in her eyes, she could not find the apparent owner of the voice. With a strangled sob, she covered her eyes and succumbed to the tsunami of tears built up inside her. A cold hand on her bare stomach jolted her out of her despair and she lifted her head just high enough to glimpse her belly. But there was no hand. She was alone in the room, a victim to her drug induced illusions. And then the voice came again.

"You are a fighter baby. I love you Cammy and I know you can win this."

Something in the sentence triggered a flash of memories and identified the voice. It rose her to her elbows, a new wave of tears rimming her scared blue eyes and streaming down her colourless cheeks.

"Daddy is that you?"