Authors Note:

This idea sort of came about with two people's help, Lee and Norma you know who you are, thank you both for getting this going. I'm sorry I hurt Billy . You probably were expecting DK right hee hee.. You two are awesome fans and friends and you rock!!

She watched the group of firefighters in the chairs as they paced and drank coffee and some sat in groups looking exhausted and worried, in short like they'd been through a train wreck today. She quietly inhaled and then walked over to them not sure if what she said would help or make it worse for them. She'd figured out that the man she had been in surgery with was someone important to them. She had seen the turnout gear that read Walsh before it had been removed. She swallowed for a moment before speaking. How did she tell them about their brother and friend when she didn't even understand it herself fully. How did someone do this to another human being. Why would you set explosives in a subway train for god sake. And now he had paid the price.

One of the group a rugged, dark haired firefighter looked at her with the look of someone who needed a lifeline so he didn't drown. He just looked shellshocked and then like he had been hit in the stomach. His turnout gear said Kitson and she put a hand on his arm gently before speaking. He smelled of a mixture of smoke, spice and something crisp and clean. It wasn't all that unappealing to her to be honest. More like a manly sort of thing that went with the profession they were in.

She said " I am Doctor Reynolds. I did some of the surgery on Lieutenant Walsh. Well I must say that he is one tough customer. He suffered smoke inhalation, a lacerated spleen which we removed and many broken ribs. He was impaled on a metallic beam which lodged in his lower back near his right kidney and the other surgical teams are removing that very carefully. He may or may not keep that one depending on the damage to the area and infection. He has a long night ahead of him and then will be in the intensive care unit when he is finished in surgery. I am very sorry if this is a lot to take in right now but I wanted you to hear the truth or at least his status from me. " " His face will be swollen from medication and trauma and he is bruised from head to toe also. " "If you have any other questions please have a nurse page me and I'll be glad to answer them."

The firefighter that she was standing closest to spoke. "Will he live or?" He couldn't finish the sentence just looked at the floor for a moment.

The doctor answered. "Well he was a fighter before he came in here so that's in his favor but he is touch and go at the moment. He needs a lot of surgery and then time will tell. Saying a prayer or two wouldn't be a bad idea right now though."