My first cross-over fic! This is badass I tell you! It won't be like anything any of you readers have read (did I make a pun? Not intended.)

If there's any anime that should be together, it's definetly Avatar; the Last Airbender and Naruto. I mean, THINK about it! Numorous enemies to fight, a completly endless amount of combat and possibilities within a world of ruthless enemies at any corner, and an even greater amount of places to go with element bending users...Need I say more? Naruto is going to be quite busy in the world of Aang and the gang, especially with the war waging, expect a little OOCness in Naruto's character, just don't flame me for his attitude change from his world to the world of bending element masters and practitioners. And if you do, fuck you!

Takes place after Naruto attempts to draw Kyuubi's chakra to summon Gamabunta, instead being summoned himself to Aang's world of war. Enjoy y'all!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Not Naruto, not Avatar The Last Airbender, not their characters...And it freakin' SUCKS!


"Kyuubi/Spirit speaking"
Kyuubi thinking

Light danced across his vision as his eyes opened. Growling, the young man rubbed his eyes in effort to clear away the spots of black that danced across his ocean blue orbs. His head was pounding, throbbing in time with his heart beat as well as his pulsing sore muscles. Slowly, he pulled himself up and noticed sand between his fingers along with the heat of the malleable grains. After his vision had cleared, the sight that greeted him was anything but welcoming.

You have got to be kidding me, he thought angrily, clenching his fists in restraint to voice his displeasure. How in the seven hells did I end up in the desert?! I was just thrown into a big ass cavern by Erosennin (Pervert Hermit) long have I been unconscious anyway?

Naruto looked every which direction to see if anything in the hot wasteland expanse could give any familier landmarks. Nothing. Just endless desert in every direction. He silently cursed his luck, but suddenly gave a bitter laugh. I should know by now I'm not lucky, he thought, The Kyuubi sealed inside of me is proof of that and...Suddenly he remembered what happened.

Jaraiya, or Erosennin as Naruto had decided to call him for his perverted habits, had taken him to a deep cavern's ledge after he had fainted trying to summon a frog with Kyuubi's chakra to prepare for the Chuunin exams, told him to fend for himself and pushed him down into the precipice to forcibly draw the Kyuubi's chakra from his body. He remembered talking with the giant beast face to face with the seal gates separating them and feeling this enormous amount of energy being fed into him. However, before Naruto could have finished the seals for summoning, his body had been encased in a sphere of red chakra and he lost consciousness. Realization smacked him in the head when he finally knew what had happened.

Kyuubi! That bastard must've transported me somewhere else somehow when he gave me his chakra! But where the hell am I?! Could this be Suna no Kuni (Land of Sand)?

In the distance, Naruto saw a large boat with large white sails gliding across the sand. He couldn't see the occupants, but Naruto's instincts told him to evade notice, to which he ignored when he saw opportunity had presented itself to him. Unless he could survive in the heat without shelter or stay alive without food, he had to ambush those sand riders and take their provisions and boat. Consequences be damned on his part, he summoned several Kage Bunshins (Shadow Doubles) and had them all split up and hide around some of the smaller sand dunes as the boat came closer to him, it's speed increasing ever so slightly.

The boat stopped just feet away from the blond shinobi and strange men covered in bandaged and tattered garments leapt out off the deck, their heads, arms and shins bandaged more heavily than the rest of their tunics and clothes, and came running at him with full intent to attack.

The first one that came close used the sand under his feet and sent it in a wave like water, barely missing Naruto who had evaded it. Righting himself, Naruto closed the distance with his opponent in an instant and delivered a solid kick to his chin before the sand user could make a defense, hurling him back several meters and knocking him unconscious.

The remaining six or so sand users suddenly became wary of the blonde's combat skill and attacked at once, sprinting forward so to overwhelm the young shinobi. Before any of them could attack, Naruto's Kage Bunshins leapt out of their hiding spots and struck them all in the head with powerful kicks and punches, rendering them all unconscious before any of them had time to lament their fate.

Dispersing his Kage Bunshins away, Naruto jumped onto the boat and began searching for any provisions or water under the small deck. There was more than enough food and water for him to last a couple days, as well as some weapons, packs, and gold coins. He gathered everything he needed into a single large pack and hefted it over his shoulders, testing its weight. It was bearable and not too hindering. He still had some room in it for one or two weapons.

From the selection, there were a plethora of clubs, knives with a few steel chain weapons and a whole assortment of different weapons, most likely pillaged from other unprepared people. He decided to take the long chain and also took some bandages to cover his face from the harsh sun's glare.

When he had gotten back on deck, he noticed there was no motor or machine of any kind as a rudder or propeller. He smacked his head upon realizing the sand users must have used their sand manipulation to push the boat, which were skills he had no knowledge of. He had no choice but to trek on foot.

