The Doctor and The Patient

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Kal-El stared down at the struggling young woman bound and gagged in front of him, a grin of amusement played across his sensuous lips but he shook it off, he had other things to take care of first.

Turning with a low growl coming from deep within his core, he stared dispassionately at the woman who still gripped the whip tightly in her hands but who cowered in the corner.

'Well, well if it isn't dear Aunty Alicia,' Kal-El spat out, 'it has been a long time aunt, what have you been up to?'

'Bring my Clark back to me,' Alicia cried out her voice thick with fear, 'I want Clark back not you.'

'Oh now that hurts aunt that really hurts.' Kal-El sighed mockingly crouching down in front of the hysterical woman he took the whip from her limp hand and tossed it away from them, hissing at the sight of the green meteor rock. 'You have been very busy haven't you?'

'I – I need Clark back.' Alicia wept pathetically, 'please Kal-El just allow me to have his seed and then you can do whatever you want.'

'And how do you know what I want aunt?'

'Power, control everything that your other half detests.' Alicia said swallowing some of her fear she pushed herself up the wall to stand in front of her true Kryptonian nephew. 'You are so much like your father, so handsome, so bloody arrogant.'

'Flattery will never work on me Alicia, now poor little Clark he whines like a baby but he has a point, the green stuff well it does mess with the tadpoles.' Kal-El laughed at his own words, 'I am sounding more human all of the time and that is so not going to happen.'

'You can't hide behind Clark anymore Kal, I can help you. Together we can destroy the Luthor family and take control of Metropolis, and then it will be, just as it should be Kal, what your father wanted for you. It is your destiny to rule this planet, let me guide you, be at your side.' Alicia's eyes glittered with fanaticism, 'we will make an unstoppable force.'

'I don't need your help to do that.' Kal-El said brushing the woman's hand aside, 'Chloe will be my consort, I will take Lana as my queen and we shall take dominion over this puny world. What do I need you for?'

'I – I know how things work, and I am a scientist Kal I can do things that you have only dreamed of, for years I have been perfecting serums and antidotes as well as enhancing reproduction. If the pregnancy remained viable we would have produced a true Kryptonian child.'

'Shame it didn't work out isn't it.' Kal-El snarled, tiring of the verbal volleying he advanced on his aunt in two long strides he wrapped his long fingers around her neck and yanked her up until she dangled in front of him like a broken toy.

'Please ... Clark stop.'

'Sorry Aunty Dearest but Clark isn't here anymore.' Kal-El said taunting the woman, he pulled her face close and kissed her savagely on the lips, 'goodbye aunt.' He whispered snapping Alicia's neck easily. Dropping her body disinterestedly, Kal turned to face Chloe who remained silent, her eyes wide with shock and horror, witnessing the cold blooded murder of Alicia Wainwright. She had to bring Clark back before she too died by his hands.

Dragging the gag from her lips, he ran a fingertip over the dry skin tenderly stroking them, before he shook his head and pulled away from the human girl, 'It is time for you to go home little girl.' He hissed, breaking her restraints Kal helped her up and then held her tightly, 'although you do have the most kissable mouth.' He murmured silkily, his blue eyes darkening and became hooded as he let his lust take over, 'I am not totally adverse to payment for your rescue.'

'What kind of payment?' Chloe whispered mesmerised by his sensuous smile, 'I'm not sure I know what you want.'

'Oh if only I had the time,' Kal-El laughed mockingly as he let Chloe go with a slight shove, 'go home human.'

'Clark come with me please.' Chloe begged grabbing Kal-El's arm tightly she forced him to face her again, 'Clark please I know that you're in there somewhere.'

'Clark is gone, he's broken, unfixable. I had to put him out of his misery.' Kal-El said dispassionately.

'No, no I don't believe it, for Clark to die then you would die also.' Chloe cried out her anger building.

'Do not make me regret allowing you to live.' Kal-El growled, 'I can easily rectify the situation.'

'Clark has to come back Kal-El; he let you out to stop Alicia from killing him – you but now, now you have to let him back.'

'Clark? Here Clark, here Clarkie, here boy, here Clark ... whoops looks like he's gone.' Kal-El shrugged, tugging his arm from Chloe's grip he strode out of the room laughing loudly.

