Spooks: 'Hero' by DD Agent

Chapter Three

This is the final part of this three-part AU, which made up my first Spooks fanfiction. I hope you have enjoyed reading it, and I hope to write more in the future.

Enjoy: Hero, part 3


Harry Pearce woke up with a strange feeling. He thought he had dreamt that several of his old officers had returned to rescue Ruth and take down Oliver Mace. Laughing slightly at the absurdity of the situation, Harry sat up in the double bed. It was then that the ex-spook noticed the sharp dinner suit hanging up from his wardrobe and groaned. It wasn't a dream. It was real.

Isabelle Mace.

Oliver's conniving daughter who had stolen all his secret files and then proceeded to try and bargain with them. The girl had all the makings of an excellent spook, including bringing back several of 5's best agents. But her motives were still unknown; everything was still a mystery about her.

Tom, Ruth, Sam, Zoë, and Will.

Four of them old agents, and one the partner of. They were all now in police cells, having been captured when the young Mace went to pay an early morning visit to Harry. Isabelle had told Harry that Tom and Ruth were sleeping together, but reflecting on the information, Harry didn't know how truthful it was. The look that Ruth gave him before she was dragged into a police car certainly looked like love, not the sort of look you'd give if you were sleeping with someone else.

Jo and Section D

Jo Portman, someone that Harry considered a friend, had been having secret meetings with Mace. Although none of the photos Isabelle provided were of Jo and Oliver engaging in intercourse (something that Harry was very thankful for), there were quite a few of secret meetings between the two of them. Harry couldn't get hold of Ros to tell her anything, or Zaf or Malcolm either. Juliet was ignoring his calls, but then she had since he had left the service.

Getting up from his bed, Harry realised the time was two o'clock in the afternoon. He had been out late that night at the spooks pub, trying to catch a glimpse of any of his former colleagues. Harry had dragged his heels back to his house at four that morning. Sleeping ten hours wasn't usual, but with the amount of alcohol he had been consuming it was necessary to feel refreshed. After a hot shower, Harry had a late lunch and began to get ready. The annual government party would be tonight, with very influential people present and the spies to protect them. Harry needed to be there, and so he would. He had tried so hard to save Ruth before, and in the end she had turned the sword upon herself to protect him. Harry would not let her do so again.


At eight o'clock that night, Oxbridge educated ladies and gentlemen and their assorted partners entered through the doors of the party hall. Amongst the guests were several spies in their coat tails, desperate to protect the people who ran the country. Even though it felt like sometimes they would rather the terrorists killed some of them so MI5 didn't have to spend any more of their valuable time on another bloody scandal.

"Tony Duncan, MP, close friend of the PM's. Had it off with his son's girlfriend, which she also videotaped. The girl tried to put it up on youtube, but we got there just in time to delete everything before it uploaded," Zaf reminisced to David by the canapés, pointing out the member of parliament coming out through the crowd.

"Why didn't you just let him take the scandal himself? He's an absolute idiot, has no idea what he's doing and he's Conservative to back it up!" David cried, drinking his glass of non-alcoholic champagne. David was a Liberal Democrat at heart, something that Harry had found quite amusing about him when Ros had mentioned it over one of their semi-regular meetings. Harry still believed in a two party system.

"Because the name he was mouthing was not that of the girl. Lets just say that the Home Secretary has had enough embarrassment for one year," Zaf explained, laughing when David's drink ended spluttering out of his mouth in shock. Moving away from the young agent, Zaf saw Ros in a silver dress over the other side of the hall. As head of Section D, she was an actual guest instead of just a spy in dress up.

"Here we go. Think Malcolm will have the guts to ask her out?" David asked, spotting their head tech moving over to their boss. Spotting a hot blonde-haired woman of his own, the younger agent left Zaf to his own devices.

Across from them stood Ros with a singular glass in her hand and no company of which to speak. Malcolm came over to her nervously, trying hard not to trip over his own shoes. He had had strong feelings for her since shortly after they had first met, and Malcolm had been patient. First, she had a boyfriend from 6, one of the men that had killed Colin in fact. She had broken up with him (and broken his nose to boot) when she found out what he had done. Malcolm and Ros had gone for a drink after that. Then there was Adam, but that didn't work out. He had found Jade after Ros, but their relationship ended in tragedy when Adam had been shot and killed. Steve had been her last partner, but he couldn't take the realisation of what Ros did for a living.

