The Doctor and the Patient.

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Distorted images flashed in front of him, in him, around him, unable to block them out he screamed in frustration. Disorientated he staggered to the glass wall and wanting to rid himself of the visions started pounding his fists against the flexi-glass. The material bent under the onslaught but remained solid in one piece.

An unholy roar burst out of his mouth as he crashed against the other walls he had to get out of there, he had to make sure that the images in him mind were not real, they couldn't be real. Perhaps he was going insane after all.

A misty green substance flooded the small cell, choking him. Dropping to his knees, he gasped for each breath but he fought for nothing. Collapsing into the arms of unconsciousness, he gave himself over to the darkness.

The gases dissipated and disappeared back through the vents they had originated from, the task complete. Once again, they rendered him completely helpless.

Two silent men entered the cell, they wore plain white overalls, and gloves covered their hands. They wore masks over their mouths and sterile stockings covered their boots forbidden to make any skin to skin contact with the patient. With complete indifference they picked him up and struggled to carry him out of the cell, once outside they dropped him onto a gurney and wheeled him down to the laboratory.

There she waited for them, Doctor Alicia Wainwright scientist, and medical doctor she saw him only as a means to an end. He held the answers to the questions that had driven her since the first meteor shower decimated Smallville, she watched him grow from a small child to a gangly and clumsy youth to a handsome young man. The files she compiled over the years now resided in a specially designated computer only she could access. That fool Doctor Swan thought he had all of the answers he had no idea and now since his rather unfortunate demise never will.

She smiled at that thought, and ran a hand through her short stylishly cut grey hair. He was once her lover, though they both used each other rather than felt anything remotely emotional. Another means to an end.

Standing up she smoothed her straight knee length skirt and went to prepare the lab for the next round of tests. Even though she was in her mid-fifties Alicia had the lust of a twenty something when it came to her patient. Unfortunately, though, for now, she had to put that lust on the simmer, her objective came first.

'Ah yes bring him in.' She said as the two men came in pushing the gurney into the room, they stopped parallel to the examination table. 'Place him on the table, strap him down, and then leave.' She ordered without looking at them.

'Yes doctor.' The said tonelessly and in unison.

Deftly they placed the patient onto the table removed the hospital gown and then tightened the leather straps across his body, one around his neck, and one each for the wrists and ankles. They glanced down at the still unconscious young man for a fleeting second before taking the gurney and left the room.

Alicia walked around the table peering closely at the young man strapped to her table she could hardly believe that she had him finally. After watching and waiting for over twenty years he was finally hers.

Yes, Lionel Luther had his uses; the insipid fool actually thought that he could sway Alicia to his ways. Still he did bring the youth to her and for that, she did show him her gratitude.

Lionel had become concerned at the young man's mental state, suffering depression Clark Kent became a recluse, refusing to see anyone or talk to anyone, just stayed on the farm working throughout the day and then spending his nights alone in the barn's loft.

No one could get through to him, not even his mother so Lionel decided to intervene, rid himself of the obstacle of the jealous son while he seduced the widowed mother by bringing Clark to Alicia for treatment.

Using the kryptonite to subdue his prey Lionel used the cloak of night to smuggle Clark out of Smallville, a small note left for Martha strategically placed for her to find upon her return from Washington in two days time saying that Clark was going to stay at the fortress of solitude for a while to rebuild the 'ice castle'. Just enough time for Lionel to deliver Clark to the good lady doctor and to return to Smallville without raising suspicion.

The plan was so simple it worked flawlessly, and finally Doctor Alicia Wainwright had her prized patient.

Slowly he opened his eyes and squinted up at her trying to focus on her face, he knew her but couldn't quite remember her. She was the one who caused his pain and confusion, the one who said what he could do or not do. As his eyes focused and adjusted to the bright lights, he looked around at his new surroundings. 'Why can't you leave me alone?' He croaked out, his throat dry and scratchy made him want to cough.

'Nice to see you awake my Dear, you are not looking so well this morning.'

'Yeah well ... I ah got a bit gassed.' He replied still trying to clear his throat with short sharp coughs.

'Please Clark don't...'

'Don't what Doctor?'

'Don't argue with me today.' Alicia sighed as she prepared her instruments, 'we have a lot of work to do and the time will go a lot faster if you would just co-operate with me.'

'Yeah okay, I'll just lie here nice and quiet while you do what you like to my body.' Clark turned his head away from the woman, a red stain creeping up his throat and face as she ran her fingers lightly over his chest muscles.

'You are tense aren't you?' Alicia whispered in his ear, 'I know how to alleviate that for you.'

Clark tensed as he felt the tip of a needle pressing against his throat, 'please no more.' He whispered but he knew deep down that it was futile to protest, as she pushed the needle into his artery, 'no, please, no more.' He hated to beg but it was all he could do now.

'Sh Clark it will be all over very soon.' Alicia crooned brushing her fingers tenderly through his sweat matted hair.

'Why?' Clark ground out starting to writhe under the restraints, as the insidious concoction of drugs and kryptonite flood his bloodstream.

'You are so special Clark, I don't think you realise just how special. You're more than a boy, or an alien you are a god walking amongst men. You could have the world at your feet and yet you content yourself with wearing flannelette shirts and jeans and, and working on a farm.'

'That farm is my home.'

