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Casey was on a plane sitting next to her brother Phil Brooks, better known to the wrestling world as CM Punk. She had medium blonde hair with purple and green streaks in it. She also had a few tattoos, many was her brothers idea as well as her tongue and ears pierced.

"So you nervous?" He asked

"Nah it's nothing new to me, I've traveled with you before just never been in the ring on TV." Casey said

"True I can't wait till tonight should be very interesting." Phil said with a grin

"You know it bro, so you going to be wrestling who tonight?" Casey asked

"Shannon remember him?" Phil asked knowing very well she had a crush on him.

"Uh I think so doesn't he have a Mohawk?" Casey asked acting like she had no idea who he was.

Phil raised his eyebrow before looking at her and rolling his eyes.

"Yeah right you know who I'm talking about, don't worry I won't tell him you like him." Phil said before nudging her in the arm.

After arriving at the arena, Phil said he would meet up with Casey in a little bit since it was already 7.

She walked down the hall trying to find her locker room, after searching for a few minutes she found it. When she opened the door she saw Kelly-Kelly there, it's not that she didn't like her but Casey just didn't like how she sold her body all the time to "entertain" the guys.

"Hi." Kelly said

"Hey, I'm Casey Brooks." She said shaking her hand.

"Oh you're Phil's younger sister right?" Kelly asked with a smile on her face.

"Yup that's me." Casey said taking out some baggy camouflage pants and a black tank top as well as black wrestling boots.

Turning around Casey got changed leaving her hair down and straightened, after getting changed she did her ritual of putting her ipod and doing her warm up's. Going out to the hall way backstage she found a spot that wasn't being used for anything and started to stretching out. After stretching out for about a half an hour it was almost time for ECW to start so she went to find her brother. Knocking on the door she heard a "come in".

"Hey." Casey said taking a seat on the floor where her brother was stretching out.

"Hey you ready?" Phil asked

"Yup kinda nervous now though." Casey said as

Phil chuckled but understood what it meant to be nervous.

"Well don't worry everyone will love you, now come on it's almost time for our segment." Phil said getting off the ground and helping her up off the floor.

CM Punk's music came on as the crowd cheered, he came out and got into the ring. Grabbing a mic he put to his lips and said.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I came out here to tell you about the newest female extremist, Casey!" CM said as Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance came on, Casey ran out from behind the curtain and did the metal sign before running down to the ring and sliding through the bottom rope. The crowd was quiet as she took the mic out of CM's hand and hugging him.

"Hey guys, I just want to make it known that I'm not like the rest of those wannabe's backstage and that I am straight edge just like my brother better known as CM PUNK!" Casey said as the crowd cheered loudly.

Ariel's music came on as she came out and the crowd booed, Casey rolled her eyes.

"Are you saying I'm a wannabe, I'm the best in the business honey." Ariel said glaring at her.

"Oh really I beg to differ, plus I don't look like an idiot." Casey said getting in her face as the crowd laughed at the expression on Ariel's face.

"That's it! You and me tonight in a cat fight!" Ariel screamed.

"Sorry I don't do 'cat fights' but if you want to wrestle that can be arranged." Casey said with a smirk.

"Fine you got you're self a deal, see you later bitch." Ariel said as she turned around to walk away, Casey was about to jump at her but CM held her back.

"Wait, just wait and take you're anger out on her later." He said as he let go of her and they walked out of the ring.

"Well it looks like we are going to be having ourselves a match tonight!" Tazz said.

Once they got backstage Casey smiled widely and hugged Phil.

"Dude that was awesome and I hardly said anything but it felt like I was on top of the world out there." Casey said

"You did good sis, you going to walk me out to the ring right?" Phil asked

"Of course when is it?" Casey asked

"In 10 minutes." Phil said

"Ok cool." Casey said

A few minutes Later Shannon walked towards the curtain, Casey saw him and she felt like her heart had jumped and flipped around.

"Hey." He said to them both.

"Hey you ready for our match?" Phil asked as Casey just stared at Shannon.

"Yup go easy on me though." Shannon said chuckling and noticed Casey staring at him.

"Hey Casey, haven't seen you in a while." He said offering a small smile to her.

"Yeah it's been a while." Casey said as Phil tried to hold back a laugh at how she was acting.

Not knowing what else to say Shannon just waited for his music to start.

Shannon Moore's music came on as he stepped out from behind the curtain as the crowd cheered for him, he got into the ring and waited for his opponent.

CM Punk's music came on as he and Casey came out as she did the metal sign.

Once the matched started CM quickly got the upper hand, he did his finisher the shining wizard. He went for the pin and got it, Casey slid into the ring and raised his hand.

"You did good bro." Casey said once they got backstage.

"Thanks." Phil said as Shannon got backstage holding his ribs.

"You ok Shannon?" Casey asked

"I'll be fine, you're brother really knows how to hurt someone." Shannon said jokingly.

Phil laughed before apologizing about hurting him.

"It's ok man, well see you guys later." Shannon said walking away as Phil saw that familiar daze Casey had on her face.

"Casey you're match is soon you do realize that right?" Phil said as her eyes widened, rushing off she went to touch up her makeup which was just black eyeliner and some lip gloss.

Going back to the curtain she saw Phil there waiting for her.

"Their already out there, but only because they had to go out a little sooner to just talk about how she is going to beat you and stuff like that for a few minutes." Phil said as Casey nodded then her music hit.

Casey came out from behind the curtain with CM by her side as she walked down to the ring keeping her eyes on Ariel as she and Kevin Throne waited in the ring. Casey glared at her before running and sliding into the ring as Kevin got out of the ring and waited on one side of the ring and CM did the same. The match started as they locked up, Casey wrapped her leg around Ariel's and did a Russian Leg-sweep. Ariel fell to the floor as Casey did a standing leg drop onto Ariel. As Casey was getting ready to set up for a Diamond Dust but Kevin took his cane and knocked Casey on the back with it as she fell onto the ground Ariel went for the pin.

"1….2…" Casey kicked out just as she was about to get the 3 count, the crowd cheered at this as Casey slowly got up and was about to go beat up Kevin but saw CM out side doing the damage for her. Turning her attention to Ariel quickly she saw Ariel coming at her trying to do a flying clothesline onto Casey but she ducked down as Ariel went flying over the top rope. Casey smirked at the crowd because now was her chance to take care of Ariel and go for the pin. CM punk saw that Ariel was on the outside and picked her up rolling her back into the ring as Casey went onto the top turnbuckle and went for a Sunset Flip, jumping off she got it and went for the 3 count.

"1…2….3!" The referee told to ring bell and held her hand up as did CM Punk, she hugged him before getting onto the turnbuckle and doing the metal sign then flipped backwards landing on her feet and going to the other turnbuckle and doing the same thing. As her music played they walked out of the ring and went backstage.

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