"Hello Ros. Nice party. You look very nice tonight," Malcolm greeted, mentally reprimanding himself for his poor entrance and the stuttering he did over his words. He knew that Ros wasn't as sophisticated as she made out, but the tech couldn't help but feel like a young schoolchild when she was around. Ros had such an effect on him. But, instead of laughing at his words, she gave a small smile and rolled her eyes.

"I guess so. Personally, I would rather be at a nice restaurant with you then being here with a bunch of stuck up politicians that I both hate and loathe. It doesn't help that I know which ones are gay, which ones are cheating on their wives and the ones which are actually CIA assets," Ros stated, smiling at Malcolm, who had started coughing violently at the mention of them two at a restaurant. Going over to him, she patted him on the back and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "Another time, maybe."

Malcolm started coughing again, but was rescued by Zaf, who was eager to hear the gossip. There was a book running on the two of them, of course.


Harry entered the hall with a visitor's pass and an invitation that Jools had secured for him. The old man from 6 still had friends in high places, and did not like the idea of Oliver Mace as head of his old part of the security service. The only thing Jools had asked for in return was that Harry gave him a play-by-play account when he went over to America next year for a holiday. Harry hopefully wanted Ruth there as well.

Nodding to Zaf as he entered, which nearly made the man drop his cracker; Harry lingered on the feeling of being a spy again. He had the file. He had the video. There was a large screen for the PM's presentation later in the evening. Jo was on the edge of his vision, but Harry had to keep moving, he had to get to Ros to give her the information. Bloody hell, it felt good again to be a Spook.

"Harry Pearce."

Turning around, Harry was dismayed to see Oliver standing there, as slimy as always. The file in his jacked was not inconspicuous, so Oliver could see what he was carrying. The badge displayed his name, as Mace was disgruntled to see. Harry belonged there, just as much as any one else. But it wasn't Harry that Oliver wanted; the spook from 6 had already had that honour a hundred times over when dealing with Miss Evershed. It was the file, and his betrayer of a daughter, that he wanted. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Give me the file Harry, and I can see about releasing some of your ex-boys and girls from their cages from the local police constabulary. Unfortunately, Ruth and Zoë will have to remain, but Tom and Sam can be let go. But its your pet analyst that you really want back, isn't it Harry?"

Oliver's words meant nothing to Harry, but the right hook that was fiercely given to the side of him by a platinum blonde spook did. Mace went down onto the cold floor hard, and Ros stood triumphantly above him. That act meant more to Harry then anything, that punch symbolised the old spook motto: 'Once a Spook. Always a Spook.'

"The undoctored video tape of Ruth and Maudesley, and the accompanying file of Oliver cheating on his wife. Ros, Jo was having a lot of secret meetings with Oliver, I believe she was the one who sat on the committee that dealt with Cotterdam," Harry explained softly, but Ros did not reply. She took the file and the tape from Harry and walked slowly over to the podium without saying a word.

By this time, David and Zaf had rushed over and were restraining Mace from trying to get over to Ros. She pushed the tape into the associated player and watched the screen for the truth to appear. As promised, the scene from the tube station was there, and Ruth was nowhere near Maudesley when he went underneath the wheels of that train. A resolute sigh escaped from Harry's lips: Ruth was in the clear.

Ros turned to Harry with a smile on her face, a rarity for her. Ruth was safe. Malcolm had joined Harry, who had promptly started to cry. Even Zaf was too busy beaming to notice that Mace was breaking free of his grip. But he did not run to the player, everyone in the room (and by then it was quite a few of the 'right people') had already seen the evidence. But then the video switched to a camcorder output, in a large kitchen. Mace and his dearly departed first wife were having an argument in the marble topped room. His first wife had died eight years ago, and was Isabelle's mother. His second wife was only of four years, and was the one Olive had been cheating on.

"Don't you turn your back on me you bitch!"

"Why, Oliver? Can't stand anyone standing up to you?"

"So it is true, you have been screwing anyone that came sniffing around you, you tart!"

