This fic was written for the 2006 Halloween contest on Taidaied Love. Wonderful site, I recommend you visit it right away. The challenge was to write a drabble, 100-500 words, that used at least one of five suggested themes. The themes were: Vampires, Orange, Moonlight, Earring, and Raspberry-flavor.

A/N Yay I managed to get 4 out of the 5 themes! Too bad it still sucks lol.

"Great party eh Daisuke?" a wild-haired vampire asked the shorter teen walking beside him.

"It sure was Taichi-senpai! Well except for you making me dress up as a cat. Why couldn't I be something cool like you?"

"Hey cats are very cool!" the older brunette retorted.

"Orange cats though? Why couldn't I at least be a black one?" the redhead whined.

"Well the guy at the costume shop said it was an American thing. Garfield I think he called it. Anyway, you got off easy! I only made you wear the ears and the tail! Oh and the whiskers." he added, seeing the murderous look on Daisuke's face.

"Yeah whatever…" the smaller boy sighed. He reached into his treat bag and pulled out a stick of raspberry-flavored Pocky and began to suck on it. Quite loudly I might add.

The two continued on in companionable silence (other than the sucking noises Daisuke was making) until they reached Taichi's apartment.

"Hey do you wanna…" the brunette stopped short. The full moon had just begun to peek through the clouds, revealing an insanely cute and unbelievably sexy sight. Daisuke, bathed in moonlight, complete with cat ears, whiskers, and tail, sucking happily on the stick of Pocky.

The younger teen, completely unaware of what he was doing to the older boy, gave him a quizzical look. "Something wrong senpai?" he asked as he closed the space between them.

Taichi took a deep breath and managed to keep his self-control. "Uh…no I was just wondering if you wanted to spend the night. You know since it's so late and all." Daisuke didn't say anything; he just nodded his head and continued innocently sucking on his Pocky. Once they were inside, our poor Taichi was forced to fight himself once again.

'Easy Tai, you can handle this. Just don't think about it! Don't think about what it would be like to play with that tail. And there's no way you should be thinking about what else he can suck with those luscious lips…HEAD OUT OF GUTTER HEAD OUT OF GUTTER!' The brunette sighed as he realized that he had lost. Damn hormones. He turned and gave the other boy a lecherous grin

"Hey senpai I mmph!" Taichi silenced him with a passionate kiss. He brushed his tongue against the other boy's lips and was surprised when he was granted entry into the hot, moist cavern that was Daisuke's mouth.

'He still tastes like raspberry' the brunette noted. Eventually, the need for air forced the two boys to pull away.

"Tai…Taichi-senpai…" a wild-eyed Daisuke managed to stutter. "Why… why me?"

"I always was a cat person." the older boy replied smiling.

And Daisuke knew at that moment that he no longer hated Garfield.

Happy Halloween!