Kyuugi: Ok, so this really doesn't have anything to do with any of the stories I'm currently working on... but hey, whatever.

Iisha: Warning you right now, full of SLASH sex.

Kyuugi: Yeah... pretty much all this one is about.


Warning: Full of Fenton/Phantom drooly-ness!!! Masturbation and SEX!!!


Phantom was incredulous.

This is what he had tried to prevent. All those late nights, all the work he had done, everything down the drain as he watched Danny.

Not that this wasn't an arousing sight, quite the contrary, Phantom was ready to jump Danny and pound him into the bed. It was just the principal of the matter. Phantom had worked HARD to try to satisfy Danny's every need. Yet as Phantom watched the teen in front of him...

"Phan... tom...AH!!"

Phantom smirked. At least Danny was fantasizing about him.

Danny's hips rose off the bed to match the thrust of his hand. Soft, guttural noises coming from the flushed boy as he strove to release proved the breaking point for Phantom. In a second he was on top of Danny, ripping off the only piece of clothing left on him, Danny's shirt.

Danny was far to aroused to complain when Phantom jumped him. Not that he would have complained anyway... but as Phantom ground his still clothed erection against Danny's, any rational thought that might have been present fled immediately, leaving Danny gasping for more.

Phantom paused to pull off his own clothes roughly. Both boys were to far gone to even think about foreplay. No, with one slick thrust Phantom was seated in his human lover, Danny's legs over his shoulders, each groaning from the sensations the friction caused.

Danny growled and arched his back, trying to get Phantom to move. Phantom complied with a strong thrust, causing Danny to clap a hand to his mouth, trying to prevent the scream he felt from leaving his mouth.

Phantom grasped Danny's erection and pumped in time with each thrust.

Danny face was wet with tears, his hand not quite stifling all of the noises he made.


Phantom grinned, and pushed back in strongly, hitting the spot that made them both see stars.

Danny's hands were fisted into the sheets, back arched in pure pleasure as Phantom continued the rough thrusts.

Phantom leaned forward and clamped his mouth to Danny's as they both released, moaning at the rushing of heat that he always felt after orgasm.

After a bit Phantom pulled out of Danny and curled around his body. The heat of Danny's body keeping them both warm even as Phantom's body cooled them both off.

Danny turned in Phantom's arms so that he was facing the other, and kissed Phantom softly, all the urgency gone from their actions.

"Not that you need a reason... but why'd you jump on me like that? I thought you were asleep..."

Phantom gave Danny a positively evil grin. "Who could sleep with you looking so enticing."

Danny giggled. "I was thinking of you..."

"I know, but why didn't you just ask? You know I would be more then willing to..."

"I know, I know, I just wanted to know what it felt like to do it by yourself... all the other guys talk about stuff like that in the locker room, you know? I just kinda wanted to know what the fuss was about,"

Phantom gave Danny a strange look, "Well, what did you find out then?"

Danny looked a bit embarrassed. "I liked it... but it wasn't near as good as the real thing..."

Phantom smiled, and ruffled Danny's hair, just drawing them closer together.

"Nothing," he whispered in Danny's ear, "is as good as the real thing."

Danny shivered at the cool breath across his ear, but playfully batted Phantom on the nose and snuggled into the chest in front of him.

"Yeah," he sighed contentedly, "but just with you..."

The light grin on Phantom's face was soft and full of love as he looked down at Danny.