Title: Waste of Time

Characters: Sasuke

Warnings: Introspective drabbling. What I'm best at.

Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me.

Notes: No idea where this came from.


Sasuke had quick-discovered what was a 'waste of time' and what was 'time productively spent' as a little boy in the Uchiha clan.

Fun didn't get you anywhere. Laughter didn't accomplish anything. Music, fiction novels, birthday parties, baby animals… they didn't help you out in life. They were useless. A waste of time.

Training was productive. Eating quickly and efficiently was productive. Sleeping as little as possible was productive. Think of the minutes of time you spared for training, by forcing yourself to sleep only four hours a day!

Two still moments in time flash back to Sasuke, although he didn't dare ask for either of them.

In one, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and he had spent an entire two hours at the Ichiraku, watching the dobe eat bowl after bowl of ramen in an attempt to beat every record previously set. He didn't know why he stayed for it, but when he tried to leave, the look of pleading and desperation from Naruto stopped him midway off of sliding from the seat. Of course, he could have been desperate because he had an entire bowl of ramen stuffed in his cheeks, making it difficult to breathe, much less swallow. But regardless, Sasuke had stayed and smirked, as Naruto made it two bowls away from the record before collapsing.

Sasuke never really considered the possibility that the dobe had done it on purpose, giving him an ample excuse to drag them all back there the next week to try it again. And the next week. And the next week. Each time, Sasuke would think less and less of leaving, and more and more of c'mon Naruto you can do it just a couple more bowls almost there keep trying.

The other moment to come to him was from just a few days ago, really. Orochimaru had just taught him the kuchiyose jutsu. He had quickly memorized it, and was kneeling on the ground in front of Orochimaru, having just performed it for the first time.

Sasuke learned that jutsu in scant minutes, providing more time for training and less time for thinking

Sasuke knows his father would be disappointed in him. Looking back on these two moments, these frozen events, these two minutes in time… Sasuke didn't even have to think before coming to the conclusion about which one had been the true waste of time and which had been time spent on something useful.

I wonder if Naruto's beaten the record yet.


A/N: I think that the kuchiyose jutsu is the animal summoning one. Doesn't really matter, the jutsu isn't vital to the drabble.