Authors note: This list is written in honor of my two Wemus lovin friends, Mcguire and Nat…Thanks for putting up with me during my errrrrr- strange times and my never-ending Wemus obsession.

25 ways to know that you are obsessed with Remus John Lupin

1. You make a list of all the actors that would be passable to play Remus for the Harry Potter movies.

2. David Thewlis is NOT on the list because a Hitler look-a-like that was originally going to play the role of Quirrel, should not even be considered as a back up for sexy Remus.

3. You create a look-a-like Remus on the computer game 'Sims 2' and try to make Remus as happy as possible and you cry uncontrollably when he starts cleaning up after everyone else or works too many late hours.

4. You make up an organization in honor of Remus that supports werewolf rights.

5. You hold those meetings and induct members right in the middle of religion or music class, and usually record them in a special group journal.

6. You buy chocolate even when you don't need it.

7. When someone asks you about the appearance of your ideal man, you get stares when you start to say, "Oh…he looks ill and exhausted, very pale, brown hair flecked with grey, shabby robes, hoarse voice…"

8. When asked what a flaw of your ideal man might be, people back away from you when you shrug and say "Oh...a furry little problem."

9. You keep track of moon charts and phases and always have the full moon marked on your calendar.

10. In Latin class you squeal with excitement when you read about the myth of 'Romulus and Remus' or when you come across the words, 'lupus' and 'lupine'

11. No matter how hard you try, you are convinced that your tea will never be as good as Remus'.

12. You went to see Underworld because you were told that it had something to do with werewolves and when you saw it, you were appalled at the violence against the fellow lycanthropes. You were also very disappointed because Remus was no where to be seen.

13. On March 10th, (Remus' birthday) you plan on having a celebration and intend to tell everyone what a special day it is by handing out chocolate cupcakes or a homemade cake.

14. You read Remus' horoscope in the newspaper. (Pisces)

15. You make up a song abut Remus and sing it in the middle of public places, like on the bonnet of a car or in the mall causing nearby parents to grab their children's hands and drag them away staring back at you in horror.

16. Fenrir Greyback must die!!!!!

17. In class you start to daydream about what life would be like if Remus was your Professor.

18. You marked all the pages in the Harry Potter series where Remus is mentioned or is talking.

19. You reread those bits over and over- sometimes out loud to angry and exasperated family and friends.

20. You were torn between being very happy and very sad after reading the Half-blood Prince. You were happy of the Remus/Tonks relationship because you always wanted him to have a bit of joy in his depressing life and yet very, very sad because you always wanted to be that girl and make him happy.

21. His initials: 'Prof. R.J. Lupin' and its variations (ex: Moony, Remus, Wemus….etc.) are practically all over everything you own, usually surrounded by little doodled hearts.

22. During your prayers at night you ask god to please keep Remus alive and not have him killed in the 7th book. Amen.

23. You are reading this list.

24. When someone reminds you that he is just a fictional character, you burst into hysterical tears.

And the final, number one reason that proves you are obsessed with Remus Lupin….

25. Mr. Right is Remus John Lupin… and he will always be the best man/wolf ever.

Hands down...Case closed... fini.