Chapter Three: Series of Unfortunate Events… Or not

Risa slid the door open, only to reveal her teacher in science scowl at her. Obviously, her action of suddenly opening the door without even bothering to knock interrupted his discussion.

"S- S- Sensei…" Risa said between gasps of air. She had been running since this morning because of tardiness. She woke up late and to think that today was the first day of school after the 'Dark-Krad incident'.

"Oh, Miss Harada." The brown haired science teacher glanced at his wrist watch. "You are too early…" He paused to look at his panting student who now had her head hung in shame. "…For the next subject."

The class laughed. Somehow, they found the teacher's sarcastic statement comical.

Risa mumbled a 'sorry', hoping that the teacher would hear her barely audible apology amidst the loud laughter of her classmates.

"Get inside." He ordered and proceeded to get his things from the desk.

Risa walked in, her eyes never leaving her shoes. She didn't want to see the looks on her classmates' faces.

"Fifty three minutes late." Her science teacher mentioned which made her stop at her tracks and her shoulders tense. "I want a word with you during lunch break, Miss Harada."

She nodded but did not look back at her disappointed teacher.

The sound of the door being slid shut confirmed that her instructor already left the classroom. It gave her enough courage to look up and seek for a vacant seat.

The sight surprised her. Instead of having individual arm chairs, they now have long wooden desks wherein a pair of students could sit side by side and share the writing table.

Risa looked around and found out that the last seat available was the one located at the far end corner of the room. Actually, the problem was not the location of the seat but the person whom she'll eventually sit with and share the wooden desk with.

She gulped.

Satoshi Hiwatari…

She had no other choice but to sit beside the coldest bastard in the room. Shit!

Reluctantly, she walked towards him.

"Uhmm… Can I seat here?"

Satoshi was looking through the window and he seemed not to notice her so it surprised her when he replied without even giving her a glance. "Go ahead."


Class after class, Risa had one or two misfortunes.

In literature, which was the period after science, she got to stand in front of the class the whole hour because of desperately trying to borrow a pen from her twin sister who was seated at the opposite corner, a few good meters from her.

It's not like she didn't bring a pen with her. It's just that she had accidentally picked the inkless pen during her last minutes at their house. She was already forty-five minutes late back then so she didn't have much time to check which pen she had taken.

Then, during the third class, which was math, she didn't have a calculator so once again her teacher scolded her.

"What kind of student will attend Trigonometry without a calculator, Miss Harada? Who are you, Einstein? Des Cartes? Or perhaps, Newton?"

After asking that question to the whole class, Risa got another full hour of standing outside the classroom.

Finally, during her last class in the morning period, which was apparently History, she found out that, like her calculator and pen, she forgot her book. Thank kami her teacher didn't ask her to stand up because her lower limbs were already in the state of collapsing. However, like the first three teachers (oh yes they all said one thing in common), she has to see him during her lunch break.

Four teachers to see during lunch break… Four consecutive punishments… What a day.


She headed to the teachers' office, wishing they won't give her a very long sermon so that she will still have enough time to eat lunch.

"Sensei." She didn't know to whom she addressed that since the four subject teachers were all in the office.

The four 'jurors' looked straight into her brown eyes.

"Miss Harada, this is a very good start of the school year for you." Her science teacher stated. Risa wasn't sure if his statement was supposed to be a joke. Either way, she didn't find it funny. "I can't believe you got into the nerves of four teachers."

"I think this is your first time here, Miss Risa Harada." It was her Literature teacher. "I must admit that you do not excel academically," Ouch! "But you are such a diligent student! What has gotten into you, Miss Harada?"

"I'm sorry." It was all she could say.

"I guess this call for detention." Her teacher in History said.

Oh no… Please no…

"I agree." That came from her Math teacher.

Oh please… Don't!

"We cannot tolerate irresponsibility inside the school." Her Science teacher said.

Please…. I won't be late next time…

Her Literature teacher nodded in agreement.

Oh my…

"See us before going home. Is that clear, Miss Harada?"

Risa bit her lower lip but nodded nonetheless.

"You may leave."

She walked back to her classroom. Much to her surprise, she found her meal unappealing. Yes. Her wish has been granted! Her teachers 'preached' very briefly and now she has a lot of time to eat lunch. But the thought that she will have to stay for detention leeched all her love for food.

She sighed as she sat on her chair, unnoticing that Satoshi was beside her.

"You could have just borrowed from me, you know."

It was only then she noticed his presence. She looked at him though he wasn't doing the same to her.


"I have an extra pen and calculator." Satoshi glanced at her at the corners of his eyes. "And you could have just shared my History book with me instead of trying to borrow from your sister who could barely hear a word you say."

It was not in Satoshi's nature to be this talkative. He was a man of few words. But when he wants to torture someone, like what he does to Risa now, he could say more words than what he or anyone expects him to say.