The sound of groaning met Naruto's ears signaled the sand users were waking up. Just to make sure they couldn't follow him, he placed three explosive notes on the boat's hull after taking the large canvas sail and jumped off the deck, sprinting away as fast as his legs could carry him. He managed to stuff the giant canvas sail into his new travel pack with little stumbling.

Only seconds later were the tell-tale sounds of his explosive notes detonating and reducing the sand user's boat to burning kindle, Naruto disappearing into the desert wasteland, questions that stormed through his mind all but flying away as he ran away...

Several hours had passed since the sand user bandits had been beaten with their boat destroyed and useless, add to the fact of their sail being stolen as well as the majority of their supplies and weapons, and they had to wait until night until they could have walked home, with their one and only compass destroyed in their boat's explosion, by using the stars for directions.

Most of the sand bandits, for which there were eight total, were sporting only minor injuries such as deep bruises and a few small broken bones. Three of them, however, were suffering the effects of headaches due to the blonde's attack to their skulls and broken jaws, leaving them disoriented and unbalanced due to the pain all the way to their encampment near the larger dunes, which provided sufficient shade away from the sun for the majority of the days in the desert.

When they all reached their camp and settled down around a camp fire, the pregnant silence had been broken only moments later by one of the bandit's venomous grumbling.

"I can't believe we were beaten so easily by one kid...ONE KID! Not more than thirteen years old and we couldn't even land one attack on him, and he took most of our provisions, water, weapons...our damn SAIL! That sail of ours cost a fortune itself with cloth being so scarce as is. Our boat destroyed...We were supposed to have the upper-hand! And instead, we were the lambs that were lead to the slaughter! If I ever find that brat-"

"That's enough, Hoang!", snapped the bandit next to him, "And don't bother starting plots for revenge, because let me remind you that by the time that brat has finished with our supplies, he will be long gone out of the desert and may never come back for obvious reasons, unless he wants to get a quick sun tan, which is as likely as an oasis popping out of nowhere! Now SHUT UP and quit grumbling! We need to see to our injuries."

The other bandits grumbled in agreement and Hoang had thought best to keep silent so to not aggravate his leader. That didn't stop his thoughts from plotting ways for revenge against their lamb-turned-wolf blond warrior.

I don't know from which nation you came from, you damn, troublesome brat, but I promise you the next time I see you, there will be HELL to pay! Ozai would think twice before messing with me!

The rest of the night had been passed in the bandit's slumber.

Two days had passed since Naruto had escaped the reach of the sand bandits and his stolen foods were close to being depleted, as well as his water. He had started with three large canteens since he had "procured" them from the bandits and now there was only one full canteen left with a gulpfull of water in another.

His food was still good and had enough to last three days if he didn't gobble it all down like a crazed carnivore. He couldn't afford to fool around and play the role of an idiot with him being in a desert. He had to do what he hated even more than having to deal with his teammate, Sasuke: Think, plan, asses, and prepare.

Because of the sun's intensity, Naruto's choice of taking those extra bandages had been a correct decision. His entire head and face was now covered and wrapped within the silk straps, with his eyes and mouth being slightly uncovered to allow him to see, eat and drink while not having to half-hazardly readjust his bandages. He had opted to pull the whole cloth of his head band across his head to prevent any dust, heat, or parasites to get into hair.

If it weren't for my clothes, Naruto thought, I'd be mistaken for that Dosu guy. His thoughts had suddenly become solemn upon remembering his home from recollecting one of the Sound Genin from the Chuunin Exam. That one name also reminded him of his training with the wild-haired, lecherous codger with summoning. Of course, his training was no more than a waste of time. He had wanted to train to prepare himself to fight Sasuke, Gaara, and...Neji. And his promise to beat him for the pain he brought to Hinata

Naruto scowled venomously remembering what that bastard had done to Hinata and his sneering, gloating accomplishment in harming her simply because of her heritage. It didn't take an expert to know that Neji's intentions were to kill her because he could never actually harm the true people that had wronged him somehow or other in the past. He decided to settle for what he could do with a slightly inexperienced person and break them down for the pleasure of seeing their torment and feeling the sensation brought by arrogant violence.

How dare that bastard?!, Naruto thought with dripping malice, I should have been faster so Genji-mayu couldn't stop me from killing him! I would have crushed him into the stone floor, ripped his body to pieces, burn his remains to ashes, and reduce them to dust!

Better yet, I could have gauged his eyes out and shoved them down his throat, taken a kunai and slowly open his belly to take them out again, just to hear his agonizing screams! What's the 'Mighty Hyuuga Clan' without their eyes, I wonder? Naruto's blood-lust was raging now, knowing it was getting out of control, but he couldn't stop - and had no wish to.

