This is many years down the road: the sequel to Shattered with Billy's daughter wanting to be just like her dad and her hero. There is a son named korbin too in this as well. He was adopted as a baby, found at Colleen, Billy's wife's school where she taught in the bathroom one day when CJ was five. They couldn't get pregnant again on their own but they were glad to have one more child to complete the household and family besides three Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs that Billy wanted.

Later that day: CJ was settling into the firehouse and putting some things into her locker near where the female paramedics had their showers. She had one in their too now it seemed. She put a picture of her family on the metal door with two sided tape and smiled. There that felt more like home. Her mom , dad, and Korbin were with her here. Even if her brother was miles away doing his medical school internship. He wanted to be a surgeon that worked with kids.

She went to her bad and spread out an older blanket of her dads from 9/11 that someone had given him. It had a sky blue background of fleece material and then a fire engine with his old squad 55 on it. He had kept it for a lot of years and then recently her mom had washed it and given it her when she had been assigned a house. She knew it was warm and something that he dad treasured. It felt right that it was back in a firehouse again . She couldn't believe Joey was her boss. That was another layer of family. She wondered how his parents were doing. Oh well in due time she'd find that out and more. Now she just had to fit in here and do the job well. The rest would come in due time. She knew she was good and that she'd make this house proud.