'You are a prince Clark, the last of the house of El you are more than just a farm boy.'

Clark stared up at the woman as the drugs finally took complete hold of his body; he lay still now, the only movement was the slight rise and fall of his chest. She could see him working his throat to try to speak but only a hiss came out through his clenched teeth.

'My poor, poor boy did you want to say something?' Alicia smiled giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek then she straightened and went to the monitors, within minutes she had them connected to various places on Clark's body. His glittering green eyes watched her every move, his face shone with sweat from his inner exertion fighting the effects of the drug cocktail.

'Your will is strong today Clark, how interesting.' Alicia said making copious notes on his reactions, 'okay today we're going to up the anti so to speak, today we're going to see just how much you can endure.'

His eyes widened at the last word she said, he couldn't endure anymore. He thought of giving up and handing himself completely to the permanent darkness, to will his heart to stop beating and his mind to sleep forever but he couldn't do it.

Clark's back arched as the jolt of electricity surged through him, the arteries in his neck swelled to bursting, then as quickly as it hit, the surge finished. Leaving him gasping for breath, his body limp and shaking uncontrollably.

Alicia noted his responses and then turned the amps up before setting off another surge, after the fifth dosage she stopped and took his pulse and breathing. Frowning slightly she placed an oxygen mask over his face and forced it into his oxygen-starved lungs. The tremors continued throughout his long body, muscles and nerves twitching independently of each other.

She flashed a small light into his eyes and checked the pupil responses, a small hum rumbled up her throat as she sat at her desk and keyed in the notes she made during the morning session.

Clark started to cough violently, choking on the phlegm caught in his throat; the oxygen unable to reach his lungs came back up with each cough making him gag even more. Unable to speak or move he lay helplessly as each coughing fit became more violent until a mix of phlegm and blood spurted into the oxygen mask, dribbling down his cheeks and chin. Wheezing he desperately tried to not breath back in the foulness that came from his throat. Dots danced in front of his eyes and a loud ringing in his ears exploded in a crescendo of noise. Blood poured from his eyes, ears, and nose perhaps this was the ending that he craved.

Alicia stretched and headed back to her patient to start the next session when she heard the harsh coughs wracking his body. Running to him, she saw the mess inside the oxygen mask and the leaking blood, horrified she pulled the mask away and wiped as much mess as she could before she inserted a suction tube to clear his throat and mouth.

Wide-eyed Clark tried to focus on her face but everything turned red and shapeless, he could hear her voice faintly under the ringing. An image of his mother appeared in his feverish mind calming him, and then he saw his father standing next to her they both smiled and held their hands out for him to come to them and join their embrace.

With a soft sigh, he closed his eyes and felt himself drift away from the pain and confusion tormenting his body.

Alicia quickly released the restraints holding Clark down, rolling him over onto his side she placed him in the safe position before covering him with a light blanket. She fixed an IV cannula in his arm and set the drip of fluids tinged green going feeding his body with necessary nutrients and just enough serum from the meteor rocks to keep him manageable.

'I am so sorry Clark that won't happen again.' Alicia rambled as she tried to make him comfortable, 'but we do have to continue the program.'

'Why?' Clark whispered, 'why me?'

'Oh my darling boy, you have a great future ahead of you, if you would embrace your Krytonian heritage it would be a lot easier on you, but, until that day comes we have to find out exactly what you can withstand.'

'Please no ... more.'

'For now, you can rest while I ready the next phase for you.' Alicia patted his shoulder and left him alone.

Clark lifted his head and winced with a headache, after two attempts he managed to sit up shivering violently he wrapped the blanket around his shoulders and pulled the IV from his arm letting it drip on the floor.

Sliding off the table Clark dropped to his knees panting heavily he pulled himself up using the table to lean on before lurching towards the door. Gasping for each breath he bit down on the rising nausea and blinked the sweat from his eyes as he tried to remember which way to go.

'Well, well look at what we have here!' A man's voice came from behind him; turning dizzily, Clark faced one of the men who until now remained completely silent. Pushing himself away from the wall, Clark staggered down the hall desperate to get away, all he could hear was the laughter of the man behind him and that ringing in his ears.

A hand on his shoulder pulled him to a halt, turning his head at the same time as a fist connected with his cheek. Dazed he stumbled as hands pushed him into the wall, cracking his head when he hit the bricks.

'The doctor's not here to protect her special little boy now.' The man taunted him while kicking his side and stomach. Clark curled into a foetal position trying to protect his more vulnerable areas and covered his face with his arms. Too weak to try to defend himself he lay there curled into a ball while kicks and punches 'rained' down on him.

'What is going on?' Alicia demanded her voice shrill with rage, 'step away from him now.'

'He was trying to escape Doctor.' The man snarled landing one last kick to Clark's kidney before stepping away.

'Who told you to hurt him like that?' She snapped kneeling down in front of Clark she reached out to check his injuries when he recoiled from her touch and pressed harder against the wall. Dazed and confused all Clark could feel was the agony radiating throughout his body and the rising choking fear.

'I'm afraid that would be me.' A smooth cultured voice startled Alicia, looking up she stared at Lionel Luther. 'Ah Doctor you seemed surprised to see me.'

'Lionel Luther what are you doing here?'

'I have just taken over this little institute Doctor, effective immediately I am your new boss, and young Mr Kent here is now my property.'