"Oliver Mace, the great spy. The spy that didn't find out for three years that I had been having it off with his best friend because my husband was too cold and too full of malice!"

The former Mrs Mace's words were cut off, by Oliver's slap. The two fought for a few seconds, before Oliver gained the upper hand and slammed his wife's head into the marble top. A resounding crack echoed, and blood remained on the counter. From the camera, everyone in the room could see that Oliver was standing like a mad man above his wife for a few moments until a wave of conscience hit him. He started screaming and yelling and trying to find her pulse. When he couldn't discover one, Oliver collapsed on her chest and wailed his grief and frustration.

Harry closed his eyes at the sight of the situation, and Mace fell to the floor a ruined man. Eight years ago, just before this happened, Harry had come over to Mace's house for a visit. There he met young Isabelle, only eleven at the time. Her parents had given her a new camcorder for her birthday, and were videotaping everything she could get her hands on. The person behind that camera was Isabelle.

Audio cut in just after the scene of Mrs Mace's murder. Juliet's voice rang out in the hall.

"So we're clear. We need to find that videotape before anyone else does, or the head of the JIC will be disgraced. Moreover, we will then have enough advantage over Oliver Mace to get him to do anything that 5 want him to do. Ruth, track down that tape. Jo, I want you to meet with Oliver, make him think that you are on his side. Do anything to make him believe that 5 are not the ones who are after the only proof in the entire world that Mace did away with his wife. Another thing before you disappear off to Harry's bat cave. Isabelle Mace needs to be protected at any cost, she's just fifteen at the moment, but could potentially be the best asset 5 has."

The tape cut out at that point, bringing close to several terrifying answers and truths. But there was one question Harry still needed to ask. Grabbing Mace by the ruff of his neck, Harry dragged him upwards to meet his eyes.

"Who was at that meeting, Oliver, who?" Harry yelled, needing to hear the truth from the top liar and manipulator himself.

"There was no one from 5 at the meeting, we put the name on there in case we ever needed it at the time. Happy now, Harry?" Oliver cried, and Harry released him to the floor.

Two police officers came in to arrest the former head of the JIC, who was dragged kicking and screaming from the room in disgust. Ros collapsed onto Malcolm's shoulder as she made her way over to the group. David left as Jo came to her old friends, just as she burst into tears and was enveloped in a hug by Harry.

"I'm sorry I thought you were a double agent."

"I would to, if I say pictures of me and Mace together."


Isabelle Mace testified in court about her mother's death, and her motives for ruining her father were finally revealed. The teenage finished university and applied for a position in Section D, something that Ros was eager to provide. Although she was severely lectured about screwing with the security services, Isabelle was welcomed in with open arms.

Ros turned down the position of head of the JIC, instead persuading Harry to take the role. Jools recommended someone for the head of MI6, someone less shady then Mace, but someone who was still a bit dodgy. As Harry said, it was a requirement across the river.

Isabelle owned up to lying about at least half of the information she provided Harry with, including saying that Jo was a double agent (although she was going to be offered the Head of Section D's position, as it were). The team stayed together; Abigail, George, and David permanent members now. Malcolm went for that dinner date with Ros, and their relationship went well. By the time Isabelle joined 5, they were engaged to be married.

Ruth had opted to take the metaphorical bullet for Harry for many reasons; the most notable being that she had that information on Mace. She was the one who brought several old friends into help protect Isabelle, just as Juliet had wanted. Zoë and Will returned to South America permanently, that was where there life was now. The Home Secretary conspicuously dropped the charges against her; no one would remember a lone Spook who should be in prison after Mace's revelations. Tom, who had not been sleeping with Ruth, went back to Christine.

Sam was working as a nanny in Scotland, close to her family. Ruth, now cleared of all charges, didn't return to 5. Instead, she married Harry and began writing a book. Isabelle visited them from time to time, once Ruth got over what she had told Harry. As the former analyst had said, Isabelle was quite like her father: very manipulative. A perfect spook.

One day, while Harry was watching his son Andrew playing in the sand pit that he had begged his parents for, he thought about the previous events. He, as much as anyone, had been surprised at how the situations had turned out. But after too many years in the service and too many deaths saving the public, Harry came to the conclusion that it was about time that the heroes of MI5 (and, at a push MI6) got a happy ending.