Chapter 1.

Like Nicotine.

Once upon a time my family descended from angels. I, Sasuke Uchiha, am the one destined to rise to the heavens and when God sees my eyes as proof of my heritage, I will walk in the highest rank of angels with Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.

In reality, my life is plain and I hate the lies they told me growing up. My family delusional with the blessed and my life twisted as I differ from normal kids, my only sanctuary becoming the college to which I have been sent.

And this is my life as I walk it.

The introduction day began just fine and the teachers seemed so kind as they smiled and promised us, the group of students, that the years to come shall be shared in joy. I'm the guy with black hair gelled into spikes at the back, leather jacket, boots and all. That's my shirt that says 'Good girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go to Amsterdam', and yes, I've been to the capital of Holland, no my gender is male and why, you ask did I buy this shirt?

Hell knows, I don't.

I am the guy standing there with his hands twitching due to lack of nicotine in my system, or rather the inability to pull it into my system and that unfortunate handicap which I've had for the last three hours.

The guide leads us through the dorms, library, canteen, classrooms and that's where I loose my interest, excuse myself to the toilet and hide behind the kitchen to have a smoke.

This is where he finds me.

Hatake Kakashi, though at the time I didn't know his name. He's dressed casually, a dark blue turtle neck sweater and black worn out jeans. The bottom half of his face is hidden by the collar of his jumper while a scar runs down his left eye.

The clothes indicate that he's a teacher since all the students are forced to wear a hideous grey uniform with red ties and he isn't pinned with a VISITOR tag like me. When he registers the surprise on my face as my fag falls to the ground and I seem momentarily stunned by his appearance, he leans against the wall.

But really he is stunning.

With his messy silver hair and mismatched eyes; one red the other black. Tall, slim yet wide in the shoulders, his muscles clearly showing with every movement. Without a doubt he was perfect.

Until he opened his mouth and his rasp, 'I've been smoking for fifty years' voice touched me.

He was laughing.

At first I took this as an insult but then he pulled out a pack of Marlboro and I laughed too for it's the stupidity of situations like this that bring people together.

We both smoke.


I know it's random but I wanted to make their meeting be casual, introducing Sasuke's bad boy self and Kakashi's relaxed 'I love to chill' behaviour.

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