His eyes changed from a deep blue to a crimson red, his pupils sharpening. His whisker marks deepened, bleeding slightly into the bandages and his canines grew a whole inch out of his lips, his nails becoming sharp claws. Wisps of crimson-orange chakra wafted from his skin, rising into the air like steam. He had to release his aggression on something...or someone.

A flicker of movement to his right in the far distance caught his rage-induced attention, the clarity alarmingly precise and accurate despite it being greater than a kilometer in distance. He growled, crouched on his arms and hind quarters, and tensed his quivering muscles, preparing to launch himself to his newly named prey.

They were obviously traders, large tents perched up with various giant cages large enough to hold elephants. There were only a dozen traders at best, all wearing cone-like helmets with curved spikes on the sides, grey and brown chest armor, hip tassels covering their hip, groin, and upper leg areas, and strange shaped greaves without shoes. Their sizes varied in height and build, but all the same, they were as good as dead. Just people that stole animals and sold them to someone else. No one will miss them.

With a burst of strength and a feral roar, he rocketed toward the traders with gliding swiftness. The traders only saw a cloud sand coming toward them and thought it was only a gust of wind, but that assumption died in their thoughts when they saw the monstrosity leading the trail of dust, closing the distance between them in less time than most hunting beasts could run. They ran, screamed, and scrambled in every which direction in their panic, running to their enormous beetles in hopes to escape.

Naruto would have none of them escaping, running past the camp and swerved around back and practically rammed the enormous beetles onto their backs and ripped out the throats of the traders nearest to him after they had been slammed onto the sand. Those nearest to Naruto died within seconds, and his thirst for blood was becoming exponentially greater.

Some of the traders started running away as quickly as their legs could carry them, but they were ultimately ripped in half from the waist from Naruto's running momentum and precision in hacking their bodies apart. The screams of the dying had begun to go silent as their numbers dwindled, and the whole area was being blanketed in blood, limbs and effluvia.

Naruto's arms were drenched in the crimson liquid, his continuous growl resonating in his throat as he scanned across the area and took in the sight of his massacre. His blood-lust haze began to settle and his thought coherency had finally reached his awareness, as well as his feral extremities receding. He breathed deeply, inhaling and exhaling to calm his erratic heart beat.

After a few moments it dawned on him what he had done. He had killed in aggression and blood-thirsty haze, savoring the carnage he had brought onto by his own hands and the feel of ripping into his prey. He felt that he should be sad, terrified, confused, and guilty for taking the lives of others...

...But all he felt was calmness brought by...vindication. And that feeling is what terrified him more than facing the Kyuubi.

So, your first kill, eh? Or should I say 'kills'? Either way, you did a splendid job indeed. I'm almost proud!

Naruto gasped and panned in every direction around him to find the source of the voice. He stopped his attempted search when he remembered hearing that menacing voice only two days ago.

Kyuubi?!, Naruto yelled in his thoughts. The demon in question gave a rumbling chuckle in response.

Yes, my little kit! It is I, your resident demon lord. I must say, your coming quite a ways with being away from your home...Or should I say 'Prison'? Regardless

You handled those bandage wearing fools with surprising ease despite your inexperience. And you didn't even need my chakra to corrupt and overwhelm your senses. Your blood-lust was equal, if not greater, than even my own. You must have an ocean of hatred brimming in your soul to exceed mine.

Naruto wanted to retort and deny every word, but he found himself silent, instinctively knowing the Kyuubi was absolutly right. His village was a prizon. He was treated like a crimanal and a monster, either hated or disregarded, always belittled. It was true. He did have an increadible amount of hatred in his soul that wanted release in any ways possible, Naruto's attempts to quell it when he had become part of Team 7.

Instead, it had only made it grow while being kept at bay, having to deal with Sasuke's ridiculing taunts, Sakura's endless and unreasonable insults, and Kakashi's disregard of his presence, ignoring him and refusing to teach him anything and he had to endure it all with a fake smile and hope things would change for him. In the end, they never did.

The Kyuubi decided to speak once again after a moment of Naruto's contemplation. Nevermind that nonsense for now. You're not in your village fact; you're not even in the same world anymore.

Naruto silently question of what the Kyuubi was talking about, but was interrupted when the demon continued. I'll explain everything later. First, you need to get us out of this desert before your supplies run out. Do you know which way to go from here?

Naruto hesitated, still rather confused why he felt so calm talking to his resident -and how he was able to speak with him- but answered through mental communication. I figured I'd reach cooler land up north, so I've been going at an angle toward north-east. I've been using the sun as a guide post, but I don't know how long or far this desert expands. For all I know, it could take weeks to reach the end of this desert.

