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She couldn't take it anymore. Her husband had beaten her for the last time. She couldn't tell her friends. If she did, he would have them killed. That he had said numerous times while he was beating her, kicking her, slapping her, choking her.

She had learned long ago to cover her bruises with her make-up and to numb her physical and emotional pain with drugs and alcohol. That's what she always did. Her friends had never seen her any other way than high and drunk, she didn't dare to let them see the real her.

She had planned her death for months now and she had tried to make it happen for so long and tonight she would finally go through with it. Jack was on his way over to pick her up. Stanley was away on a businesstrip and her stepkids were away with their real mother. She had the staff go off early that night so she could go through with it and not be disturbed.

She was laying in bed, wearing her grey, silky nightgown. Her hair was up in a pin and her make-up was flawless as always. Her glass of martini was in her hand and she took one final sip of it, put it on the nightstand and picked up a gun instead. She made sure it was loaded with one single shot and pointed it to her temple, closing her eyes. Tears filled up her eyes and started to run down her face and she sobbed, lowering the gun again, putting it down on the bed, softly caressing the barrel and trigger with her fingertips. She laid thinking about Jack and she started to write a small letter to him when he found her.

When the letter was written, she put the pen and letter down on the nightstand, under the martiniglass, and picked up the gun again. This time she did not hesitate and pulled the trigger.
Her lifeless body slid down the bed, with a small stream of blood running down her face from her temple.

Jack came up to the mansion when he heard what sounded as a gunshot and hurried inside. He ran as fast as he could through the hallway and soon enough came to Karen's bedroom. He slowly opened the door and the sight that he faced was so horrific that his eyes filled with tears and he fell down onto his knees.

He started sobbing heavily as he made his way to the bed. His best friend was gone, forever. He sat down next to her, trying to wipe away the blood that were coming from the wound. He gave up soon and instead he closed her eyes with shaky hands. Her skin was so warm, as she was alive still. He felt her neck, he didn't feel any pulse. He listened to her chest, no heartbeats. He started crying heavier now and wrapped his arms around her fragile, lifeless body.

An hour or so later when he started to calm down, he saw the note under her martiniglass and shakily picked it up and read it.

When the realization of Karen's horror hit him, he started crying even more. He clutched the letter to his chest and went to call his friends and 911.

Dear Jack,

I want you to understand that this has nothing to do with you.
Finally I can tell the truth because I won't be here to deal with it anymore.
Poodle, Stanley has beaten me for the last time and I am sick of it.
He started beating me years ago and I learned to cover it up quite quickly.
The reason you, Grace and Will has never seen me sober is because Stanley
hit me. I had to numb the physical and emotional pain, and drugs and booze
was all I had to numb it with.
I am so sorry I won't be here to share the rest of your lives, but I will be watching
over all of you. I promise.


PS. All I Ever Wanted Was Love


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