A/N: This is my take on how Bo and Luke got caught running shine. It's from Luke's point of view.

Yeah ya'll! Welcome to Hazzard County, Georgia.

Things have not all ways been this rough for my family. At one time the hardest thing was getting the shine passed the revenue agents. My Uncle Jesse was one of the best shine runners in all this area. He taught Bo and me everything we know about driving cars and running shine. My Uncle Jesse also makes the best shine in three counties. The recipe he uses is a family secret that has been passed down from generation to generation. It's a well kept Duke family secret that only Jesse knows, but just recently he had to stop making it. When Bo and I got in trouble, Jesse made a deal with the U.S. of A's government not to make shine anymore as long as they Bo and me probation.

Know you are probably wondering how Bo and I got caught. What started out as quiet easy night quickly went wrong. We had just crossed into Chickasaw County when it started thunder storming. At first it wasn't so bad, but the farther we got into the county the worse it got. At one time we could not see the road in front of us. I had to tell Bo to slow down. That feeling I had before we left was starting to come back. Bo tried to a sure me that every thing would be fine. But I could not shake the feeling. Then it happens Bo had to slam on the breaks to keep from hitting the block aid the agents had put up. We stopped just inches from hitting it. Bo went to back up so we could make our escape but an agent shot out our front tire's make it so we could not leave. There was nothing else we could do, but give ourselves up.

It wasn't long after we brought back to Hazzard that we found out that agent that arrested was a rookie. We had been through some many agents over the years. To know that it took Agent Roach a rookie to stop us from making our shine runs.

So know you know the story on how the Duke boys made there last run.

The End