The Kyuubi grumbled in frustration, seeing as his vessel had a valid point. Giving him his chakra would be pointless if the distance separating them from salvation was further than the limits of his endurance, especially since his chakra would slowly break down his vessel's flesh.

A bestial snarl from one of the large cages made Naruto pivot and look to the source of the noise. One of the larger cages, easily able to hold a buffalo, quaked and rattled, a silhouetted form moving back and forth within its small prison confines. Slowly, Naruto approached the cage and gasped in astonishment.

An enormous wolf paced back and forth inside the confines of its barred cage, glaring at the orange-clad shinobi with glowing green eyes and dark brown coat of fur. Such were not the first things that caught Naruto's attention. It was its wings and tails.

Its pinions were like a bat's, though much thicker and leathery with sharp, black curved talons at the wing-frame tips and the thumb. It had two tails, each the same length with spiky fur. The wolf's body rippled with muscle, discernable from even a distance with its coat being rather short. Its fangs and claws, however, looked like they belonged to a hunting cat.

The winged wolf growled in a threatening manner as Naruto came closer, his hands held up in a hopefully peaceful gesture. "Relax. I won't harm you. I'm just going to let you out of that cage you're in."

The wolf ceased it's growling, somehow able to understand him, and looked expectantly at Naruto who took out a kunai and jammed it inside the iron lock holding the cage door sealed. Only a few seconds later and the lock click off, landing and sinking itself in the sand. The winged wolf slowly stepped out of its prison and looked in opposite directions as if expecting an enemy to come out of nowhere.

When the beast had come out of the cage completely, Naruto saw then how enormous it was. From its foot to its shoulder, it was easily over five feet tall and over twelve feet long from tail tip to nose. How anyone could capture a beast as large as this and survived must've been hard pressed, especially if it could truly fly with those wings on its back.

The wolf stretched its wings completely, expanding them to their full length, which easily measured well more than seven paces each, and yawned as if it had awoken from a nap. It settled its teal gaze back onto Naruto, making the young blond flinch in surprise and fear if it would bite his face.

The winged wolf didn't' bite him, but instead stepped closer and licked Naruto's face affectionately like a dog, thanking the young shinobi for releasing it. Naruto chuckled and wiped the slobber from his face before stoking the beast's neck. The wolf gave a purr in delight.

"You're welcome, wolf." The beast gave Naruto a strange look and turned its side to the young Genin and crouched, inviting him to ride atop his back. Naruto stood there for a moment, unsure of the wolf's intent, but happily accepted and stroked the wolf's neck again in gratitude.

"Thanks for letting me on. Oh, yeah! I forgot to get something! Can you wait a minute until I get it?" The wolf nodded over its shoulder. "Thanks again. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A double body appeared in a puff of smoke, identical to Naruto's current wear which surprised him as the clone had gone inside the large green tent to search for what it sought. I don't remember my clothes being that dark in orange.

My chakra must have darkened them when you went on that rampage of yours, the Kyuubi commented. By the way, what did you have your Kage Bunshin go searching for anyway? There couldn't be anything of value in that tent with it being so empty-looking.

I was getting some maps to find a short route out of this desert, but I'm also getting some food for our new companion here who's giving me a ride. If I was anything as smart as these guys, I'd keep a map with me to not get lost.

The Bunshin returned, carrying a bag of dried fruits and meats, and a few canteens of water with a rolled up sheet of paper under its arm. The Bunshin handed them all to Naruto and was dispersed into a cloud of smoke after giving the wolf some dried meat, of which it took eagerly.

Naruto had stuffed the extra food and gave one of the water canteens to his new animal companion while putting the other two in his pack and looked through the map his Kage Bunshin had found.

The area in light brown represented the desert, the green area must be forest, and the darker brown was mountain expanses. There were several dots placed around various places on the map, perhaps trade posts, and a single cross, according to map, was only a dozen miles away from the border of forestation in the east. Naruto grinned and gripped wolf's fur, tucking the map under his arm.

"What should I call you?" he said to himself, his eyes ranging up along the wolf's leathery wings. An idea came to mind instantly. "I know. How 'bout I call you Tenrou? I think it suites you. It means 'Sky Wolf.' How's that?"

Naruto wasn't even sure the beast understood him but dismissed it when Tenrou spread his wings and blasted them down to the sand, taking off into the air at wind breaking speeds.

Naruto's breath is knocked from his lungs as the sheer force of the take off and grips Tenrou tightly with his legs and arms. Tenrou howled in triumph from feeling the wind caress him through his coat and the exertion of his wing muscles and sinew, ripping his form through the air toward the setting sun with his new master and friend atop his back...