Title: Roommates Diary I - New Routines (Part I)
Author: ficeler37
Note: Don't own Mai-Hime. I'll let Sunrise take the credit.
Rating: PG
Word count: 1277

Summary: Sequel of Riding the Roller Coasters. The rest of the night after Shiznat's date. Mai displays her nosy side.

A/N: That was a nice two week break. After the end of RtRC, I was scared to start something new that I can't finish. There were just too many directions I could take with the new series, so it was really difficult for me to start writing this new chapter. The way I envision this new series is just some light-hearted fluff that documents the quirks of Shiznat's everyday life. Enough with the small talk, enjoy!


Asking Natsuki to take her back to their new home right away was a spur of the moment teasing remark, upon a more thoughtful consideration, Shizuru decides to stay at her apartment for the night and start moving her things over the next day. As she strolls towards the front door with keys in hand, a feet shuffling sound behind her reveals that the motorcycle owner is following her to her apartment. "Ara, is Natsuki so eager to share a bed with me?" As much as the beast in me wants to devour Natsuki right at the spot, I can't let her get into the apartment tonight and ruin my chance to be with her legitimately.

"Argh! What are you talking about? I was just … uhm … wondering about the new mayonnaise flavors you made me. You know the ones you were talking about at Tofu Palace?" For the sake of that light yellow creamy sauce, even if she is dying of embarrassment, Natsuki is determined not to go home empty-handed.

"Unless you are going to eat mayonnaise right before you go to bed. I'm going to say there is always tomorrow." Not that I think that my love for Natsuki is going to lessen in any way if she packs a few extra pounds. Having mayonnaise that late at night is just not healthy. Awww, don't give me those puppy eyes. Shizuru, stay calm. Your heart is stone! "I'm going to put a lock on my fridge to make sure that the bowls of mayonnaise don't run away, ok?" Plus I can always take the mayonnaise as hostage in case Natsuki blows me off tomorrow.

With a light grip on Shizuru's wrist, Natsuki looks up at the older girl intently. "You promise you'll bring me the mayonnaise tomorrow?"

"Yes, now drive safely and go home. I'll see you tomorrow." With a quick peck on Natsuki's cheek, Shizuru runs into her apartment before the blue haired girl can react to the sneak attack. From tomorrow on, let's be great roommates, Natsuki.

Half an hour later, as Natsuki steps into her pitch black apartment, she cannot help but think about the kind of excitement that is going to revolve around there soon. Since when did solitude lose its appeal? You really have changed, Natsuki. But I do think it's for the better. A blinking red light from her answering machine distracts her from visualizing her new life with Shizuru.

"You have one new message." (Beep) "Natsuki? You're still out? It's Mai. Call me when you get back. I want to know every little detail about your date with Kaichou! Oops, I meant your oh-so-innocent outing with her. Talk to you later! … Oh, if you don't call me back tonight, I'm going to assume that you spend the night at her place. I think Chie and Aoi will really like to hear about this. Is that a good enough incentive?" (Beep) "End of new messages."

It's bad enough that Shizuru refused to give me her mayonnaise, now I have to give Mai a status report before I can go to bed? (Sigh) But I can't let Chie and Aoi spread rumors about me … Soon Natsuki finds herself pressing on a speed dial button. "Hey …"

"Natsuki! Tell me everything! To be honest, a part of me was hoping that you wouldn't call tonight, haha."

"What was that supposed to mean? And how did you know it's me calling? Oh whatever. Let's just get this over with quickly so that I can sleep …"

Natsuki starts listing all the rides that she went on with Shizuru and all the places that they spent time at, hoping that Mai would be satisfied with the minimal details. To her surprise, Mai still manages to comment on the harshly censored version of her report.

"You two went on the log ride? I bet that was pretty cozy, huh?"

"Why does your voice sound like that? What's so special about that ride?"

"Just thinking back to a couple days ago, you were insisting on the fact that it was not going to be a date. Natsuki, that ride was voted number one on a popular survey detailing what couples can do on a date."

So that's why Shizuru suggested that ride! That sly woman, I'll get her next time. "Well, it wasn't my idea to get on that ride. Now that you know what I did for the day, may I please go to bed?"

"Wait, last question." Mai takes a deep breath before she continues. "Did you guys kiss?"

"WHAT?" Suddenly Natsuki has a flashback of lunch at the pizza parlor. Why am I thinking about this? It was not an intentional kiss. I was just trying to help out a friend. "None of your business." (Pause) "It wasn't like we did it on purpose …"

"WHAT?" This time it is Mai's turn to be shocked. "I was not expecting a yes, but oh my god, spare me no details! Who started the kiss? Where did you have this kiss? Who broke the kiss? Was it a French kiss?"

Natsuki feels like she is being slaughtered by a machine gun as Mai bombards her with such intimate questions. "Stop! I'm not talking to you anymore. I need to wake up early to pick up Shizuru at her apartment tomorrow morning. So good night."

"You are meeting up with Kaichou again so soon? What's the hurry?" Curiosity is evident in Mai's voice.

You and your big mouth, Natsuki! I guess Mai will find out sooner or later. "I … kinda asked Shizuru to move in with me."

"Wow, I never thought you would be the one to make the first move. I'm impressed, Natsuki. You two are just moving at godspeed. You will pick me as your bridesmaid, right?"

"Argh! Hanging up now! Bye!" A heavily blushing Natsuki slams the receiver down. Thanks to Mai, I'm going to be thinking about that kiss all night. Ahhhhh, I didn't mean kiss. I better go take a cold shower before changing into my pajamas.

On her way to the bathroom, Natsuki stops and looks into her study room, which will soon turn into Shizuru's bedroom. Even though she calls it her 'study' room, honestly, she hardly spends any time in there doing actual studying. The tall book shelf leaning on one side of the wall is mostly empty, except with a couple motorcycle monthly magazines and the few required school textbooks. The most prominent feature of the room is the large round carpet on the floor. Other than that, the rest of the room is just occupied with a pile of magazines at the corner.

A sharp buzzing noise from the living room leads Natsuki to pick up her cellphone. Why am I Ms. Popular all of a sudden tonight? "Hello?"

"Natsuki, it's me. I'm just calling to say good night. Do you realize that this is going to be the last time we say good night to each other over the phone?"

"What are you talking about? Are you not moving in with me anymore, Shizuru? Why won't we say good night to each other again?" I knew it was too good to be true when Shizuru said yes to my request. But she promised …

"No, silly. I just meant that we will be saying that to each other in person from now on since we are roommates. Natsuki is so adorable. Want to blow me a kiss good night?"

"You wish." Natsuki hangs up the cellphone and walks back to the bathroom, unaware of the blissful grin on her face.