Desperately Chloe stared around the room, she had to find ... a dull glint in the corner of a shelf caught her eye and she hurried over to it. Taking the large rock down, Chloe found herself smiling sweetly, 'Oh Kal, come out, come out wherever you are.' She called tucking the rock under her extra large shirt.

Following a trail of bodies, some completely lifeless, others still clinging to the remnants of their existence Chloe found Kal-El standing in lab one, silently staring at the table in front of him, a strange look on his face.

'Kal-El?' Chloe whispered beguilingly as she sashayed over to Clark's alter ego. 'I have been thinking.'

'What?' Kal turned back to face Chloe, 'you want to be my consort?'

'If you'll have me.' Chloe whispered in his ear, wrapping her arms around his neck she pressed her body against his, 'this is what I have always wanted.'

Kal-El staggered back in shock, staring down to where the silver kryptonite connected with his skin, 'what have you done?'

'I want Clark back,' Chloe cried out moving closer with the rock she pushed it hard against his skin, 'bring Clark back to me.'

Kal-El's body started to shake and convulse lifelessly he collapsed, his knees unable to support his weight anymore buckled and he crashed facedown. 'Clark?' Chloe whispered tossing the rock away from them before kneeling down next to him. 'Clark?'

'Chloe?' he whispered slitting his eyes open he tried to focus on her. 'Chloe?'

'It's me Clark, its okay it's all over.' She whispered cradling Clark against her breast she rocked him gently, her fingers tangling in his long unkempt hair, 'it's all over.'

After a while, Clark stirred and pulled away slightly enabling him to sit up and look into Chloe's eyes, 'thank you Chloe.' He whispered, leaning forward he kissed her gently, chastely, a brother kissing his beloved sister. 'Thank you for everything.'



'Let's go home.' She cried finally allowing her tears to flow, 'I just want to go home.'

Clark stood staring at the yellow farmhouse, with tired eyes, his face still etched with lines of pain and exhaustion but something else. Something that now defines who he is, something that will never fade away. A part of him, something harder, less trusting but more determined than ever before.

'Clark you okay?' Chloe asked snuggled in at his side she gazed up at him with wide eyes, 'you feeling alright?'

'Yeah, I – I can't believe that it's over Chloe, it's all over.' Clark said hollowly, 'it just feels like ... I dunno that as soon as I let myself relax then someone is going to come along and ...'

'Clark she's dead, she can't hurt you anymore.'

'Yeah, I know but ... Chloe what if we didn't manage to destroy everything all of her files on me and you?' Clark's frown deepened as he thought of the consequences that could happen if they missed anything and it got in the wrong hands.

'Nope not gonna happen Clark, we got everything and its all ashes now. You and me we're gonna be fine so how's about we go and wake your Mum and Tim up?'

'Sounds like a plan.' Clark smiled warmly but it didn't quite reach the iciness reflecting in his eyes.

'Clark?' Martha's voice brought him back from his dark thoughts and Clark turned to see his mother standing in her robe, on the veranda the rising sun sending pink and red hues across her face.

'Mum?' He whispered, tears shining in his eyes Clark rushed to close the small distance between them and wrapped his long arms around his beloved mother. 'It's over, it's all over.' Clark wept burying his face against her neck.

'Oh Clark.' Martha let her tears fall as she clutched at her only child. 'Oh baby, welcome home.'

'Hey Clark, it's so good to see you.' Tim said finally breaking up the moment; Clark grinned and swiped at his face wiping his tears away as he greeted his former carer.

'Hey Tim it's so great to see you.' He enthused wrapping the man in a big bear hug.

'Chloe? Oh my God Chloe come here.' Martha wept happily beckoning the young woman to join them on the veranda.

'Thanks Mrs Kent.' Chloe said, her voice soft and husky from pent up emotions.

'What happened Clark? Alicia?' Tim started to ask as he pulled away from the young man he thought more of as a son.

'She's dead, Kal-El killed her.'

'Kal-El?' Martha cried out, 'Clark?'

'It's alright Mum, he's gone,' Clark sighed wrapping his arms around the three people who meant the most to him in this world. 'We're all safe.'


Two shadowed figures observed the reunion at the Kent farm with dispassionately, 'this is just a small set back.'

'Yes, yes I believe it is.'

'All set for Phase Two?'

'Let the games begin.'

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