Chapter six : Sozen and Mimi

Back at the fire nation, Sozen stomed threw the halls of his home, he went to the fire lords throne room. The fire lord glared at him

" Sozen how dare you enter with out being summoned" the fire lord scolded. Sozen got on the floor and showed respect for his father

" Father, for give me but I ask for a simple reqest" Sozen said. The fire lord glared down at his son

" what do you want?" he asked

" father, I want to arange a dinner with a freind of mine" Sozen asked. The firelord rubed his chin, he folded his hands and closed his eyes, his esys shot open

" fine you may have your request" the fire lord said " but you'll suffer a punishment for comming in here understand"

"yes father" Sozen replide

"good, now go" the fire lord dismissed him, Sozen got off the floor and left the room.

Mimi, walked down the halls of the palace,she wondered what Sozen wanted from her. She came to the room that she was directed to, steping in she found a table full of rare dishes and Sozen at one end eyeing on her.

" Mimi, nice to see you, take a seat my dear" he said offering her a chair, Mimi took her seat, not knowing what to do. Sozen took a sip from his drink

"Sozen, you said you wanted to talk to me" Mimi said. Sozen put down his cup

"yes your right, how the idea of having every thing you want?" he said, Mimi was shocked

" what do you mean?" she asked

" I mean, having fine foods, nice dresses, expensive jewerly, the things you wish for can be yours" he said.

the only thing I want...I Mimi thought, Mimi missed Roku.

" Sorry Sozen the ony thing I want is Roku" she told him. Sozen almost choked on his drink, he glared at Mimi

"what did you say?" he asked in a dark tone

" I want Roku, back with all of use, don't you miss him Sozen?" Mimi asked, Sozen turned from her, how could she chose him over the prince of the fire nation

" I'm sorry Sozen I should be going" Mimi got up from her chair, she was about to walk out the door

" GARDS" he ordered, the Gards blocked the door way with there spears, Mimi was frighten, what was Sozens problem, then she felt a hand over her mouth and her right arm twisted behind her.

"don't be like this" he whispered, Mimi broke through of Sozen's grasp, she backed away from him only to be up against the wall.

" Sozen, what has happen to you?, don't be like this, please," she begged, Sozen turned from her. he started to walk away

" I don't care whats happen to Roku, I'm glad he's gone" he told her. Mimi was shock, how could Sozen say such a thing?, Sozen and Roku were best of freinds what happen?. tears started to role down Mimi's face, then she fled out of the room.

Sozen looked out his bed room balcony, he watch Mimi fled from the palace, his eyes glaring at her, he will have her one way or another.

Now we know that Sozen wants Mimi, they still don't know that Roku is the Avatar, next time Roku is gonna learn Waterbending