Lazaruss :" Sorry for not hearing from me before now. I've had a bad brake-up with my girlfriend and didn't feel like writing for a while now.

But in the past four days I have finished reading book 12, the first available pdf I could download from the net. (Oh, what do you want from me ; there won't be a hard copy in Serbia for at least four more months !)

And I LOVED it. Marvelous ! Splendid ! Far better than my own attempt. In my own book, I had left to many things to be sorted out by themselves, by fate or chance or ta'veren, diminishing the role of actual people. But this ; THIS is how it should have been done.

I'm only slightly dissappointed that the actual solution for the matter with Rand came so abruptly. We didn't see Perin meeting with the Whitecloaks first, nor Bareline falling head over heals for Galad, nor the revelation of Queen Morgase. I hope we will see that in the prologue of book 13. And I'm looking forward to finding out what happens with Taim and the Black Tower.

Also, I am pleased with myself for puzzling out the means of the Seanchan attack (more or less) and the importance of Callandor that is yet to come(I've known all along that Callandor was crucial ; do you actually believe that they had simply left it unfinished, forgetting to complete it ?).

I should have thought more deeply about summons to attend Elaida's supper, of the unraveling of the pattern and of course about Verin Mathwin. She was magnificent !

In my book, I would have had Tuon stay close to Rand than slip some forkroot to him and have him on a leash for weeks, maybe months at her palace. I would have had him tapping into the True Power again only at Shayol Ghool,( though he did it in book 11) and I would have had Tuon publicly admit she can channel, due to his ta'veren effect. And than I would have had him, really enraged, dragging Tuon and Selucia behind him, using Callandor to… Well… Perhaps I'm going too far and spoiling it for you. Who's to say these things won't yet come to pass.

I hope my book 12 helped you endure the time of waiting for TGS. I think I'll abandon my work on it and start my own version of Book 13. I still have things to write not mentioned in TGS, and now I know how they should unfold. But not soon.

First to look for clues in the new book and re-evaluate what I think I know. So long, until next time. "