chapter 1: the promis

Hello my name is Roku, I'm the Avatar before Aang, I going to tell you my story and the adventures I had as the avatar. if your under the age of 12 this is not a story for young children to read (maybe) but still. now we should get started.

chapter 1: The promis

a bright summer morning in the fire nation, two young children around 8 raced eatch other up the hill.

" I win Sozen" the first boy said, he fell back on the grass gazing at the sky, the other boy named Sozen fell next to the boy

" Wow Roku your fast" Sozen said, Roku turned to his friend

" not as fast as you" he said " your almost as fast as a one of the air nomads"

" an air nomad?" Sozen said

" what? Air Nomads are pretty fast?" Roku said. The two boys didn't talk for quite awhile.

" Roku?" he asked, Roku turned to him " since Kyoshi died, who do you think would be the next Avatar?" he asked

" I don't know, but some one in the fire nation will be the Avatar" Roku said

" but Avatar Kyoshi died 10 years ago, so it probly one of use" Sozen said " wouldn't it be cool that if I was the Avatar?"

" Sozen your already a prince of the nation" Roku told him

" so, I mean like the future fire lord turns out to be the Avatar, wouldn't that be cool?" he said

" I guess so" roku said

" what if it was you that was the Avatar?" Sozen asked

" Me?. I don't think so" he said " maybe we shouldn't talk about somthing else"

" well Roku lets make a promis ok" the young prince said

" what will that be?" Roku asked

" if one of us is the Avatar lets not let it distroy our friendship ok" he said

" ok" the boy promis as the two did there special hand shake,

" Roku, Sozen" some one called out, a young girl ran up the hill to meet them, she stop to catch her breath, the girl brushed her bangs out of her eyes, she had her hair tied up in two buns

( lets just say her hair style is like kid Mai's only with Toph's bangs)

she smiled at the two boys,

" hey Roku, hi Sozen" she said

" hey Mimi" the two boys said, Mimi took a seat on the grass next to Roku. Sozen didn't like it when Roku and Mimi were together. The two boys got off the ground as the three friends ran down the hill.

just a little idea I had for a year or 6 months. I thought it would be intresting if Sozen and Roku were once child hood friends?