Revolt of the Angels

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An Inevitable Destiny

Just when everyone thought that the war between the angels was over, Krad began to haunt Satoshi's dreams. What would Risa do to help him out? And what would Satoshi do to stay with her?

bgm – "Dead" by My Chemical Romance

Chapter One: The Premonition

The entire place was filled with artworks which were quite familiar to Satoshi. He wasn't sure if he had actually seen them before but the fact that everything in this place looked recognizable to him was really bothering. But the stuff in this peculiar place did not only disturb him because of their familiarity. In fact, every artwork seemed to haunt him like they wanted to tell him something… Something he wouldn't want to know.




His name echoed. Someone was calling him… And he was sure who it is.

Satoshi clenched his fists, mustering all the courage inside him to be able to face the 'person' who called his name. He breathed a lungful of air and started walking to reach the end of the room. Fixing his gaze upon the wall, he realized that there was a large full-body mirror attached to it. He continued to saunter until he was face to face with his reflection.

He stared at his reflection for a while and then the voice called once again.

"Satoshi Hikari…"

He remained staring at the man in the mirror then suddenly a figure of someone he perfectly knew emerged behind his reflection.

The other figure placed its hand on Satoshi's neck which sent shivers on his spine. The feathers of its broken wings fell gently on the floor as it placed its lips near Satoshi's ear.

"Missed me?"

Satoshi's face paled and his feet seemed unable to move. His legs only trembled and his mind suddenly became blank.

"K- Krad?" he stuttered the only word his lips could say. At first, he thought he would be able to face 'the other him' but now, seeing a more dangerous-looking Krad, he proved himself wrong.

Krad's wings were still as white as before but it had lost several of its feathers. He now had dark eye bags, paler skin and red eyes which give him the look of a drug addict who's desperate to have more of his drugs.

"Satoshi," Krad's voice was snake-like. "I know you missed me so much." He continued to caress Satoshi's neck with those ice-cold fingers. "But don't worry," he whispered, "I could feel that we'll be together again. Just wait."

Krad disappeared.

Satoshi knew that Krad wasn't really beside him a while ago but he did not have the opportunity to check because he was too afraid to discover that Krad was actually with him moments ago. He knew that Krad was inside the mirror and he was playing with his illusions to scare him. But everything, like the artworks, looked and felt so real.

His limbs still shook badly and his heart pounded madly against his ribs.

Satoshi fell on his knees, sweat rolling down his cheeks.

'He'll come back…' he said mentally. 'He'll take over my body again.'

To be continued…

Author's Note:
Hope you enjoyed reading my first DNAngel fic. I know it's short so I promise to make the next chapter longer. Anyways, this is a satoxrisa fic so expect for loads of satoxrisa moments. Oh and don't forget to leave a review. Okay? The title isn't mine either BTW.