Risa blushed. Obviously, Satoshi was right. She could have tried to borrow from him. If she at least tried to ask him, then probably she didn't have to mess up with her other three teachers, then maybe she didn't have to stay for detention.

Why hasn't she thought of borrowing from him, anyway?

Ah yes. Her pride got the best of her. She was too 'scared' to even look at him in the eye.

"Oh, I haven't thought of that." She lied. Risa mentally called all the gods and saints to pity her and let this conversation end.

Why is it that whenever she and Satoshi 'communicate', she is always the one who feels terribly embarrassed like what happened during their community service? Why? Why!

"You thought I won't lend you? You thought I'm too selfish to share my things with you?"

Risa's blush darkened. Why is he probing on her? Why does he love embarrassing her?


The two turned their heads to look at the door as it slid open.

"Oh!!" It was Saehara. "Oh!" He giggled like a madman. "Aren't you aware of the rule that says a boy and a girl shouldn't stay in a closed area all by themselves? If I happen to be a teacher or a principal, you two must be at the office right now."

"Saehara-san, we're not doing anything." Risa informed her loud classmate, her face as red as a fresh tomato.

"Who would believe you?" He took a shot of the two. Saehara was known to have his camera with him every time.


The photographer-wannabe just grinned.


It was already four in the afternoon. It is a signal that every student must go to his / her home. But to Risa, it signaled the start of her agony. When she went to the teachers' office, all of the four mentors gave her the same task. And that is to continue typing the students' record at 'Computer Number Twenty-Three'. It was not a very easy task since there are a thousand students in the campus. She just hoped they have already typed three-fourths of the records.

Risa sighed and entered the computer laboratory. She was then surprised when she saw the person she least expected to be there using the 'Twenty-Fourth Computer'.

"S- Satoshi-san!"

"Hn." He muttered without glancing at her.

"What are you doing here?" She asked rather louder than what she had intended.

"I was first to come here." His eyes bore on her. "I think I should be the one asking you that question."

"Oh…" She swallowed the large lump that built inside her throat. "I- I'm sorry." She sat herself in front of Computer Number Twenty-Three, beside him.

"Why don't you use the other computers?" He asked. "Do you always want to sit beside me?"

She then turned to look at him in the eye. Clearly, that was the last straw. She was already pissed off.

My, my, my… He was sooooo cool for his own good! She wondered what she liked about this guy. Was it the glances they stole from each other after the 'Dark-Krad incident'?

"Excuse me." She emphasized her words. "I never wanted to sit beside you. It's just that I don't have any choice, Hiwatari-san."

So what happened to Satoshi-san? He thought and mentally chuckled.

"Really?" He asked, his eyes on the computer screen. "I believe you."

They spent two and a half hours in complete silence. With him being a 'silent-type' of a person and with her hating every moment with him, nobody dared to strike a conversation with the other. During that complete silence, save for the sound of keyboard and mouse, she couldn't help but blame him for every bad luck she had today.

It was his fault that she wasn't able to sleep early last night. He had been in her mind last night that sleep didn't come to her. So it only means that it was his fault that she woke up late, got late in class, and forgot the things she needed for school.

Finally, she was able to finish her task. She went straight to the office and return the records. Then, she headed for the gates.

Risa found 'the villain' there and once again, silence enveloped them.

She dialed her sister's number in her mobile phone, hoping her twin will answer sooner. Satoshi was doing the same thing.

Rain poured which trapped the two in the presence of each other.

"Riku, answer the phone!"

Thirty torturing minutes passed after Satoshi's limousine arrived to pick him up. Before entering his luxurious car, he turned to her and asked her if she wants him to take her home.

She said no.

He asked her if it were her final decision.

She nodded.

It was then Risa's phone rang. If she did not value her phone that much, she could have dropped it. Riku has just told her that their car got a flat tire so no one will be able to fetch her from school.

Risa looked at her last option. Satoshi. Riding with him won't be that bad, anyway.


He glanced over his shoulder blade to look at her. "What?"

"Can I… Can I still say yes to your offer?" She bit her lower lip before continuing. "Can I ride with you?"

He smirked. He was, once again, victorious. "Of course."


The ride home was quiet. Every moment they shared was silent, anyway. And she was almost used to it.

It was already dark when she arrived home due to the heavy traffic.

"Thank you, Satoshi-san." She said and politely bowed.

Before she could step out of the car, a hand grabbed her by the arm. The sudden action spun her around which ended up with her brushing her nose against his. Due to their closeness, she could almost feel like she was breathing his scent.

He smelled so nice.

A tint of pink appeared on her cheeks. How could she even think of that one?

"S- Satoshi-san…"

Her heartbeat quickened and became louder that she could almost hear it through her ears.

"Nowadays, you can't get anything for free." He moved closer to her so that his lips almost touched hers. "You'll have to pay me for this." He smirked, sensing her tense. "I'll tell you what I want tomorrow in school."

With that, he let her go.

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