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Chapter 2.

"You what, Ms. Swann?" He spat coldly. "What in the world could you possibly say to explain yourself, hm?"

"What are you talking about, Will?" She thought, genuinely confused. But then it hit her, she didn't need to tell him, he had seen.

"Oh don't 'what are you talking about' me, you two-timing wench!" She was shocked by his sudden outburst. "How could I love you now? You kissed him! Why did you do it Elizabeth? Was I not there for you enough? Did you decide to take revenge out on me? Or did something happen while I was gone?!" The iciness of his voice chilled her to the bone, desperately searching for a way to tell him why she did what she did.

"Will, please, let me explain..."

"Oh this should be good. Go on Elizabeth, I'd just love to hear what has makin you fall out of love with me."

"No, Will! That's not true, I love you! I always will! But that doesn't make what I did right."

After taking a deep breath she continued, "I did it to save us, Will. I did because I just wanted to secure our future together, so that we live. That we would have some to go home to, a life together. I killed Jack, Will, I killed him! I only kissed him to distract him long enough to chain him to the one thing he loved. His Pearl. I'm so ashamed!" She cried.

Will was speechless he wanted to grab her and kiss her with everything he had, but yet, he was still. She had killed him. But she did it for him. It was all so overwhelming.

But Elizabeth had taken his silence as a sign that he hated her now. She got up and fled to her room in Tia Dalma's shack, desperate to avoid his eyes, or what she expected, a hateful glare.

But before she could reach the door, she felt a strong, familiar, pair of hands snake around her waist, turn her around, and the familiar smell of her love overwhelmed her as she gave in to a passionate kiss. This was what she needed. To feel his lips against hers once more. To love and be loved in return. As they parted she, looked up into Will's eyes, seeing only pure love radiating from his beautiful brown orbs.

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth."

"What are you talking about, Will? I was the one who did all those terrible things."

"But I jumped to conclusions. But deep down I knew you would never betray me. And I understand why you did what you did now. You were looking after all of us. Maybe you didn't go about it the right way, but you saved us, my love. You are the most amazing, and courageous person I've ever known. You did what you thought was right. I love you so much, Liz..." He said, feeling her smile against his chest at his use of her pet name. "I love you too, I love you so much Will..." she said before looking up and giving him a soft but loving kiss, and then leaning contentedly against his chest, desperate to stay in his arms forever. " Will, do you think Jack will ever forgive me?"

"Well, what was the last thing he said before you left?" he asked.

"He smirked and said 'pirate'"

"I'm sure he's forgiven you love. It sounds like you might've even made him proud of you."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Why don't you get some sleep, love. We've had a trying day."

"Yes, your right. Goodnight, Will..." she said before looking into his eyes and giving him the most passionate and tender kiss she could muster at that moment. "I love you.."

'How can words so simple send my heart into hysterics?' He asked himself. " I love you too." He replied, meaning every word.

As soon as she shut the door to her room, she collapsed on the bed in her giddy state. She couldn't believe how happy she was. Will had forgiven her, she had her love back, and she was now filled with a newfound hope of finding Jack and receiving his forgiveness. Tomorrow was going to be a new day for Elizabeth Swann. And she could not wait.


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